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Part 75: Day 108-111: Over Recruitment

Epochol have chosen the law that lightning the cultivator at Golden Core. Perfect time to tackle it mid-game!

Construction on a metal room with ice bed begins!

This water law might have the most substages out of the starters.

However, the difficulty of cultivating this law in early game is balanced by having a lot of uniquely supportive spell to help out the sect:

This spell let us make a very expensive (150 mats) puppet that hauls things like our zombies that slowly wears away, except this doesn’t pissed off heaven.

Next is another rare secret art that improve state of mind.

Our staple boom spell and healing.

Speaking of helping the sect, Coffee believes he should be proactive and go out to earn the things he wants. Like demon fur for high quality clothing.

It’s always good to have some luck on a hunting trip, so he thought about bidding for the Rabbit Foot at the auction. It would be wrong to take the foot from someone who earned it.

Luckily, we have someone who haven’t earned it. Happerry have also kindly ‘donated’ his cloth to a new Inner that needed a good quality cloth.

Coffee will borrow it for an indefinite duration.

The same amount of duration where Happerry gets a brand new cloth.

... let’s extend that duration and wait for Coffee to be done with his power up.

In exchange, Coffee allows this Outer to grab whatever he needs in the storage (not herb room) for his cultivation.

Someday, Happerry will get the chance to boss on these new students begging to get in.

Welcome Dead Meat, the fire chicken who will be fried in 182 days.

You are truly fortunate to not have joined us as a human, Dead Meat.

Welcome Jefepato, a hardworking and strong cow. You are just in time for farming season!

Just in time to finish farming season too!

On the other hand, this nagging chicken will someday become an elder who tell others about the deterrent factor of masturbation in cultivation. Heaven clearly approves of his way with that massive 815 days delay.

Finally, another damn chicken - They need very little sleep and work as hard as cow. Sucks to be their roommate though.

These hardworking and loud roommates shall live at the furthest room in the sect as Outer. :sax:

The ancestors are not pleased with this latest batch of poor cultivation material.

We might need the next one to be a snake to keep them down. :foreshadow:

The less-desirable can shove shits to fertilize our greenhouse. I can’t believe we collected 200+ poops over winter to be almost done with this.

We survived winter, but the new students brought forth the unexpected wave of food shortage!

Solve it temporary with money at a rip-off price. :homebrew:

I am not sure if we should let these two new recruit with questionable name into the kitchen, but we need quantity over quality at this point.

All Inner mobilizes to get us a full year of meat ASAP! Except Hats, he just got back from the nice demon mountain with questionable meat consumption ethic. :yum:

We also mined almost every brown rock mountains on our land, so we will stop production on rock bow to save the rest for our great wall.

Let’s build a ‘wall’ of pear tree at our entrance instead. Kill two meat with one pear. :newlol:

PS: Red dots on the map are wild animal, I don’t know why after some updates.

Hmm, I could had kill two clothes with one rabbit foot? :hmmno:

But I rather kill two demon boar with one spirit stone? :thunk:

Well done! Hurry back!

The citizen at Nanping Village must be wondering why is a bunch of Inner from the Cult of Bèn buying so much meat. :derp: :derp:

We are low again! :11tea:

I don’t want to murder rabbits! :cry:

If we ever going to raid a sect, it will be Ultimate Heaven Palace.

Maybe I should buy one of this to awaken a rabbit? For science.

Alright, it will only work on wild beast who are incapable of thought…

We do have a cow that’s running all over the place.

Our sentient tree is… different.

Cow are great humanoid farmers.

Time to help you jailbreak your reincarnation cycle.

Good job, everyone. We have enough for at least a month week. No need to kill two spirit stone with one phoenix! :smithicide:

You too, Flower Bun! Good boy! :shittydog:

The cow is gaining sentient.

Relaxing near long grass, outdoor, and away from carnivore will help it generates thoughts faster.

Alright, here’s your new home.

Everyone will be pearivore when this FOREST of pear tree wall are grown.

This carnivore is the first to voice his dissent.

It’s bad to not know what a starving Outer ate. Could be trash, or it could be rare consumable with some nutrition value.

Like Flower Bun’s RNG diet. Its first meal was Laxative… :yum:

Time for the alchemist solution.

Five spirit stone for 1.5 day of management relief, per Outer. An actual elixir would have gone on for days.

A harsh lesson learned from our rushed mass recruitment.

This kitchen is now on full time production to keep everyone fed. Some Inner might need to make regular trips to get meat until…

Our Eternal Pear Forest is grown.

Our latest transaction also shown poor profitability with our weapon production, and should gradually shift our model towards treasure and elixir production through our rising Inner workforce.

Which mean less sweatshop and more poop factory. :wotwot: