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Part 84: Day 125-126: Tribulation

I woke up with a strange mentality today. Maybe due to yesterday’s chaotic list of advancements.

Perhaps something need to be changed, but preserving the same difficulty.

However, this ‘default’ setting is actually the easy mode for some aspect of the game. :airquote:

Except tribulation and combat, which is at the normal rate. I can’t drag any bar to the left. So, we will have to deal with the 1x pain. :zoro:

I do want to add something to make my life easier covers some weakness or lack of knowledge on my part.

This mod makes merchant visit every 10-15 days and they have 20-50k cash on hand. I will activated it after the next merchant visit.

We will download some building blueprint designed by someone and make fitting adjustment to it. The personal… Bèn touch if needed. :cosmic2day:

We will try out this Tribulation Tanking Platform (TTP) filled with element flag and wall. No idea how well it will perform, but it sure glow like the sun.

Since Hats will be strike by Wood Lightning, we will build the TTP in metal as direct counter. Hopefully the lightning doesn’t come with conductivity.

Would that make metal TTP an electric execution room for Hats?

We will need a new kitchen blueprint too. :tif:

I also realized that faith can be taken as EXP for non-divinity cultivator, but we will save it for them.

There are other ways to earn EXP.

Hmm... what new kitchen should we get?

Let’s make a new one after the slum is completed.

Coffee sighed as he returns from the demon trip.

This should be enough to clothe half of our Inner.

Since we have a lot of iron ore, it is time to graduate from Stone Age! :hist101:

Bad News: After spending hours making metal houses, it seems cheap iron doesn’t give enough Feng Shui boost compare to cheap brown rock blocks. So we are going back to Stone Age! :pseudo:

Regrettably, our supply of brown rock is hitting rock bottom, but we will use what we have left to straighten the line of our wall.

The last of our mountain have been cleared. No secret chest containing advance law or anything rare. I am quite tempted to hack ourselves into a new map.

Lots of metal door are installed between walls to grant easier access for pear harvest.

We might get rid of those doors once our Outer are done with construction and have time to devote themselves into full time farmer ‘cultivator’.

Failure doesn’t mean much when you can spam until you succeed. :homebrew:

Except Coffee’s law that could cause implosion, but it is safe to make Golden Core

Oh no! He have one day left!

Hurry! We must finish constructing TTP!

A storm cloud is forming above Hats’ head! :stonk:

This came sooner than I thought! Thanks, strange-mentality brain for this oddly good timing with the TTP! :sweatdrop:

Last minute skill purchase!

I am sure there’s an obvious solution to Hats’ conundrum, but a piece of backlog paper blocked my sight.

That’s it! The weather spell to counter the wood element lightning! Suck on this, heaven!

It seems we will not have dry weather for the next couple of days. :stonklol:

He will make more poop treasure while the storm gathers.

Our Golden Core returns with his injury.

Grade 7 is great, but rabbit meat? :tizzy:

It’s a pretty fair price for suffering a Metal injury.

We can’t afford the instant heal one, so he will have to take this medicine that I completely forgotten because it’s not in the herb room.

Hmm, so this can also cure Hats’ hair.

He will lose it all anyway.

Wait, the petrified hair injury is Earth, won’t that make the Wood lightning hits harder through his skull?

Hair protection platform is almost done.


Hats has done all he could. He has accepted the inevitable and chose to spend his last few precious moment playing music to his disciple, whom cries in sorrow to his sleep.

He told Coffee to go for his Golden Core. Refining essence is a waste of time, and it would be shameful for his successor to be a Qi Refinement realm. Don’t expect master Arcanuse to cast a weather spell for you either, he can’t afford it in a million years.

The time of Wood Lightning have come.

Metal TTP is ready!

The wood(?) storm follows.

Hats need to tank all 7k Qi of this cloud.

His treasure flew out to use its stored Qi to tank with Hats.

The cloud is not amused by that crappy grade 1 or 2 treasure.

The lightning is so strong that the metal building is being lit on fire! :supaburn:

He understood how it feels to be Dead Meat.

Despite eating tons of Qi absortion boost items, Coffee doesn’t have much Qi to form a good core.

Many Outer rushes in to put out the fire, so that it doesn’t burn Hats to death.

Unfortunately, Hats only have enough Qi to tank half the tribulation.

The cloud fades away as it accomplished its task.

He’s still a Golden Core, but he can’t progress anymore.

His further progress is sealed.

It would be difficult to save him without a metal pill to cure them asap.

But the merchant hasn’t come yet.

Flamester’s fur got shock by a stray lightni-wait, METAL? The tribulation cloud is Metal!?

Edit: The cloud have green lights in it, so it should be Wood.

Epochol flies in to save the boss.

The slow curing powder for element injury has been administrated. Everyone waits patiently to see if he can survive from the deadly blow from heaven.

Grade 7 Golden Core is born. 5k Max Qi! :eyepop:

Would you like to reload and wait longer, Coffee?