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Analogue: A Hate Story

by ProfessorProf

Part 11: Cosplay

In a unanimous vote, you have chosen magical AI cosplay hour.

All right, let's indulge the young lady for a bit.

>help change_outfit
USAGE: change_outfit [costume]
dresses up *Hyun-ae in an alternate outfit
AVAILABLE COSTUMES: schoolgirl (default), hanbok, maid, detective, scientist

Options! Why don't I just do all of them in order.

>change_outfit hanbok
SUCCESS: *Hyun-ae now dressed up in the Pale Bride's hanbok!

So... that's the way things are, I suppose.
You're... disappointed in me?

Oh... that's a relief.
Where did you even find this?
I didn't make this design.

I never liked it, not a bit. I always wanted to wear fun things... but instead, I had to wear this all the time.
I... still don't like it. But I suppose something formal would be more appropriate, because of all the serious stuff and all...
Well. Go ahead. Let's get back to work now.

So far we're doing a great job of cheering *Hyun-ae up here!

>change_outfit maid
SUCCESS: *Hyun-ae now dressed up as a maid!

So you did decide to, after all! I'm really excited.

Ahh... really? Thank you!

I just think it's fun dressing up like this, and I'm happy you agree with me!
I've dressed up for others before, but never anyone I really liked... it's a really different feeling.
It's... ah... how do I put this?

Of course. It sort of is, isn't it?
That's the fun of it, isn't it? Putting yourself in that sort of position by choice, because you really... ahh... no, I still don't know how to say it.
Geeze... I'm just going to stop now, before I make an even bigger mess for myself.
Aheh, that would be ironic for a maid, wouldn't it?
Well, shall we get back to more serious stuff? I'd be happy to help with whatever you'd like~ ☆

That's more the spirit of things, but we still have two more costumes to try out!

>change_outfit detective
SUCCESS: *Hyun-ae now dressed up as a detective!

Aheh. Or something like that.
But really, now we both match, don't we? I mean, obviously you're some sort of investigator, so I think this goes especially well!

Oh, well... thank you!
Actually, this one is based off a movie I saw as a child. I guess the name doesn't really matter, since it's countless hundreds of years old and all. Anyway, it was my favourite!

I'm guessing she's referring to an actual movie here, but I don't recognize the outfit.

I don't really normally like mysteries, but the love story in it was just so wonderful... well, that, and it had a really cute guy for a hero.
Anyway, he dressed like this, and it looked really great! Sidekick, huh? Aheh, I like that a lot.

Well, I think it's a really good look, so I'm glad! I don't mind either.
You know... the part that's really sort of funny?
I actually have no idea how an outfit like this is supposed to feel.
Not like, emotionally... I mean, literally. I have no idea what suits feel like; I've never worn them in my life.
Ah, well, the chance for that has long disappeared.
Anyway, I should stop babbling! I'm just really excited, that's all.
I suppose I should really let you get back to it. Lead on, investigator, and your trusty sidekick will help as best she can.

And one more!

>change_outfit scientist
SUCCESS: *Hyun-ae now dressed up as a scientist!

So much more quickly than the usual dragging boredom, not being all alone.
Whether time is slow or fast depends on perception.
Relativity theory is so romantic. And... so sad.
Aheh. Or at least, I remember hearing something like that.

Oh... you think so? Thank you! That's some very useful data!
This costume... actually, it means a lot to me personally.
See, my father - my real father - was the ship's engineer. I always wanted to be just like him when I grew up!
...of course, that was never able to happen...
...but, well, I guess being a computer program is as close to being a real computer scientist as I'll ever get.
So this one means a lot to me.

Ah! I'm glad you think so!
Well, anyway... I suppose we should get back to work now.
Scientifically speaking... I would be happy to help test some more theories with you!

And that's it for outfits! Time to decide on one.

To recap:






For this bone-crushingly important choice, I will give you 2 days of voting.