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Analogue: A Hate Story

by ProfessorProf

Part 2: Mugunghwa

Voting results:
7 Male, 16 Female
7 Young, 16 Old
15 Single, 8 Married
8 From Earth, 15 From Space
17 Many Worlds, 6 Only Earth

I am an old, unmarried woman, from deep within a galaxy full of life-bearing worlds.

Welcome back!

Let's say hi to our assistant.

So, which subject do you wish to know more about?

That was unenlightening. Let's try again!

So, which subject do you wish to know more about?
...oh, whoa, sorry. I just... you've heard that all already, right?
I think I just repeated myself there.
Sorry, I kind of tend to do that. That's, ah, well, that's the problem with computers. They tend to respond in the same way to things.
I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't help it!
I won't mention it again, but... well, here, let me change something to try to make things less confusing for you.
If the "speak to me" menu item, or the "show message" button, is grayed out, that means I have nothing new for you. Hopefully that will help!
Otherwise, it's just a weird quirk you'll have to accept... sorry...

True to her word, things will be grayed out whenever *Hyun-ae has nothing to say about them.

Now, let's get into those logs. Block 4!

BGM: The Smiths

This is what the full data blocks look like right now. A whole lot of empty space, with individual scattered entries.

A pack of idiots - Sept 18th, Year 315, Smith Kyung-sam

So here's the background, I suppose: There were two major noble families on the Mungunghwa. The Kims were the big one, as I'm sure you can see. The Smiths were the other major family, but I'm afraid I can't really tell you very much about them.
They were the most important family on the ship until just before the end. The High Magistrate was a Smith until the very last year, even! I can give you a little bit about them, for reference, so you can see who the Kim men thought their big enemy was.
The Smiths didn't really matter very much at the end... so I can't... well, I don't know much about them. I certainly never met any of them, so I'm just going off what I've read.
Here. This should give you an idea of what I mean.

*Hyun-ae has unlocked another three logs in Block 4! But let's not touch those yet. We have three other blocks to investigate.

Block 6, again, only has one log message in it. It appears to be... from another AI?

Dear Smith - Apr 30th, Year 321, *Mute

Oh, uh... written by *Mute? Whoops, I'm sorry! I don't really know how I got that in there...
Yeah, don't... pay any attention to that. Sorry! None of that really matters... I'll just go ahead and remove that.
Really, I'm not normally this much of a klutz, I swear!

And then-- hey! Where did Block 6 go?

Apparently *Hyun-ae has removed it from the interface. Not much we can do about it for now, but that's spooky.

Block 9 has a message from the Kim family. We have a family tree for them!

The new heir - Oct 30th, Year 316 Kim Yeong-seok

Hm, well... I suppose I can give you more about Yeong-seok. I don't know, I don't think you'll really find him very interesting? But here, you can see for yourself!

*Hyun-ae has added another three logs in block 9 - one from Yeong-sok and two from his wife. Let's set those aside for now, in favor of scoping out Block 10.

Unlike the past blocks, Block 10's single message is near the end of the list, rather than the beginning.

Marital admonitions pt. 7 - Jan 30th, Year 321, Ryu Jae-hwa

Ah, of course, the last person to hold the titles Captain and Emperor on the ship was Ryu In-ho.

Very well... she wrote a lot, so this is going to be tricky to filter. I guess I'll just start at the top, and I'll let you figure out what's important.

*Hyun-ae unlocked a new block! Here in Block 5, we have three new logs, each from a different person - most notably, one from the Pale Bride.

But first, let's go back and ask about one more thing.

Very well... I don't have much on her that I think you would find relevant, though. Let's see.
Here, how about this...?

And that gives us one additional log in Block 10 - another log from Emperor In-ho's first wife, Ryu Jae-hwa.

That gives me a lot of new information to go on. Where should I start...?

Vote! Which of the four new subjects are you most interested in?
Block 4 - Smith Kyung-sam and the rest of the Smith family
Block 5 - The Pale Bride
Block 9 - Kim Yeong-seok and his wife
Block 10 - Ryu Jae-hwa

Voting will be open for 48 hours.