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Part 99: Day 179-184: Huh? Nascent!?

The goblin last time was a loot pinatas that requires getting scares by this firework. Its drops is supposed to be really good, so we will buy two of these.

However, that doesn’t mean we are doing well financially. All good things cost three to four digits after all, and we would need cheap things in bulk.

Worst of all, our money tree failed to fully mature and it is now mid-autumn. Their growth will also regress during winter.

Wheat are fine, but we need to start managing our sect’s temperature.

Our pyramid managed to wall up certain section of the sect into room, but not all of them since room have a max size limit.

Many rooms without water element material is colder than outdoor temperature for some reason.

We are running low on fire ore too.

Thus, we will be burning some wood if necessary.

Food should not be a problem this winter.

Two of our greatest pear soup consumer might need to be expelled or walk away from cultivation to become shrine admin instead.

Our new temple in Visitor to the Throne could use some fireworks.

Surely, this is better than the other two option if it cost so much resources to unlock it. :munch:

Good news(?). After much suffering as an Outer, Shei-kun is now 600% hungrier!

She can fly agai-WHAT!?

Just like that. We unceremoniously gained a Nascent Soul without facing tribulation or breakthrough hell. She hardly spent any comp point at all either. :confuoot:

Which means she can afford some serious shit to make up for her rough start! :sbahj:

Free permanent buff to Senses! Too bad it can only be used on non-cultivator.

At this point, she probably shouldn’t bother with stealing body.

Arcanuse knows this spell. It’s time we get that Dao event and brute force everything with Shei-kun! :madmax:

Spell power up, better body stealing, and active Qi recharge (Lv 2: Usable on ally).

More spell power, more Qi, and better treasure combat.

She isn’t built for combat or spellcasting…

Not that she can’t be good at it with raw investment of points.

Of course! She will be the Nascent support spell master! Every Outer would begs to lick her toe for an once in a lifetime chance to get permanent stat buff! They will cultivate much faster if she decided to take in a disciple too!

There’s no doubt that she has the Qi to cast her spell. :agesilaus:

Umm… maybe she can’t hand it out like candy... or cast it. I will reload a save to undo the purchase.

She could also aim for demi-god with terrible stat? Maybe it’s easy for Wood law?

Note: Becoming demi-god means you are going straight to heaven or get tribulation every three days, but you can pretty much murder everything. Probably.

She will get the third item that requires higher realm than Golden Core.

Unfortunately, she is 7 times slower than everyone else without secret arts to boost her travel speed.

No one can teach her the spell since she is the Goon Boss now.

She will learn it at the shelf.

Dead Meat is ready to become an awful Golden Core of Sun Flower law. Don’t worry, he removed all Karuna, so he won’t accidentally hit tribulation like Hats.

Predetermined horrific death doesn’t mean it has to be now.

To the hungry snake pit you go.

Dao teaching time!

Worth ten years of Arcanuse’s lifespan. :zombie:

According to word of Discord mouth, Dao event requires someone with matching stat of the law to be obtainable. Mysterious one would need luck as well.

I would had send Shei-kun, but she’s still learning how to fly faster, so we will send the fastest flyer to scout it out.

Ah, just in time.

She is now three days faster... good enough. We should lose a lot of rep if we brute force it.

Our intercontinental hauler is ready. :yotj:

He just need to not accidentally gain exp. :ohdearsass:

Everyone agrees he is a truck driver. :bandwagon:

He will be the fastest bird in the world after purchasing this.

I mis-clicked Hats for Coffee, so he is the one to scout the Dao place. Let’s see… that law’s requirement…

Is this Daoist version of body cultivation? Bear Law Jossar might be able to get it with a more luck…

Forget it, Shei-kun will break in to get it.

Worst case we will keep her alive for another advance law. :woop:

I am a bit worry on the luck part.

We gained rep and an advance law!

Yup, definitely pseudo-body cultivation.

Oh dear! It burns lifespan to cultivate! The ultimate pay-to-win law! :stwoon:

Lifespan extension elixir is now relevant to us! :homebrew:

They are quite cheap for its effect, but I will purchase them as needed. These stuff are commonly on sale.

Physique boosting accessory is also useful since the stat affects lifespan, which is why the Law requires max stat on it.

There are two suitable candidates, but Jefepato only have two weeks left.

We are rebuilding our cult brand with positive rep, and Arcanuse will have an easier path towards demi-godhood!

Thank the ancestor (Arcanse) that we are back to mixed rep.

We will send our flyer to make a quick visit to all these good sects for a relation boost.

Also to unlocks places.

Why is this place beaming so brightly? Why did no one discover this location with a giant beam to the sky?

Maybe Arcanuse can learn laser beam from it?

He failed to find anything in the giant laser beam.

They are truly happy that we who have a Nascent Soul isn’t ‘evil’ anymore. :smugbert:

They gave us a big bribe enticement to stay on the right path.

We do need to keep an eye on those haters.

No doubt they send all these boars to harass us.

Let’s put some ‘Friendship’ pressure on our neigbors.

Offering(s) accepted. Our Great Ancestor Shei-kun will be pleased by your deference to our friendship. :agesilaus:

Great Ancestor Shei-Kun returns from breaking and entering some ancestor’s cave.

Oh dear ancestor! Someone can max a skill with this! Would she give it to someone or consume it herself to become amazing at something?