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Part 79: Day 116-117: Bodybuilding

Lynneth isn’t doing well in her task lately.

She learns things half as fast as others.

Can’t perform most task at her 100%.

It is sad to say that she is worst Shei-Kun who lacks an arm.

However, even a rusted dagger can be reforged into a dragon slaying saber.

So too, will her body.

The path of body cultivation is all about the unity of Qi, Essence, and Spirit. Their merger will sever one’s affinity with Spiritual Qi, and never to be capable of wielding mystical items. Everything from here on is you and your body.

Cast away your shitty possession. Even the umbrella and acupuncture needle. Your body won’t need those anymore. The bell too, for the hell of it.

At the very same time, Coffee is breaking through into the Qi Refinement Realm.

This Qi station filled with Wood element is perfect for this Fire cultivator to breakthrough with 100% certainty.

Spring is the most harmonious season for Fire cultivator to breakthrough. Even at 20%.

Hmm, interesting. This [Destructive Cultivation Method] utilizes opposing spiritual object to breakdown the target body part to its infant stage.

[Endless Body Enhancement] – The most basic of body forging technique. Each cycle of this method will refine the target body part.

Left/Right Leg: Defense, Agility.

Left/Right Arm: Easy to refine, well-rounded statistic with large growth potential.

Lynneth can feel it.

Everything in the world feel softer and weaker to the senses of this new body.

The laborious struggle of her past is slowly wiped away externally.

If natural regeneration isn’t enough to do so, there’s always self-healing with Vitality Essense.

However, Painful Memories of her past struggle will ignite her fighting spirit in battle! Literally! :black101:

Her is born to walk the path of pain and take it like a hulk.

The life of this Female shall begin anew and be tempers into greatness.

Piece by piece.

Starting from the hair… let’s not use [Destructive Cultivation Method] for this.

She will spend time slowly tempers her body with essence.

To gain various kind of essence, she needs to eat some good stuff. For now, she can handle item below 3.6 Grade.

Naturally, we will give her the best stuff the Cult of Bèn can offer.

Our treasure gave two Daoist Essence – the universal resource for anything that contains Spiritual Qi that is harmful for Body Cultivator, which makes this essential for [Destructive Cultivation Method].

Hold on, does this two skill just mean ‘Upgrade’ and ‘Reset’? The latter would be useful when we can replace with better method and/or stat buff?:raise:

We do get combat rage bonus out of the hair fertilization. We are clearly doing it right. :hai:

Another way to collect them is for Lynneth to breath in ‘origin of the world’ from certain time, place, season, weather, and environment.

Let’s start with snoring our magic shroom.

Aaaand, it does nothing. Lynneth’s body is too strong to get any benefit from these low quality fragrance.

Let’s stick to eating then. I bet she will be some ultra-rare essence that can only be obtained in a cesspit somewhere at later stages, but until then, it's pay and eat to win. :homebrew:

Except she can’t swallow these grade 6 failure, so we can't easily power level her cultivation.

Coffee on the other hand, got a critical success! :toot:

Time to savor these new secret arts. :discourse:

Tougher body will help with this self-destructive law.

One of the best stat boost and Essense to Max Qi art! :eyepop:

Someday, someone will be able to learn all these treasure boost skills.

A spell that should inflict Fire element injury that will slowly withers the bones away.

Not kidding about the bone.

A whole half point! Everyone should get this! Too bad Lynneth can’t learn secret art or spell anymore.

But her lung gained a level and we get to pick an improvement. The color might be rarity? Let’s go with blue: [Eroded Blood], which provide medium increase to damage.

The system will auto pick if there’s no rare skill next time.

Do I need nine copies of that? Her lung can hold 6 buff.

Since I selected Earth Essence as the supplement for the lung, she will need to get more from earth element item.

Earth are easy to obtain.

Note to self: Lynneth can handle about 5 or 6 block of stone before going down. :yum:

She will be fine.

Let’s speed up her recovery.

But she’s already back on her feet with stomach pain.

We are doing it right. :hai:

Slaan thought about her choice of law in the middle of breakingthrough.

Hats, however, ran into a problem with Karuna constantly filling his exp.

It hits the point where it triggers Heaven Tribulation. Only Sunflower Law get hit by this at Golden Core.

In a week time, Hats will be struck by a Wood element tribulation.

Which mean he probably should sit in a fire room when it happen and preferably under a formation to borrow Qi from other Inner. :ohdear: