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Part 98: Day 172-178: Huge Qi

I forgot to save, so this is our new shit. Apparently, it’s very good with its large amount of Qi, so we will have GridLocked make similar tier item for everyone. Treasure Master Coffee naturally gets to hold this shit.

Treasure Control skill gives a HUGE multiplier to the Qi capacity of the Treasure. Coffee also seem to be a super Qi conductor to be able to charge the treasure in 5 seconds. Everyone else is about +30 per second.

Each treasure refinement requires GridLocked to swallow 25 stones to refills his Qi. Fortunately for him, he only needs to do this a couple time, today.

Finally, we have reached the point of zero risk refinement for Hat’s precious!

Hats’ precious lost a little in size, but the strength and reach are quite amazing! It has no element, so everyone can use it, but it might be best for law without element…

Hats can have it back.

Is that a translation error?

The spring festival elf… in autumn?

Where is it going?

Ok, bye. :confused:

I believe it has something to do with this festive item, but they cost 200 each, so I will skip it.

Nothing better than making our Body Cultivator stronger.

Bribing other sect into good relation is costly too, but their reciprocal gifts are free forever.

We will be building up our stock of treasury through scavenging around the world.

Coffee and someone with high luck will pay a visit to these places.

They are all around the location where I thought there was nothing of note.

This is the ‘Special Thanks’ mountain filled with peoples’ name. Also a good place for Mcclay’s metal cultivation.

Huh, this season is good for Mcclay’s breakthrough after all? Let’s do it. We will send her to the mountain later.

This is the only high tier weather spell that can be cast in autumn, but it’s a Nascent Soul spell. We will have to make do with lower tier weather.

Strangely enough, Sunny Day weather is great for her breakthrough at midnight. :confuoot:

Lucky for her, this rare item on sale provides a big Max Qi boost to help her reach a better grade core. Arcanuse and someone also got one to reach it.

You could say it takes 2k Spirit Stone to make a Grade 5 Golden Core.

Since we don’t have an Earth/Metal Qi Station, Hats' home with the rare item that gather Earth Qi (Cost 5k) actually push her to Grade 4! You could say it takes 7k to make someone a Grade 4.

I agree. It’s weird to discovers someone’s house is the best breakthrough spot, and only at that one particular spot after the rare item is dropped on the ground to work.

Another thousand Qi should push her to Grade 3 (Grade 4 on display).

Our first Grade 4 cultivator! :toot:

Worth every spirit stone we spent on her.

Her law is all about buffing treasures. She will spend her comprehension points on Treasure Control from here on. Each of these treasure control secret art will raise the treasure skill limit by 1 at second upgrade. Third upgrade unlocks a sword recipe.

She will get a non-shitty Water treasure soon… ah, this is Slaan’s diarrhea, isn’t it?

Either way, our Bear law cultivator will be wielding BLOOD! :black101:

She will now visit the metal cultivation mountain. Lynneth also needed Metal breath.

Is this… repeatable? If so, Slaan really missed out.

[Insert profound interpretation]

Interesting. Even body cultivator can get cultivation EXP from it, but they won’t need it since they want to buff their body as much as possible.

Another bounty at the rice village. We will have enough body cultivation someday…

Lynneth’s cultivation ran into a small issue. This new defensive technique requires Death Spirit type of Breath, which should be around places like graveyard or certain hour of seasonal change. We don’t have graveyard, so she will have to skip this because we will not have a graveyard in the Cult of Bèn as dictated by all ancestors. :colbert:

Meanwhile, Daoist Cultivator have to deal with being surrounded by good Feng Shui instead of eating it.

Coffee arrived at the Five Herbs village.

They are going all out thick forest like us.

Nothing else of interest other than these 6 conveniently placed medicines for Coffee’s 6 inventory slots.

GOLDEN PRIME ACHIEVED! He can cast his super weather spell now.

We did it! Look at all these followers! Our Visitor to the Throne shrine can now be upgraded!

Too bad this isn’t at Most Fragrance.

This bounty can expire? We will check it out next time.

Our shrine is grander and curlier. :3:

It’s very expensive to unlock our shrine, but it’s worth it for this building… probably, I haven’t seen it in action yet.

In other news, Coffee who visited one of the new mountain was forced to fight a Golden Core with twice his Qi, and he’s winning!

Flower Bun is too occupied by these two non-golden core. Not sure who they are, but their name was red the moment we went into the map. That demon beast belongs to that guy since he started attacking us when Flower Bun goes after it.

How is Coffee winning with half the Qi as his opponent? Look at the treasure’s Qi. It’s using 71 Qi per second in a fight against the rival Golden Core.

In comparison, his treasure has half the Qi and is consuming double the amount of Treasure-Qi to fight against Coffee.

And these two spell to cut down the fighting time by days. :flame:

Flower Bun also learned its shield spell to buff all allies' Qi Shield strength by 40%! Coffee practically stopped losing Qi with the shield on.

Which gives Coffee times to refill with his superior Qi recharge rate.

This resulted in the great Bludgeon Poo Poo Death to the opponent. Do note that this is a normal Grade 5 Golden Core and not the cheating one in the bounty.

These foes might be related to some plot because Coffee can interrogate… their soul? There is an evil spell that does that, but this doesn’t seem like the same thing.

They are related to Taiyi’s destruction!? How did you know, Coffee!?

He claims to know nothing.

Oh yeah? What do you have to say about… we have no clues either. Are you the bad guy?

What about the suspect we are stuck on?

Still nothing. Let’s try the instant friendship button…

It seems each question speeds up his Last Breath countdown. I was going to give up anyway.

Let’s hope we are not hardlocked from the main quest.

Oh well, at least we are strong enough to beat up the suspect for answer now.