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Analogue: A Hate Story

by ProfessorProf

Part 1: Initial Connection

Incoming Message

BGM: Prologue

Our mission is pretty straightforward. Connect to the Mugunghwa's computer, download the log files, figure out what happened on the ship.

With no further ado, let's get connected.

Connection established!

Okay, looking pretty primitive here. All we've got is a terminal.

Well, what we want to do is download the logs, right? The download command seems like a plausible starting point.

>help download
USAGE: download
downloads all indexed log files, and optionally any currently active AI personality
WARNING: this will permanently disconnect your session
ERROR: admin access required! please use su first
>help su
USAGE: su [password]
provides administrator access, requires password to use

Okay, we need a password. I don't have a password. What if we guess?

>su swordfish
ERROR: admin access temporarily disabled, please speak with AI to restore

So even if I did know the password, I'd be out of luck.

Well, then, out of the available commands, that only really leaves us with one option that makes sense.

>help enable_ai
USAGE: enable_ai [personality]
used to select a new AI personality. any active personality must be disabled first.
currently available personalities:
>enable_ai *Hyun-ae
SUCCESS: personality *Hyun-ae is now activated!
you may now close this terminal with quit.

BGM: Hyun-ae (Innocence)

Oh my word! An external connection?! Is someone out there?!
It's been so many years since I've spoken to anyone...
Oh, geeze, I'm being discourteous! My apologies! Please allow me to introduce myself!

I control all the log keeping systems on the Mungunghwa... or at least, what's left of them.
Please, just excuse me for one second! I'll give you a terminal, so you can respond.

...oh dear.

...ah, geeze. My apologies. I don't know why, but... what you typed just looked like garbage to me.
That's bad. I think there may be a problem with my language parsing systems.
Sorry. Somehow your input is getting mangled between the terminal and me! I'm so terribly sorry!
Let me just try something...


Very well! We have that, at least. I'm afraid if we can't get text input fixed, that'll have to suffice.
I'm terribly sorry! It must be difficult, being unable to say something.
This might be difficult, then. Well, nevertheless, as the archive system AI, I'll do my best to try to help you navigate these records anyway.
Unfortunately, it might be a little difficult, since... well, without language parsing, you won't be able to do text searches, either.
Don't worry, though. It's my duty to provide assistance with archive functions. I'll do my best! Right, let me see... I'll try to provide you with a sampling of logs to start out with, and you can just show me things that you want more information on.
I, ah, hope that'll be acceptable to you. That's all I can do.
Well... that's all, I suppose. Pardon me, let me just build you an interface to work with, so you don't have to struggle with a terminal...
Very well! It's all set.

I'm just very happy to be working with you! I've had nobody to talk to for such a long time. It got so lonely...
Having someone to talk to is just really really amazing. I thought maybe I never would again... sorry about the communication barrier, but even still!
Ah, geeze, I'm babbling. I won't hold you up any longer. Here's your interface, I hope it's good enough!

As promised, we have an interface! Most of it is pretty self-explanatory.

Speak with *Hyun-ae opens up direct communication with the AI, as we were just doing. We can't ask about specific topics through that, though.
Access log documents brings us into the database of logs that came here for. This is where we will be spending most of our time.
Use override terminal brings back up the terminal that was active before we enabled *Hyun-ae. There's not much for us there right now.
Recent Messages shows the log documents we've most recently looked up. The two buttons on the right toggle between recent and unread.

With no further ado, let's dig into those logs!

BGM: Terminal Calm

We can either search by the ID of the log file (how does this work if *Hyun-ae's text parser is broken?) if we know it, or we can browse through the available logs, which are divided into ten blocks. Right now, we have access to very few of the logs - each block only has one available log in it.

But before we get into those, what about these Helpful notes?

This is what the interface looks like for a block. For each log file, there is a title, an author (*Hyun-ae wrote all of these notes for us), a recording date (none listed in this case), and an ID number.

From the top, then!

From a log file, we can jump between pages (this file only has one), or we can show it to *Hyun-ae for additional commentary. Doing the latter is how we can indicate to her that we want to know more about a specific topic.

But wait! Before we get any deeper into this, that speech bubble icon at the bottom of the screen is blinking at us! What could it mean?

Aheh... actually, I was just testing that indicator icon to see if it'd get your attention...
I just thought, uh, it'd be a good way of letting you know when I have something to say!
I mean, like, if I think it's super important, I can always just interrupt you... but, um, I don't want to distract you if I can help it!
I mean, that'd suck, right? What kind of computer program forces herself onto you right in the middle of you trying to work? Haha, uh, so I'll try not to do that.
Anyway... that's all! I guess it worked! Carry on, and I'll set the indicator again if I want to tell you something!

And now the indicator is no longer flashing. Okay, let's try out the Show Message feature, using this Korean pronunciation guide.

I have no idea how much you know about the Korean language, but I thought, just in case, you might want some help with how to pronounce names and such...
I hope that's sufficient enough!

From now on, when I look at a log file, I'll always be showing it to *Hyun-ae, if she has anything to say about it. Moving on...

A cliché to remember

Really, that’s just something you need to keep in mind when reading these logs...
It was considered to be the natural way of things.

In general, I'll have a lot of options between being nice to *Hyun-ae and being an asshole. At least for the first run, I'll be nice.

Some of these options are funnier when you remember that *Hyun-ae is the one presenting us with dialogue options, so she consciously chose to give us the option to say 'Makes sense' here.

I know, right?
Just... absolutely terrible, and stupid. But that was normal.
So try to keep that in mind. That's what everyone really did believe. Even nearly all of the women.
And if that sounds terrible to you, well... you must come from an awfully nicer society.

And the last helpful note!

Kim family tree

That's the end of the Kim family tree, as best as I could possibly manage to compile it.
I'm afraid it's the best I could do... ordinarily, women's names aren't ever put on genealogies, so I had trouble with those.
I hope that helps you keep track of the family, though!

Next time, we'll begin digging into these log files, but first, it's time for some audience participation! Let's figure out some background about our faceless protagonist, which may come up later.

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5. Have humans settled other planets, or is Earth the only inhabitable world we've found?

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