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Part 90: Day 136-137: Expedition Results

Happery arrived at the Great Snow Field, and we immediately build two Spirit Stone Mine for free money! We definitely need to heavily invest in this location to earn greater profit! :aaa:

But we have to be careful with using up our wheat for charity. It takes 20 bags per use and double that for better chance of triggering event.

Other places with jack shit will produce wheat if the location slot allows it. All buildings and additional shrine elsewhere requires large quantity of woods.

Thankfully, wood will not be a concern in the near future.

Blaze Dragon created something great and ominous.

These item are as hard to please as our ancestor. :11tea:

After Epochol’s identification, it needs to be:
- In a narrow workshop without toughing the wall.
- Everything must be at least auspicious.
- Two water pot.
- Only one Feng Shui disrupting item.

I guess the effect would be good if we managed to make a cultivation room instead of an usable worship.

Blaze Dragon can wield his own creation. No noticeable side-effects yet.

Dead Meat is learning the Sunflower Law to haul things on the map for the next 120 days.

But he doesn’t need to commit his precious for entry into the law’s secret art thanks to the existence of our library. He can hop and skip to whatever skills he needed.

Coffee hunts for the next traitor after Dead Meat is done with his minor breakthrough. He could haul six extra slots of item if needed.

Well done! You broken through at 50%.

It’s truly enjoyable to anticipates for the next merchant visit everyday.

Perfect! Two sects are asking this as a favor.

We are broke, but it’s much faster and time saving than sending our Inner to visit and ‘give some pointer’.

The rep isn’t good, but favor is hard to earn.

Dead Meat is being dead weight on Coffee.

On the other hand, our heavyweight builder is ready for breakthrough after accumulating plenty of body part upgrade exp.

She fulfilled the skill requirement for her right arms and unlocked... an equitable... body slot technique.

This right arm technique(?) has every strong offensive and defensive capability, so we will put that in her Defense Slot. We will put her left arm in Offensive Slot when it's unlocked. Nothing fancy for Special Effect Slot yet.

I don’t know if we should wait for the other body parts to be done ‘cultivating’, so I will save and reload if necessary.

Dead Meat finally arrived after I spent some time fumbling Lynneth’s limb for a while.

Our target is naturally a Qi-jacked Golden Core that have 5x more Qi than the usual cultivator of the same realm.

Down south, we got two Kunlun disciple (Gold, Refine) next to a demon boar (Refine).

Demon hunt it is.

Team Breakfast is going all out on the weakest demon.

This demon doesn’t seem to have a treasure core to protect itself, so our treasures are wreaking it.

Dead Meat really enjoys making things dead.

Still took nearly two hours to bring down this demon. Could be faster if our sect has a Good offensive spell that Coffee can learn.

Great haul on the fur again. Too bad the blood is the item with high trading value.

We do find some really good loot like this high grade Metal element ore. Someone's Metal cultivation room will be made with it.

We are done after this demon.

Coffee smiles at the iron vein after a four hours long battle.

She will try again. It doesn’t cost Qi or anything for her to breakthrough.

Our cat is back with the secret of the dragon carving.

This is basically Kurana spell leeching from another source without ruining the cultivator’s mood! :drac:

Everyone are practically maxed out and wasting time training every day anyway.

Skillpoint dumper and breakthrough rusher can certainly eat the Dao point cost and go for it.

Might as well start cashing out the investment.

All of it!?

Interesting, we will have her train 24/7 to generates foundation points for Shei-Kun.

Moreover, these items that provide foundation can also indirectly becomes her EXP.

Top part in Chinese are treasure-body stats while the bottom is a list of new body cultivation method and…

New cultivatable body parts beside the basic five body parts.

The requirement to unlock techniques from these special parts are harder due to some rare requirement involving certain type of essences.

Fortunately, she breathes in a lot of essence that can be used for getting certain passive with higher probability.

Coffee went to check the third traitor. Master Slaan is Still here, but let’s not bother her rainless life.

I was sure that one of the bounty isn’t Golden Core before. Could they level up overtime?

At least we got two demons to slay.

We might have enough demon fur for all Outer if Coffee keep this up.

Last one on the list, we will know if they are all Golden Core.

It’s not Golden Core. :smithicide:

At least these demons respawn.

Uh oh, the explosion spell started a fire. There goes the local pear industry. What a shame. :bisonyes:

The merchant really helps me keep track of time. They are like roaster clucking loudly in the morning to make sure we don’t have enough sleep. :sludgepal:

Nothing of worth this time.

Arcanuse isn’t amused by our advance security hallway that force him to walk.

This is it! The spell to make people smart! Only Nascent Soul can cast it, but there is hope for many Outer!

We need to triggers more useful events!

It can fail?

Arcanuse failed again after a second try. Maybe world event have a hidden cool down, so we will try it again next season.

This 200 Years extension powder will keep him going for another 20 attempts.

Great news! Our Female Snake have collected enough thoughts to become a Demon Cultivator with 1000 days to tribulation! The date will shorten half if it gets anymore thoughts.

We will awaken the snake. It’s not worth losing 500 days for a decent bonus.

100 seconds until Female Snake gets a new pronoun in respect to gender equality.

Initiating Reincarnation Jail Break Sequence! :monar:

It’s done. Her name shall be…

Jvie? Let’s go with that for now. We can change it later.

Note: I will start recruiting again after Shei-Kun is done unless you want to risk getting taken by your senior. :fork:

Look at her blasting out of the snake pit! :rock:

Snake starts with very high Sense attribute and some potential.

She got a pretty good boost to Physi from her thoughts with minor affinity boost to water law.

Oh nooo, she's only compatible with Slaan’s Law! Maybe we should reload to have her gathers more thoughts... :gonk: