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Part 80: Day 117-118: Boar Hunt

Coffee have waited a long time. He is now confident at taking Flower Bun out for demon beast hunting.

Not to confuse with the recently emerged sentient demon cultivator. They are nice folks and we will pay them a visit soon.

Flower Bun will NOT bring Laxative as a gift.

Coffee know full well of the feeble side of this hastily patch together sect.

We need to start making more essence pill to help out Inner generate more Max Qi. Resource ingredient, however, are scarce.

We could go for cheaper(?) alternative if someone are willing to sacrifice their precious comprehension time to learn alchemy.

Our inapt decision to keep the other three herbs as decoration are biting us in the back.

As such, we will build an herbal garden that will be upgraded to a green house in the future. These rabbit are there to fertilize the crops. Not for food.

Jossar is the most talented in that regard.

He also has one secret art among his treasure boosting arts to make it better.

When did he get 4 level? Skill conversion when he was an Outer?

Either way, he will level alchemy to 6 and learn these alchemy secret arts.

Hats knew he is running out of time. He need to hole up in a metal house to counter the wood lightning.

However, on the likely chance of his fall, he must pass down his arts to a student. Someone to remember his name beside ‘ancestor’.

Coffee needed strength for his hunt, and Hats can see the passion in this young one that is the same age as him, but Hats have one more max age! :corsair:

The ceremony in front of the ancestors is completed.

Hats will now impact all he learned at a 50% discount!

What? Not everything? Alright.

First thing is this godly lazy cultivation art.

Next is his most precious time-saving skill, also lifesaving for running away.

The rest will be saved for Coffee’s own skill tree:
Three Yang Maridans: Max Qi, Phy +0.3
Five Organs Tempering: Primary Stats +0.3, Greatly Improve Essence conversion rate
Imperial Secret Record: Fundamentally increases spell power
Raging Flame: Fire element. No spell travel, just explosion right at the foe after a short incantation. Long cooldown.
Mind Cleansing: +0.5 Comp

Lazy Hats tries to delay the learning session, but Coffee stop him on the door.

Flower Bun makes sure Hats taught him everything. :cheerdoge:

Coffee’s hunting time will not be wasted as he will earn cultivation with zero effort.

Time well spent on resting the mind and body before the hunt.

This beef village is getting a lot of traffic lately.

It’s midnight, the perfect time for hunting.

Coffee wants to visit a place call Jade Spring Grotto at Mt. Shu, but it seem the local sect need to give us permission first.

So he will visit beef village to clear out any local demon from our most important food source.

God Step secret art cuts down travel time by 2/3. One day become 0.3 day.

Boom, he’s there.

3:44 AM, merely a three-hours flight.

Flower Bun is protecting the sect at home.

So we summon Flower Bun (Shadow). :shittydog:

Both will split up to find the demon.

Their activity woke up the mortals, but Coffee don't have time to tell them that this is not a FBI raid.

The demon we saw last time was gone...

Normal hunt it is! We do need meat back home. :razorfront:


Bone and Marrow are water element in five element theory. So fire specifically dried them up to cause these injury?

There are enough boar to fill his pocket. Too bad for the furs, we should get another Inner to haul the extra next time.

Another day saved by Coffee! :toot:

5:57 AM, about two hours of travel.

Coffee already got plenty of rest, he will visit the wood and herb mountain. :whip:


Found it right off the bat! A refinement realm demon! :razorfront:

After a long engagement, Flower Bun arrive in position!

Tactical aggro swap! :hfive:

Return to battle!

Right on time! His Qi ran out!

This amount of health damage is all from the explosion!

But the injury actually came from a critical hit from Coffee or Flower Bun’s treasure! :pigoff:

Raging Flames is on a long cooldown, so the other spell isn’t a waste-

Oh. It’s down.

First expedition victory! :toot:

There’s no more demon on the map, mission accomplished! :woop:

Cult Map:

I went overboard with the streetlights, but our sect will never be dark again. :sun: