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Part 87: Day 130-131: Evening the Playing Field

Scalding Coffee posted:

Can we increase the rate of events? It seems obvious that a dearth of events have screwed the sect over that we need some mods.
We can double the rate, which could be good or bad.

After extensive legwork (by other goon) to find actual answers and solutions to things at (, I have decided that drastic change is necessary to progress the Cult of Bèn into having a better future.

We will be using mod to get rid of any ‘waiting’ or ‘waiting for rng’ type issue that would slows down this LP.

First, I am modding merchant to visit every day. If the trader guild can afford having a Nascent Soul to peddle goods, then they are fast and efficient enough to do so. We can trade with sect master across the world instantly anyway. It’s much better than everyone else trying to rip us off, especially the auction where rich people flinging their family wealth like it was nothing. :retrogames:

This should not break the game balance because I will be trading one rare herb with a crate of 500-1000 pears! :lolplant:

This mod will instantly unlocks fav item of the sect master. Going private eye through the conversation system is a royal pain and waste of time. You have to pleases every single person to get the dirt on another person, and then another one if the prior doesn’t know anything about it.

Even with a button that max relation with one person (not sect master) is a chore to dig up the sect master’s info one by one. :shepicide:

Not all of these are important unless you plan to rob or murder that person when they are out of the sect.

Lastly, a mod to unfog all map. For LP presentation sake.

Now, let’s start the day midnight with a trader visit. Apparently, the default is set it to be more than a month or two.

We don’t have much to trade after selling everything for 500 spirit stone at a rip off price to the other sect, but it’s a matter of principle that we get a visit now. :colbert:

Our great wall is not finished yet, so he can fly over it, but not into our finished wheat house. Probably.

Yes, he is a Nascent Soul with the flight speed of…

62.2 miles/100 Km per tick. Each ticks are usually one second or much, much less in games. :intv:

He is very prepared for the flight trip after all.

A basket of mushroom is his treasure to show the world of his merchantship.

Ah, he’s trying to sell wheat in front of our newly build wheat house. Quite a power move, and trying to rip us off with 10 points per bag.

At least they don’t have anything worth buying this time. Surely what we offer doesn’t worth only 6 bag of wheat?

We will resume our wooden weapon production. Each wooden bow is worth 10 points, which… seem fair for a bag of wheat?

As for events to obtain rare items, it seems we need to be near max on the required skill to succeed.

Like 20 max lv on the Treasure Refining skill. Hats is too deep into investment hell to be able to afford a level.

Speaking of, our main combatant like Coffee will need to invest in these Inner skills. He actually start with 3 at each.

He shall return to hunt demon and cultivate. Demon blood sold for a lot and we can trade rare herb for it instead of combing through a mountain for it.

The rest of his time will be accumulating comprehension to max out the Qi Defense skill while slowly refining his essence into Max Qi.

Our alchemist genius Outer is ready.

He has 100% compatibility with both Wood and Metal law. But those have nothing to do with alchemy. :smithcloud:

In the meantime, Jossar with Slaan’s law will dump all his points into alchemy. He should be able to unlocks the alchemy law somewhere with his maxed skill. His future prospect doesn't matter

I doubt we will find law in auction, but it won’t hurt to have a look.

Damanation came across a crane known to be the symbol of fortune and longevity. What is our ancestor trying to tell us?

Aww, it’s a supportive message of one-sided interracial relationship. :blush:

An angry tiger invades.

Female tiger!

Flower Bun is too sleepy to have a pokemon battle.

It’s clawing at our street lamp!

Coffee returns a few dozen ticks later to investigate this new threat.

Our water law cultivator also need to mingle with mortals. :eng99:

It’s time for Coffee to test himself against a tiger without his one-shot murder treasure bow.

He will snipe the tiger from the sky with a normal bow.

It never hurt to be overly prepared. He will pump his Qi Defense into lv 5.

Two arrows later. :mil101:

By the ancestor, is there a blackhole in your stomach?

Master Epochol will give you water. :guinness:

Uhh, I have to pick? Let’s do it on our new wheat field.

I was hoping for full map rain, but I guess that would be the other spell that burn lifespan.

This is a good prep for his cultivation among the mortals.

A 3 seconds rain that I can’t screenshot in time. It's more like a drizzle and that cost 1000 Qi. :cripes:

A quarter of our wheat gets around 70% boost to growth rate.

Fun Fact: It’s possible to fully grow a crop from seedling in three days with every boosting method you can throw at a plant on the best soils. Someone also made a math sheet to prove it.

He will go to the cotton mountain to help waters the plant for mortals or something impressive. It’s the same place where the legacy is located.

Now to look at other people’s impressive wallet. :ironicat:

Everything sold are above our budget 500 Spirit Stone and they aren’t even that good. :eng99:

I decided to test out brute forcing with Epochol before reloading to collect cotton, and this result is huge! Losing 300 sect reputation is great! Because Sect Rep = Invader Strength! :neckbeard:

We can send Bear Law Mcclay to slam the Array Force Field twice to get us back to old-bandit-invader-with-leg-pain. Bear also shows up once in a while at that difficulty. :zoro:

Does tiger have better drop?

Nope. We are going back to bear invader. :tbear:

Any objection before we proceed with these changes?