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Part 35: Fan art, other weird stuff

Amulets and Armor Wiki!

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So the thread took sort of an unusual turn when we emailed the devs to say thanks for the game - not only did they hop on the thread for a blistering Q&A session, your participation and enthusiasm in this thread unlocked a Christmas miracle, and there is now an effort being made to update and release a "community version" of the game, for playing and modding joy!

I would seriously recommend reading the interview (the devs are JanusAnderson and LysleShields), and if you want to contribute something to a real, in-the-wild release of new content, this is the place.

I'm of course thrilled that this is happening in the thread, and Mzbundifund has even opened one heavy-lidded eye from his couch of indolence, which is as close to a standing ovation as he can manage.



Happy turkey day, from all of Mzbundifund to all of you

We found some notes in-game

and they were decoded here!

Hel illustrates the dangers of being an adventurer:

And postulates on the existence of pineapple-treants.



Four (4) Scrolls: Probably important?

One (1) Green fluorescent potion: DO NOT DRINK OH GOSH

Three (3) Cherries: I miss my other 12

One (1) Banana: Either this takes place in a tropical country or their transportation and freight cooling systems are SO ADVANCED.

One (1) Fruit: You are unable to eat it neatly. The message is always "you get fruit juice all over your face".

One (1) Skull: My only friend.

Two (2) Swords: Merchant fodder

One (1) Flask of water: Weights 10 times as much as a potion of water. Does the same thing.

One (1) Cigarette: Blow cancerous smoke at enemies

Three (3) Turkey Legs: Almost enough for a turkey golem.

One (1) Swamp weed: 21 score, pick swamp weed every day.

Five (5) water potions: Sweetest ambrosia, unless you have ambrosia.

Two (2) mysterious potions: I am so afraid of them.