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Part 23: The Temple of Astarte 4

Man I should really check in more often when I don't have an update to post. Hi devs! As usual, today's episode was recorded weeks ago, (we record each quest in one or two sittings) and so comments made within have nothing to do with the recent discussion.

In today's episode we discuss wizard superiority, and I do my best to break the game, but the game beats me to it by breaking itself, and then just plain breaking.

LysleShields posted:

* Multiplayer syncronization problems may occur

I think we all can sympathize with Wizard John about the outcome of this one.

And that concludes the quest for Elymas' notes. Was he the worst wizard we've met yet? Is he worse than Wizard John? Is he worse than ME? Who cares, because as usual the next quest is utterly unrelated! We'll have a quick bonus video, and then investigate the least-ruined ruins you've ever seen.

P.S. Lysle I'm glad you're here but if you've made the most recent post you can seriously just edit further comments into your existing post rather than double/triple posting