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Part 86: Day 128-129: Slum Zone & Entrance

I finally decided to spoil myself and look up a guide to getting laws. :phoneb:

These guides got nothing besides hints and game mechanic explanation. This is part of the reason why I started this LP, to get people to chime in on guides.

The good news is, Arcanuse’s Wood Law don’t get tribulation until Nascent Soul! :rock:

Which mean we will brute force these silly requirement! :madmax:

Time to shine, Arcanuse! Once Hats is back, he will teach you Karuna and you will breeze into the next realm!

Hmm, nothing is easy. :hmmno:

You will go to Most Fragrance, and eat up those worshiper's faith points for exp! :yum:

Mortals are worth something alright.

Our ancestor approves of this Wood cultivator’s utilization of mortal.

We should make more umbrella for our new Others. They may have fur, but we don't need them getting everything wet.

Brute Force method solves everything. :hai:

Our curious charismatic cat found a deep lake in this rainy day.

More Qi restore pill!

Hats and Golden Core takes this to boost their Qi recharge by around +8 Qi per seconds.

Under the rain, these two men discuss the method to getting high enlightenment though other’s happiness. :zoid:

Arcanuse learned just in time for everyone to gather up in the kitchen. Our ancestor has prepared these Outer mortals for us.

Either our living condition is so good, or everyone got used to hardship that they are in good mood at all time. Truly the best sect for Karuna exploit.

Arcanuse caught Flamester right at the door.

Outer running away without umbrella.

His name is just asking for it.

Two CEO Golden Core discussing their luxurious cultivation life under the rain.

Since mortal is so important, we should double our investment into their needs and desire.

We forgot mortal are very dumb and elementary education is not a thing. Most of them can’t even write or understand why Bliss is holding a bowl of noodles in front of them. :hmmyes:

Her final huddle into Qi Refinement is here.

Also time for Epochol to waters the farm.

Not a good time to breakthrough, but raw talent solved it.

After the rain is over, sect master Hats visits the new demon sect in person.

Lots of desert plants and ancient bones for decoration.

They use this for streetlight.

Their cool ancestor. Probably participated in the Ancient Immortal War.

We will take this gate design.

The bone of their ancestor. We can steal its secret when we are prepared to get our sect wiped.

They sure are rich for a sect that’s been hiding for a century. Somehow, they managed to procure best quality food in the middle of a desert.

They build their sect on a moon shaped lake.

This is their only law record that contains another body cultivation method. Stealing this will also turn us into dinner.

Hats leaves after making two friends. :effort:

Such minor hassle is nothing to someone who lacks an arm!

Only notable thing about this stat boost is the cold tolerant. He will be able to explore the snowfield eventually.

New spells time!

These two are rain spells. First one is for cultivation bonus, and the other is just normal rain for putting out fire and stimulate plant growth. He will take the latter and spam this every day until our pear forest is grown.

This will uncovers the secret requirement behind special Feng Shui item.

How will Radio Free Kobold’s Precious affect the room’s Feng Shui? We will know soon.

Main branch spell power boost.

Calm Mind and Plant Growth spell.

Main branch secret arts that provides Qi and Spell power related boost.

Spell that donates Qi to target and Max Qi up. The prior will be useful if it can be done while someone is forming cores and tanking tribulation.

Speaking of tanking tribulation, let’s shorten this platform’s name to Tribulation Platform (TP).

What better place to build it than right next to the Slum Zone where our student will be awe and inspired by our Inner tanking extremely dangerous lightning that will turns the whole place into a fire hazard zone?

Southeast Slum Zone is for demon cultivator to lives in. They will manage livestock and get the privilege of Water TP and Wood TP.

Southwest Slum Zone is for human cultivator to lives in. They will farm the wheat field and get the privilege of Fire TP and Earth TP.

Our sect entrance will have a Metal TP at the front to woos our visitors. We need three or four more gates design to fill the rest of our grande entrance.

Btw, top row room is for Senior Outer only. They get better chance at escaping fire hazard. :mmmhmm:

That concludes the Outer Slum Zone and our Sect Entrance.

Now to find out what these two Feng Shui item do. One is radio Free Kobold’s precious and the other is a rare metal element meteoroid we got from Taiyi Sect.

If I read this correctly:
- It wants a narrow treasure refinement room, but it needs to stay far away from the refinement platform.
- The room must at most, have 1 lightning, and only 1 of this Feng Shui Item.

Everyone in the room get these positive effect that are mostly useful for bedroom... :confuoot:

Don’t fail us now, Radio Free Kobold!

- Wrap around by three wall. :wiggle:
- Only one of this can fit in the room. :wiggle:
- +4% Mining Yield. :wiggle:

It’s pretty good if we place it inside a mountain interior that we are mining, but we don’t have any mountain left.