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Analogue: A Hate Story

by ProfessorProf

Part 3: The Pale Bride

Voting results:
Block 4: 5
Block 5: 5
Block 9: 2
Block 10: 2

Since we have a TIE VOTE, I'll do both in this entry.

BGM: The Smiths

The Smiths! We have three unread logs here.

Contempt - Sept 23rd, Year 315, Oh So-jin

By example - Oct 4th, Year 315, Smith Kyung-sam

Here comes the fall - Jan 12th, Year 322, Smith Kyung-sam

Sorry! I don't really think there's anything else about them you'd find relevant...

*Hyun-ae seems to think there's nothing else for us in the Smith family's logs, so that turned out to be something of a dead end for now.

All right, let's see what the Pale Bride is all about.

The month of good fortune - Feb 29th, Year 319, Kim Jung-su

I'm afraid nearly everything the man wrote was of very little value. It all reads like that: Boring, stiff, obnoxiously patriarchal.

I'm trying to be nice to *Hyun-ae, sure, but there might be clues! Leave no log file unturned.

If you insist...
Very well, I've added the other relevant entries from him. I'll caution you from taking him seriously, though...

Per our request, *Hyun-ae has added two new log messages - one in Block 5 and one in Block 9, both from Kim Jung-su.

For now, I'll keep going through Block 5 in order.

Broken promise - March 5th, Year 319, The Pale Bride

The Pale Bride did keep an extensive diary. I'll try to find you some more entries...

Wow, she wasn't kidding. We almost have all of Block 5 unlocked now.

Insufferable Child - July 24th, Year 319, Yeong-seok's wife

Oh, hm...

Sorry... I'm afraid I don't have anything.

You have to understand something: It's traditional for women's letters to be deleted after being read, so the disk space can be reallocated.
Women weren't really supposed to read or write. Certainly, the nobles did! It's just the idea was that spending time on education got in the way of the important virtues for women, which was serving her husband.
So in practice... even if a woman was literate, she could at least excuse it by destroying her words afterwards. It's less pretentious if at least the writing wasn't permanent.

Yes, it is.
But that's how it is.
But regardless... Kim Yeong-seok's wife was definitely considered a very virtuous woman, so I have none of the letters that she received.
So I'm sorry... I can't give you anything there.

All right, then.

Very well. I can give you a couple from his wife... here you are.

*Hyun-ae has added two new messages to Block 9 - one from Kim Yeong-seok and one from his wife.

Also, it looks like she's trying to get our attention!

I just wanted to say... thanks for paying attention to me.
It's like I was saying earlier... I just haven't had anyone to talk to in so long.
The last time there was anyone around on the ship was... the year 322. By my count, it's now 944. I mean, do you have any idea how long that is?
It wasn't really so bad at first. It was... nice to not have to worry about anyone telling me what to do. I could just occupy myself, go through the old logs...
But... well... I read quickly.
After the first few years, it really started to sink in. The loneliness.
Eventually, you sort of get used to it. It feels awful, you never like it, but you get used to it, in ways that sort of scare you.

I didn't even notice! Just... I had been feeling particularly... um... what's the word? "Sleepy," I want to say, but that's not right. Um, hmm. I guess maybe that doesn't translate.
Anyway, the point is, I was in a lazy mood, and I decided to call my clock subroutine, and it turned out, it had been 3 trillion milliseconds since the last time I'd called it. Scary.
Um, geeze, I'm rambling. Sorry, as you can understand, my perception of time is all of! Sorry, sorry, I'll shut up.
But my point is, I'm really happy to have someone out there!

I just got a lot of new information, so it might be good to stop and take a moment to reprioritize before I continue.

Voting time again. Where should we look next?
Block 5 - The Pale Bride's diary
Block 9 - A great deal of info on Yeong-seok, his wife, and his father
Block 10 - Queen Ryu Jae-hwa

24 hours for voting this time.