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Analogue: A Hate Story

by ProfessorProf

Part 9: Smith Sang-jung

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Blocks 3/4: 6
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Blocks 9/10: 0
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Okay, time to wrap up our search for the story of the Smiths.

Legendary Temper - Jul 14th, Year 314, A clerk

See... he wasn't always that bad.
He was an embarrassment, and far from a pinnacle of virtue.
I didn't think that highly of him. But at the end of the day, it was about politics, not about his career.

Drank himself to death - Sept 5th, Year 315, Oh So-jin

Of course I was on the verge of tears!
He... He meant a lot to me. I mean, you know, I'm just a computer, he wasn't family or anything, and it's not like I have the body for that kind of relationship...
...but still, he was the closest thing I had to a husband. We had a really close relationship, I... really did love him.
I definitely can't forgive her for not sincerely mourning his death, or not taking it seriously... he was a great man! I...
I'm just disappointed in her. It really is an awful confession.
He... really did deserve much better... much better... sigh...

And we have an alert from *Mute!

Let's go ahead and keep being nice to our AIs.

Yeah. I know. But after Sang-jung died, well... with him gone, it's no surprise things fell apart.
Anyway, regardless of whether you think it should have happened or not, it was a pretty terrible thing to happen to what used to be the greatest noble family...
...and certainly they didn't deserve to be first brought down by the Kim family, then murdered by the Kim daughter.
Maybe it's... I don't want to say that Sang-jung was lucky, that's not true! If he was around, maybe things would have turned out better. He always had a way of making things perfect.
Still... I'd rather he be killed by his own habit than by that girl.
He deserved better than what he got, but it would've been even worse if not for that, is I guess what I'm saying.
I hadn't really thought about it that way before...
Really, were he around, that's totally what he'd say. Practically imagine his voice, even. "The drink'll inevitably kill you, and women'll inevitably kill you, so I'd rather take the one that isn't always bitter."
...or something like that. Ha ha, yeah...
Well, anyway! That's enough of that.

No it isn't! We still have plenty of stuff from Sang-hi and Sang-min left to read.

Letter to Sang-min - Jun 30th, Year 317, Smith Sang-hi

Response to Sang-hi - Jul 4th, Year 317, Smith Sang-min

Letter to Sang-min 2 - Jul 6th, Year 317, Smith Sang-hi

Response to Sang-hi 2 - July 4th, Year 317, Smith Sang-min

*Mute doesn't have anything to say about that exchange, so let's go ahead and round off our Smith learning with an account from outside the family.

The new bruise - Nov 25th, Year 321, Yeong-seok's wife

Oh, hey, wait! That reminds me of something else.
Well, you know Hana, right? The whore who got herself seduced by So-jin.
There's not really a lot of writing from her, but I've got a log entry from King Yeong-seok about her, you probably want to see it.
Right, well, I'll let you get back to it, then. But I figured, that's probably something you're pretty interested in.

Hey look, it's the last of Block 9!

The new bribe - Dec 28th, Year 321, Kim Yeong-seok

And now, really, we have two meaningful avenues: We dig into the other side of the Pale Bride's story, or we go get a second opinion on this new batch of logs.

Voting, two options, one day:
Learn more about the Pale Bride (Block 10, then Block 5)
Get a second opinion about the Smith family (Blocks 2, 3 and 4 from *Hyun-ae's perspective)

Which will it be?