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Part 78: Day 114-115: Myriad Demon

This is a good summary of the previous battle.

The loots are terrible, but at least they have cool names.

Our food situation has greatly improved to the point where people only starve enough to immediately eat on the spot! :yum:

A rare scene of peace and respire in Dining with Ancestor, no, it has been renamed to Ancestor Thoughts Diner. It’s a quiet library now. :ghost:

Our library is getting filled thanks to the two law books we purchased. We will need to make a dedicated library soon.

A respectable amount of secret arts befitting of a sect. Our new mortal student would be interested in the lifespan extension arts.

I am starting to think the problem does not lie within the sect. :raise:

Nor is his stomach?

Fine, just keep three bowl of chicken sou-

I mean three bowl of beef stew in your inventory. :sweatdrop:

A newly awakened demon begging us to take him in. Too bad we are full.

It’s hard to deny such sincere begging from a prideful wolf.

Hmm… not bad as an Outer…

Sorry, our standard is much higher since our Outer can performs as well as you.

Our rabbit with ecological grudge for wolfkind will glare it away.

Meanwhile, Pretty-legs Hats arrived at the lust cult sect.

Pink-light district as expected.

Cultivating outdoor on a bed, eh? :heysexy:

Hot vase, eh? :heysexy:

It’s so intense they have to grow mints near the bed.

Red-light district all the way indoor.

Their curtain is so great that it’s worth copying. :monocle:

Their best law on sale are Fire and Metal element.

Their treasures are underwear and ‘accessory’.

Their unique treasure tower thing that we shouldn’t steal. It looks beautiful or absolutely horrifying depends on how you see it.

Best not describe what they have in their alchemy storage.

Back at the Cult of Bèn, Shei-kun have enough of her terrible future prospect.

Her stats are terrible, and her skill are… fire-inducing.

Missing a left arm sucks, this body is awful. People only respects her as senior, but laughing behind her back!

She could works toward fixing her flaw, but not her talent! The cruel heaven rains lemon on her very existence!

She will fix it all, with a new body. A strong, nimble, and talent-inducing body!

She will endure the shame and ridicule of others, but they will all stop laughing when she succeeds!

She will rebirth at her will!

Since there is a lack of water space real estate, the higher ups decided she will endure in this ‘refurbished’ Outer house until further notice. The unoccupied one are reserved for those with real talent.

The lotus farm industry has a monopoly on all waterside development until food storage issue are permanently solved by the Great Pear Baron Initiative. :tipshat:

This elementally incompatible house will only enflame her ambition! :pram:

Our sentient Spirit Tree smiles at the 'big pine' too… :pram:

You win, Dead Meat. We will make you an inner so you never need to nags us about hunger and ‘thursty’ ever again!

The ancestor agrees this guy might have a stomach problem and suitable to become our treasure producer. They can smell the great fragrance.

Coffee is ready to lit himself on fire, and try to not explode.

He will start his ascend at noon. Hopefully the dry Qi will be gone by then.

No, you will be farmer for three seasons. :nono:

Our defense system is ready.

It’s time to dump all these accumulated junk treasures from invaders.

I don’t think it’s possible to take them back out, or if there’s a limit to how many treasure it can hold.

We will make a second Sword Array later to hold our local specialty. For our greatest enemy! :drac:

Jossar arrived at the Great Desert to investigate this outburst of demon while practicing social distancing from the other option.

A red mountain that pierces the heaven. Its surface is filled with countless words that morph and change chaotically. This is the sacred Dragon Cliff of demon race.

Jossar immediately sat down cross-legged to comprehend its recorded wisdom. The profound motions of words cycles from his sight and mystically imprinted into his mind. As he was planning to leave, a veil of demonic cloud surrounds the mountain for miles in radius, and in a blink of the eye, the sky become clear with few dozen large demon in various forms hovers high above. They are the ancient cultivator of Body Cultivation!

Before panic sets in the crowd, a great demon shouted: “Dragon Cliff is the sacred land of demonkind, if it emerged once more today, so too would the Myriad Demon Palace returns to retrieve this holy land. Please, take your leave.”

The crowd becomes incensed by the declaration, but are disregarded by the leader of these great demon. He unhinges his mouth that is now emitting demonic radiance, and swallows the whole mountain into its belly.

No one dares to make a move against this mythical sect of unknown strength. The news of the reemergence of Myriad Demon Palace that hid from the world for a thousand year have shocks the world of cultivation!

In body cultivation, you forge the talent! :black101: