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Part 97: Day 167-172: Good Shit

We got it again! What... is it about? Smart cat will go and investigate!


GridLocked failed, so he will go all in on this.

Meanwhile, Coffee spend everything on Treasure Control just in case it’s asking for this skill.

They will fly around to collect faith exp and try to max out their skill.

They could also consume this if needed. It’s only 10 Max Qi.

The boss at home have it easy.

I was too occupied to notice Dead Meat is back. He is fully healed.

New village! Coffee will go in to investigate.

Not long after unlocking the village, this event started. Coffee will scope it out and hope it’s a golden core.

It didn’t take long for the duo to arrive. Flower Bun is huge now.

Our target is a Golden Core specialized in treasure and defense. It should be fine if his Qi is...

… this amount must be jacked up by the quest event, but not impossible for us to take him now.

The real cheat lies on these three treasures having 100,000 Qi each.

The 60/10 special-secret-arts cap proves he cheated.

No chance without Lynneth, and that is with her going straight for the body while ignoring the treasures.

We can’t depend on Arcanuse either.

GridLocked scrapped enough to hit lv 20 on Treasure Refining. He actually can go up to 26, so he will be able to make the most powerful treasure available.

For now, let’s hope we can get in.

Damn it! What does it want!?

The time have come. We are being raided by Just sect on ‘secret orders’.

It’s good to be underestimated. They don’t have a Golden Core among them.

This is a good chance to review the law they sell. We should buy this since it have a secret art that increase luck, but we aren’t on good terms yet.

So here’s the tricky part. We should try to not kill them to earn some brownie points for our reputation.

Flower Bun is rushing in for blood!

Each of them only have 1k+ Qi.

Thankfully, Flower Bun’s core only have 100 combat strength, so it should be fine.

… they are too weak. :cripes:

Even old man Arcanuse in the fridge house can take ‘em all at the same time. :corsair:

But he is too busy on his rush to get back his youth and achieve his true prime as a Golden Core.

One of them stares at the corpse and ponders whether she should flee or stay to fight a horse-size magic dog.

She decided to ditch her teammate. A fine showing of the so called Just sect. :tipshat:

She can’t go home without something, so she stole this tiger thin pants from her fallen teammate. I guess it’s technically ours after he was defeated. :shrug:

Our extraordinary profounding ANOTHER WALL™ design forces everyone to run through the hot hallway if they want to leave north.

Through a dog hole or something.

Hmm? No fame or rep change from death or escape? Was I thinking of a different game? :confused:

Before the event expires, we might as well go for the huge rep reduction by slamming into the force field like a piece of dead meat.

Don't worry, you won’t die from it. The person who tried last time only got infected by some sort of spiritual brain cancer.

Lynneth is ready to breakthrough again. I am worry this might be going too fast and she needs more time buffing.

She’s definitely getting tribulation on the next stage, so she will hold off for now.

Shei-kun is 1/3 there.

Mcclay is supposed to do it in summer, oops. She will wait a year then.

On the other hand, autumn is the best time for Epochol!

Fortunately, after consuming large amount of expensive herbs, he gained just enough Qi to summon heavy rain for his breakthrough. Now to wait for the best timing.

This will buy us some time. We all thank you for your service, Dead Meat. We really should make you a grave to commemorate your countless sacri-fried.

We will make good use of these precious time to cultivate and find treasure.

It’s not a law, but it does takes max level Treasure Refining to get it.

Ah… player celebration item. Refinement success rate up is great, but the skill is already lv 20!

On the bright side, it’s much cheaper for those who can't afford to go all the way to lv 20.

Dead Meat is back. 30% of his feather got burned and can't regrow until the constant fire elemental burning is gone.

I hope we never ran out of this.

Aha! For once, we have something that is cheap to produce on the alchemy list!

Midnight approaches. The hour of greatest Yin energy.

Our pear trees will appreciates the growth boost.

Now this is what I call prepared. :hai:

He is getting the same grade as Arcanuse.

Right at midnight, the temperature drops heavy rain weather into winter snow.

Noo! Our pear likes rain, not snow! :bang:

Almost 12k in Qi, a true equal to Arcanuse… in his prime.

Ugh, so many sub-stages. The first one is tribulation too, but it shouldn't be a problem since Epochol have more Qi than the cloud.

His new secret art is a travel speed increase to map and treasure, which is good because he can’t learn God Step from the earth law without huge penalty. Second art gives a great boost to Qi recharge rate, very useful for support spell spamming.

Three stat gain arts: 0.5 to Phy, Charm, and Comp. None needed by the talented Epochol. He went through so many sub-stages and reached Golden Core without using Kurana. :c00lbert:

Let us celebrates Epochol's success by refining a the dragon poop!

Finally, we have the good shit. :hai: