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Analogue: A Hate Story

by ProfessorProf

Part 13: Bad Priorities

Vote results:
Trust *Hyun-ae: 16
Trust *Mute: 1

I think I will listen to your advice, *Mute. Talk to you later!

>SUCCESS: personality *Mute is now deactivated!
you may now activate a new AI personality with enable_ai
>enable_ai *Hyun-ae
SUCCESS: personality *Hyun-ae is now activated!
you may now close this terminal with quit.

Looking mighty scientific there, *Hyun-ae.

Listen, I have some questions from a mutual acquaintance.

What is this...? You talked to *Mute?!
I don't know what she told you, but... you really shouldn't listen to her. All she ever did was gossip, and I'm certain she hasn't changed a bit since back then.
Please, don't trust her! She just spins everything to make everyone look bad, no matter what.

*Hyun-ae? It might just be my imagination, but it looks like there's something wrong with the display.

Thank you! I really appreciate that! At least you give me a fair chance...
Well... if you show me one of her questions, I'll tell you the truth. But I don't think it's what she'll expect.

BGM - Hyun-ae (Static)

Wow, this GUI is starting to get really shitty.

Also, *Hyun-ae is trying to get our attention.

Right, ah, well... remember when I said that I'd never interrupt you, unless there was something really really wrong? Because that's annoying, and I don't want to bother you, but...

I'm... sure you've noticed that static on the line, yes? I was wondering what was causing that, so I checked, and it's... well... look, don't panic here, please?


I'm really sorry. It's... we've been running in low power mode for so long and that was fine, but when you established communications, everything started back up again.
Which should've been fine! Except it's been centuries since the last maintenance job was done, and... I'm not really sure what's wrong. Yet.
I'm not going to lie to you. This is bad. This is really, really bad. I don't know if you're really aware of how this works, but... we're running on nuclear fission.
And, uh, it looks like we've got about twenty minutes before total meltdown. It's already running really, really hot right now. I wish I'd noticed sooner, I'm so sorry!

BGM: The Reactor

I don't really know much about nuclear reactors, but... yeah, that's what I expected.
Don't panic, though! I can walk you through shutting it down! Just stay calm, everything will be fine.
What I'll need you to do is drop to the terminal and disable the nuclear reactor.
If everything's working properly... it should be that simple.
Um... I mean... I'm sure it won't be. This is a really old ship, and... clearly, already one thing has gone horribly wrong!
Anyway, your first step is to at least try!

A reactor meltdown!

Fuck this, man!

Let's get the logs and bail!

WARNING: starting active systems download will permanently terminate session
are you sure you want to continue? no AI personality will be downloaded (Y/N)

You're on your own, ladies, I'm out of here as soon as these logs finish downloading!

Okay, just a little--




Endings achieved: 1/7