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Part 21: The Temple of Astarte 2


If you play as a rogue in multiplayer can you rob your friend? If so then at least that class has a purpose. Or does the game spoil it and let you know when your pockets have been picked?

You can indeed rob your friend, and it doesn't spoil it unless you screw up and get the "alerted target" result on your pickpocket check. Unfortunately to do this you need to have the thief's tools in your weapon slot, and nothing in your cursor, since the stolen item goes into your cursor. Even if you do succeed you don't get to choose what you steal, so it will probably be a cherry or crappy potion or something. Since even at high levels you screw up pickpocketing more often than not, the most likely outcome is your friend gets alerted and immediately turns and beats you to death because he actually picked a class that is stronger than the rogue (every class is stronger than the rogue), and because you have no weapons ready at all. Then he loots your corpse and gets all of your items, as well as the XP from murdering you.

Glazius posted:

It's a little odd given the whole "fiery red sky" thing that John the Wizard didn't say word one about that, and made it sound more like a minor internal political squabble.

You know it wouldn't surprise me if John the Wizard hasn't seen the sky in years. He probably just teleports whatever he wants directly into his stupid wizard office. The smell in there must be overpowering.

In today's episode we crack an unbreakable lock, break up a gambling ring, and wonder what any of this has to do with Elymas.

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