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Analogue: A Hate Story

by ProfessorProf

Part 8: Hana

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All right, time for some scandal!

Unsent Letter 1 - Nov 21st, Year 321, Oh So-jin

I bet that wasn't what you were expecting from a noble wife, was it?
I still have a hard time believing that she was really capable of sinking to that.
But... well... it totally does get worse, I'll show you.
Just, be warned, it's pretty depraved stuff.

Two more unsent letters!

Unsent Letter 2 - Nov 26th, Year 321, Hana

You want more from the whore? Yeah, sure, I can do that... here you go.
This one in particular is just... wow. Really wow.
Yeah, it's super-depraved, but man, it's also just... what a 16-year-old.
Here, read it for yourself.

A fourth unlocked letter. Let's keep going chronologically here.

Unsent Letter 3 - Dec 9th, Year 321, Oh So-jin
Warning: This log, and one other later in the block, contain sexual content. I've TIMG'd them accordingly. Click through or skip at your discretion.

That one is just... eugh... wow.
Anyway... I'll let you get back to reading.

Unsent letter 4 - Dec 21st, Year 321, Hana

"Oh, I love you!" Wow, just... wow.
You know, I kind of feel pity for her. She probably really did think that actually was love.
Which is just... come on! How uneducated can you be?!
I guess you want to see more now, right?
That's really just the shocking details you've seen so far. Here's the part where things actually get scandalous.
I've... added three more entries.

Our scandal collection is nearly complete!

My art is - Dec 29th, Year 321, Hana

Man, how's that for verse? Really, it's not the translation, I assure you... it's not exactly any better in the original Korean.

Well, that's fine and all, I guess, but you're a woman. I wouldn't expect you to know much about good verse.
Real poetry, it's not forced like that... it's from the heart! It's sincere, not vulgar trash!
I don't know much about the subject, but I mean, come on.
There's a reason why men's poetry is what gets studied and taught, and women's poetry is just used for seduction. You need real sincerity. You need someone who actually understands love!
It's titillating, sure, but it's crap!

Right, of course. Here, have it.
Fair warning, though: It's pretty gross, even more than probably anything else here you've read.
That's all the whore's poetry for So-jin. She didn't seem to write down the ones she did for anyone else, so that's all you can get.

Block complete!

Pretty flower - Nov 26th, Year 321, Hana

Unsent Letter 5 - Feb 12th, Year 322, Oh So-jin
Same warning as before.

Just imagine that scene, her and the whore pleading with her husband... being mocked like that...

I know, right? I mean, really. What an awful, pitiful scene.
It's not... I'm not saying he didn't have the right to say those things. Of course he did! That is his prerogative.
And... sure. Sure, she was a bad wife.
But still. Even if he had the right, that is a shitty way to treat her.
He should have been a better man than that.
Just... really. What a pathetic scene, just absolutely pathetic. He should have been ashamed, not laughing!
Just no sense of shame.
I'm glad you think so, too.
Anyway... I'll let you get back to reading.

Unsent letter 6 - Feb 23rd, Year 322, Hana

Okay, yeah. That's disgusting.
Saying things like that... eugh. They taught her letters, so she could write that?
That's why a smart man stays the hell away from whores. Deception is just what they do.
Well... that's women in general, I guess, now that I think about it.
Still, I bet if he'd read what she'd written there, he'd never have wanted to sleep with her!
Anyway... I'll let you get back to reading.

Unsent letter 7 - Mar 3rd, Year 322, Oh So-jin

I'm sympathetic to her and all, I really am, but...
Look, I still had to tell my mistress all about it. I couldn't just hide that!
And frankly, I don't think she should have been gossiping about it, not least of all to a whore.
Doing... unspeakable things to her, well, that's messed up. But it only affects herself.
But telling the whore about her husband's failings? That's just reckless, that could harm the whole family!
Well, not that the family needed any help cementing its ruin at that point.
But it's the principle of the thing. It's still wrong! Anyway, I'll let you get back to reading.

And that's all of Block 2.

*Mute's trying to get my attention!

That's it for the scandalous and sordid story of the noble wife So-jin and her husband's whore.
I keep going back and forth on how to feel about the whole thing. On the one hand... I feel pretty bad for So-jin. It should've never had to sink to that for her.
On the other hand... well, it's not like she didn't still make her decisions for herself.
It'd be wrong to just cover it up, right? I respect her, but at the end of the day, she still did do unspeakable things with a whore!
I'm just kina conflicted. Especially now that she's long gone...

Come on, *Mute, you can't give me that option and then expect me not to click on it.

You... really? Is that what you actually meant to say?

I... uh... wow... That's... seriously? You're going to admit that?
Is... that it? You think of yourself like a man, because you get to go off traveling independently?
Wow, that's...
...wait, wait, wait!
You’re not... is that why you've been talking to me so much?

Well... I'm not some whore, okay?! I'm not interested in that!
When I said I wasn't a real woman, I didn't mean it like that! That's not okay!
I'm not interested!
I would never...!
Eugh, that's... I...
Aaaaaagh. Just disgusting.
I don't... look...
Forget it! Eugh, I don't want to talk about this, that's awful.
Let's just move on, okay? Like... forever. Let's move on forever. Let's pretend I never heard you say that at all.
Eugh, so gross...

And there you have it - the big scandal of the Smith family. What next?

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Block 5: The Pale Bride
Blocks 9 and 10: Smith Sang-kyu and Queen Ryu Jae-Hwa