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Part 82: Day 120: Home Improvement Report

Today, we will do something different. We will learn how to play the game. :hai:

The older version of the game only has premade party mode with text prompts to guide the players to do things. Naturally, I never finished it because a random-timed(?) map event never triggered for me to progress. :haw:

Ahh, the good old days of poverty house where I purposefully make terrible houses to get people to design their home. Too bad that is aborted after the Cyflan Incident. :coffee:

Thanks, game. 3x3 plot is not enough to survive winter. The tutorial also got stuck when I try it, but it might due to my mods.

Now to learn something useful for 100 updates ago!

Nevermind, the mods definitely broke the tutorial including the escape button. I rather not remove my mod in case it break something on our playthough. :(

Back to growth through trial and error it is. Today we will have a full sect structural report before the big transformation into our pyramid mega-project.

We are greeted with the good news of the day!

Coffee’s turn. :ssj:

A second Qi Station is being built to accommodate the rising breakthrough requests from our growing Inner.

Naturally, the deluxe room are reserved for Senior (Coffee) and above members only.

We merged our -273 Celsius Absolute Zero herbal room with our food storage in a joint-expansion project. This room is now around -60 Celsius that can handle summer. Three pedestal was added to make the room colder if needed.

Mr. Tree keep blocking the door, so he is evacuated for sunlight. Mr. Fox is living in luxury of doing nothing. A lifestyle that Hats wished for his retirement.

He is currently tasked with the tedious task to copying laws into our library diner. Everyone would be able to learn any skill in the whole law if they met the requirement.

We currently have an uninvited guest that will inevitably give our sect some rep that makes our life harder. This one doesn’t seem to be mind breaking anytime soon. :bahgawd:

Our crappy storage room for non-perishable is still waiting to be offloaded to the merchant.

Our main crafting facility will be moved to its own layer of the pyramid. Those greenhouses that will expands into Rabbit Land.

Arcanuse home wasn’t built correctly. Too much wood water element and not enough water wood element to push the bed into best auspicious level. It might be easier to convert it into a wood house with fire bed at this rate.

The Maze of Penitent has been temporally converted as the training center Shaolin Temple style. All these wooden training dummy and water plants turns the Feng Shui into Very Auspicious room. It’s also Coffee’s room because he is the hardcore combat instructor! :madmax:

I am thinking of incorporating our new Ancestor hall on top of the Maze of Penitent so the devote worshipers will have to run circles in their pilgrimage to reach the altar. What do you think?

Don’t worry, the north is well protected by ANOTHER WALL. Maybe we will fill it with fire bar to boil anyone who dare to spawn jump over. :haw:

Our defense system with 5+ treasure installed near our Inner quarter to protect our Ancestor and precious talent.

Our Great Pear Wall Forest is surprisingly, almost done thanks to our demon Outer running across the map in 3-5 seconds. :intv:

Without axe. There's not enough tree to worth the time. :effort:

Triple large sect gates to welcome our visitor. Two of which are stolen design from other sects.

It was built way off to the right side, so we will build more leftward into six gates later.

Outer housing that will be moved to the southern slum eventually.

Regretfully, we are running low on stone as this is the last piece of mountain we have left. The slum might have to be made with wood.

On the bright side, the Outer district will look great with our grid line slum-like streetlight that are made with wood too! It will be like nighttime in Spirited Away. :allears:

Our Inner quarter will stay at the northeast. Their houses are hard to build and resource intensive. We have to save resources via cycle-element-sharing through the wall.

Hats’ home, however, will be demolished once it become vacant.

Our awakening Female Cow is still thinking on the first stage.

The Female Snake, however, will reach its third stage soon and ready to become a demon cultivator if it chose to forgo further benefits.

Everyone is progressing smoothly.

Well, almost everyone. :blush:

Night time are gorgeous with these streetlights. :allears: