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Part 94: Day 154-155: Body Breaks Body

Today we will do a quick run through of everyone’s status.

Flower Bun is now at its Growing Stage with more pretty and fluffy fur. We can control its diet now, so we can make it fat.

92% Fatness!? That won’t do!

Consume! Eat even when you are full.

It went to poop after consumption. Seem like we can't force it.

But look at this beefy tank!

It will learn this spell when its Defense stat hits 100. A powerful spell that restores 6937 Qi to a target, which is as good as HP in battle.

Lynneth is doing well thanks to all the demon meat that Coffee brought in. She unlocked three body parts for Offense, Defense, and Effect.

Coffee and Hats will go out to either make friends or gather rare items.

Our next target will be Kunlun Palace, Ultimate Heaven Palace, and Myriad Demon.

Slaan will reach her Golden Core soon. Then she will probably break core to try something else?

Shei-Kun and Jossar are mingling with mortal for their breakthrough.

GridLocked, the curious cat genius is already Golden Core and shouldn’t have problem reaching Nascent Soul. Assuming he survives tribulation.

Epochol is ready to become Golden Core, but his water law is terrible for summer, so he will make some friends at Ultimate Heaven until winter.

Dead Meat is still at Qi Condensation. He is built for hauling meat and auction-like-hijinks.

Arcanuse is flying around to find things he can unlock with his maxed Arcane Knowledge. Also visit the earthquake site later. The Event Mod should extend the event length enough for us to fill the rest with brown stone supply.

Our best crafter is still waiting for that treasure law. It shouldn’t take long if the Event Mod get Kunlun to start a competition every month.

Ahh, he made a great item for Fire Room.

Kaja is…

The Cook.

The rest at the bottom of the hierarchy is not worth mentioning or is expiring to tribulation.

Our cow already has three Thoughts, but let’s have it accumulate more useful stats.

Mr. Tree needs another 123 days to become… human?

Same for the door that got spawn stuck on a pear tree.

Coffee knows demon, and demon knows he’s a badass murdering machine.

#2 is for Treasure Refine skill, and #3 is for Nascent Soul stage.

#1 might be for Arcane Knowledge? I won’t know because the event script broke.

As if taunting Slaan’s ex-law, the best time for Metal or Water Law is here! Mcclay is practicing the metal law, but she’s less than half way to reach Golden Core. Epochol is in the wrong season. What a waste.

Great season for Mcclay too.

At least Epochol got something.

Also a dragon passing by with the thunderstorm.

It grants us pitiful mortals a treasure of unimaginable worth! :worship:

Thanks dragon! :wave:

The Qi gathering is very strong. Too bad our Qi Station primarily uses Spirit Wood to power it, so it would conflict with its element.

500 Celcius event ended. It will come back.

Another invade-


Three refinement and one Golden Core! They must be here for our shit!

“Brothers, I sense the eminent fragrance of the great dragon in this human colony!”

“This is the densest forest I ever stumble upon!”


“Meow, what do?”

Arcanuse might not make it before they start attacking!

Great! He just finished!

Did the mod add more days? We might barely make it with full focus to send them 40 rocks per day.

Coffee and Hats will try to get home asap.

Thankfully, Flower Bun is now smart enough to not start a fight as soon as the invader arrives.

“Where did we place the emergency shelter bell?”

“No, that’s for the invader.”

“The one in the soon-to-be Lotus Farmhouse.”


“But you are already inside.”



I think our ancestor is trying to say we are fine.

Activates emergency treasure missiles!



Our wall is actually doing its job… in a taunting way?

Each wall is a seconds stalled. :hai:

17 Junk Treasures VS Demon Golden Core

We are literally throwing trash and shit at them.

Demon Golden Core might be winning? The Cat might have gotten friendly fire and jumped away.

Flower Bun will go for the weakest(?) demon while the other demon occupied themselves with breaking shits.

Slaan, Lynneth, Mcclay, GridLocked, and Dead Meat is at home. None of them have offensive spell.

Lynneth don’t need spell with that 12964 ATK left arm, but she might ran out of juice against four demons.

Those purple smoke means both cats are flying. Flower Bun have to jump up to hit them.

The Golden Core merchant watches with interest.

They are actually making a dent at Flower Bun’s defense!

Everyone pick a target and attack! We must protect our dog! :black101:

Lynneth dives right in!

She will burn two bad memories to go full rage for 30 seconds!

She slams in so hard that she is leaving shadow image!


Lynneth crushed its spine. :aaa:

Dead Meat breaks its left hind leg’s bone, and Lynneth destroyed its right eye!

She haven’t use her combat juice yet.

Each strike is like a meteor with 10k atk power. Not sure if it's the same as spell power.

This Golden Core is getting its ass crushed. :aaaaa:

Lynneth only breakthrough ONCE. She should be around Qi Refinement!

For once in video game history, warrior is way stronger than wizard. :magical:

They sure have made a big hole to our wall.