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Part 20: The Temple of Astarte 1

Brassherald posted:

Sheet of Titles by Class and Level (Work in Progress)

There's so much effort put into the most random parts of this game. Thanks for helping show it off. I hope you don't mind if Bacter and I don't look at your spreadsheet yet though, I kind of want to stay surprised with our levelup titles as we gradually unlock them over the course of the LP.

BrainWeasel posted:

Of course shouting is what makes an officer. That's why the enlisted ranks are called "grunts."

djw175 posted:

That Potion of Cure Poison and Potion of Poison look really similar. I love this game.

They even both have identical descriptions if unidentified. "Fluorescent green potion"

Dirk the Average posted:

I can envision the sailor lazily allowing his crew to do the actual piloting on the ship. When they come into view of the target, he lets out a loud belch, jumps overboard, sprints across water to the other ship, leaps onboard, and stabs everyone to death in the blink of an eye.

That's what makes him the captain.

This must be what sailors do in this setting. Magical teleporters are so cheap and plentiful that I can't imagine people actually use boats for travel or regular trade.

Hey, speaking of teleporters...

I tried a new mic this time and I'm afraid it turned out not so well. I did my best to clean up the audio this time, and we've gone back to the old mic in the next video.