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by Mzbundifund, Bacter

Part 33: The Orb of Destruction 5

It's the last update!

In today's episode we engage in a climactic finish to complete our final quest.

Oh wait, the other thing happened.

And that's it! Thanks for watching everybody, especially those who gave me constructive criticism to help me learn how to edit better. Thanks to those of you who enjoyed the thread and recommended it in the recommended LP's thread or voted it gold. Thanks to Lysle and the other devs who popped in and gave us commentary and behind-the-scenes look I could never have gotten on my own, you made this thread extra special. I hope you're not too upset by our constant ribbing, we wouldn't go to all this trouble if we didn't actually enjoy the game. Begrudging thanks to Bacter for playing through this weird old game with me, if I didn't know you so well I'd think you let yourself get hit by all those boulders on purpose just because it amuses me so much.

I'm going to take a break, but there might be another LP from me in the future if I can get my computer to record it well. Until then, HURRAH.