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Part 85: Day 126-127: Golden Dream

What happened last time was only a precognition dream of Coffee. He is obviously not going to become such a low grade Golden Core.

It’s too late to stop his master from getting fried, so he lends the Secret of Taiyi scroll that help to keep his corpse intact protects against all elemental damage.

He suggests Hats to consume this before the tribulation to preemptively heal his uh-‘Wood’ element damage during the tribulation.

Coffee can’t bear to witness the tragedy again, so he flew to that lust cult to drown in sorrow for indefinite amount of days.

WHAT!? :magical:

Hats' fate have changed! :stoked:

Thank you, ancestor. For reminding Coffee to not go Golden Core.

He would have survived the fatal injury anyway.

No one would rejects a better result for everyone.


Haha! It seems this Heaven Tribulation is nothing! A mere 8th-Grade Golden Core can tank it with half its Qi left! People must have exaggerated this lame piece of cloud! :agesilaus:

The Metal TTP proven to be a success!

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have enough material for other TTP, but with the left over irons…

Outer Segregation Section Slum Zone. Their shitty living condition will drove them to greatness!

Like Epochol who struggled with three back-to-back failures to succeed.

One more until he can water our pear forest.

The sect will also struggle through this trying time of financial difficulty.

Our precious spirit stone magic cushion in TTP was destroyed by the lightning and we can’t afford the repair fee…

At least we won’t starve.

Hats will have to pay us back in the Great Desert.

Ohhh! Is he selling that sword too? :v:

Demon blood worth quite a lot more than our happiness. :ghost:

Shei-Kun’s turn to suffer.


I forgot Wood Law sometimes use lifespan to breakthrough.

But they are super easy! :madmax:

Ok, not super easy on building cultivation exp, but it’s better than surprise tribulation?

Speaking of which, we should make a TTP for Arcanuse. Since Hats (Earth) get hit by Wood, then Arcanuse (Wood) should get hit by Metal, which mean…

... we might need a safer design for his TTP.

Meanwhile, sad Coffee is welcomed by the lust cultist.

The “You know what I am here for” nods. :wiggle:

Our resident alchemist is also ready.

To breakthrough Slaan’s Ugly Fire law.

Ohh! A legacy of our ancestor has returned to give us guidance!

Cotton mountain nearby!

Everyone at home will go while those stationed elsewhere will returns to guard the sect.

Not Hats. He’s half a map away.

Coffee is half as far as Hats by distance. We will send him to the mountain if it’s repeatable.

Just in time for old granny Shei-kun to score some pity points from our ancestor!

Slaan returned home right after everyone left.

Not much progress for her vacation in the mortal world. The ancestor probably can’t give her any mortal life experience.

Flower Bun will do.


His treasure crushed his tail from failing the breakthrough. :gibs:

The great irony of the treasure being a medical acupuncture needle set.

Epochol is the first to come upon the legacy.

He was not worthy of the Treasure Law.

Maybe it needs someone who dumped points into treasure refinement.

A lot of points.

It’s about time for Dead Meat to cultivates a bit until the next food shortage.

Welcome to your 51 Celsius fire room with Earth bed. Be sure to grab the resist heat charm or you will be roasted. :fork:

Damn all these secret requirement! Does it need lightning cultivator? Array formation expert? :tizzy: