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Part 77: Day 113-114: Planned Sect Expansion

The time for cowardly delay justified cliffhanger tactical discussion is over. This serious discussion regarding the future of Cult of Bèn is now concluded.

This is the map development of our cult. It may take years to complete this magnum opus of grand architecture in the world of cultivation, but it shall be done as long as the Outers toils the design into fruition, Egyptian style. New scientific finding suggests pyramid builders are paid laborer.

Oh, right, we have invaders. Now then, it seems Flower Bun damaged Powerful Blaze Scorpio into fleeing for his life in-between coma.

Not bad, Scorpio managed to shave off 400 Qi of Flower Bun massive reserves. :shibe:

Back to more worth-noting issue of the day, everyone will focus on growing our south west pear-wall. Far away from the invader from the north and west.

We can cease weapon production and use their raw material for wall and expensive furniture instead.

Money shouldn’t be a problem for a while, and when the time of harvest comes, we will become ultra-rich by selling pears. We, are the Pear Baron. :tipshat:

The northern foe begins their assault!

It seems they thought our cold crystal furniture are diamond.

How foolish of them to waste their precious Qi on our luxury item that we placed for Feng Shui! Our Inner with similar capabili-

Our Inner: 555+695+773 = 2023
Northern Invader: 1143+1149 = 2292

... we will wait a bit for them to spend a bit more Qi.

Nope. Flower Bun decided to tanks all four. :shibe:

Make that three. I don’t know how they set the rock wall on fire, but it must be epic.

Now that we have an overwhelming advantage, Slaan will take on this guy while Coffee and Mcclay gang on the cat. This is a good opportunity for combat experience. :hist101:

Nice fur. Too bad we will wash it with shit soon. :nexus:

The downed guy woke up to steal something before fleeing.

Immediately denied by Flower Bun. :shibe:

Ahh, this zombie does ends up being useful.

Flamester coup de grace the Inner in coma! Congratulation! Our Outer steal killed an Inner! :woop:

This 'turtle' cat can’t tank due to the disadvantage of not able to recharge Qi in our land. :smuggo:

Back to the main attraction.

Hats dump a lot of points into treasure refinement, so #2 it is.

Radio Free Kobold would be great for this!

Great! Hats can afford that map travel speed skill now! :eng99:

People likes his pretty legs. ;-*

The epic treasure slam-fest at home destroyed a tree in their collision! Free wood!

One of the invader decided to murder an Outer instead.

Coffee is the closest to him.


The enemy have no choice but to defend himself against our Congenital Arrogance! Did I translate that name? Probably, it have genital in it.

This foe took it pretty well.

By burning his treasure’s Qi.

Coffee’s is still full, but… :cry:

At least this cat is going down in 5…4…3..

NOT NOW! NOT NOW! :supaburn:

Phew! Crisis did not intensify. :sweatdrop:

Dead Meat, go coup him before he wakes up.

Crisis averted. Our zombie cow did a great job at distracting that old lady while Flower Bun bite the crap outta her.

Alright, we are building this treasure defense system near our Inner quarter.

Next time the enemy spawn jump over our wall, they will find… ANOTHER WALL! :drac:

Woah! Mcclay managed to inflict water elemental damage! :aaa:

Slaan made this, probably with stage 3 diarrhea.

Good night, Flower Bun. Maybe you should take a vacation. We spent way too much on the fox to not use it.


Does demon eat more than human?

We must accelerate our Pear Wall Project.

In the meantime, we will buy ourselves some time with money. :homebrew:

Should be safe to make a quick trip to get some meat.

Accelerates our pear farm with northern fertilizer!

Dr. Snark wishes he can be lazy like Hats someday.

Last time we relaxed, we get raided almost immediately. Clearly we need to show the world that we are no easy target! :colbert:

10 good and 30 evil rep. This should keep those bandits at bay. :colbert:

Who knew dominating mortal could help your cultivation? :monocle:

How did you get back so quickly!? You may sleep, but go visit other sect without breakfast! :whip:

Super Charisma Cat, GridLocked will handle the negotiation at Kunlun.


So cold that they can only grow/make(?) Jade tree here! We will take a sample home to figure this out!

This guy is a hardcore elder training under the snow without cloth. Gridlock praises the birdcage as part of the meditation process.

They really like Jade.

Very tempting to steal their food.

This is the “I am rich!” sect after all.

They have the most luxurious magic cushion that affect Qi.

Small Inner’s room with random Relic grade item.

Bunch of elixir that extend your lifespan from 256 to 500 years. On the ground.

Such sickeningly prodigious display of wealth, we will copy it. :hai:

Except this. Which idiot in your sect build a fire gate surrounded by ice furniture in a snow mountain?

GridLocked is done with this large piece of ice cube.