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Part 13: Elmore's Retreat 6

Gestalt Intellect posted:

Also, why is the treasure room door locked on the other side too? If you ran out of magic getting in there and had no scrolls or whatever then you'd just have to wait for it to come back and you'd already gotten in there, so the only way that could possibly be a problem is if you were actually starving to death. I don't get this game's design at all but maybe this was just one more incredibly bizarre attempt to make food and water seem important somehow.

There is no reason why it is locked on the other side. If you got in, you are guaranteed to be able to get out. It is a minor nuisance at best. Even the food and water explanation makes no sense, since the vault itself has a potion of water and a potion of food (cake batter?) in it, which will last you well long enough to regenerate enough mana to get out again. Heck, we regenerated enough mana just in the time it took to pick up all the coins.

In today's episode we brush up on wilderness survival, investigate barbarian archaeology, and discover that the best defense is complete invulnerability.

Watch the video, then read the grand* conclusion.

*Conclusion is not grand