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Part 12: Elmore's Retreat 4,5

Glazius posted:

Where do skeletons lie on the power ladder in comparison to all the things with actual muscles we've been fighting?

I believe skeletons are the toughest melee enemy we've encountered yet. Ghosts do lots of weaker rapidfire hits that can add up quickly, but they aren't quite as durable. I guess all those muscles are just slowing your skeleton down, just like your anatomy teacher always told you. All the skill is in the skull.

babypolis posted:

Hopefully there is an update coming soon.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. This episode brought to you by intractable insomnia.

In today's episode we hobnob with the political elite, discover that not all rivers run to the sea, and invest in the future.

Today is a double feature, so here's the intro for the level that occupies the second half of the video.

Music is Mostly Harmless Puzzle World by Gene Rozenberg.