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by chocolatekake

Part 2: List of Cards

The Cards

No. 1
I don't mind being watched by the trees.

No. 2
Where is she?!

No. 3
I will be with you Young, whenever you are alone.

No. 4
Are you an Ookchot? My mom always warned me about the Dangerous Ookchot.

No. 5
Jello there, Young! So goo to flanly meet you! Why don't you set for a minute? I was just pudding on some tea!

No. 6
Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew, Chancel, Pulpit, Altar, Stained Glass Windows...

No. 7
Limited time offer! Buy one, get one free - only today!

No. 8
Remember the time that you lit a candle when the power was out?

No. 9
Mmmm, your pillow was cozy last night.

No. 10
This'll teach 'em for calling me the fumi-GAY-tion guy.

No. 11
Wares and I make a good team.

No. 12
I'm the Chosen One-in-training!!!

No. 13
Do you ever feel like, no matter what you do, you can't stop the world from dying?

No. 14
Beware the forest mushrooms...

No. 15
I am sorry. It is my nature.

No. 16
What do you mean, 'Only a rock'?? Rocks can be on cards too, you know!

No. 17
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will have bonding times with his son, Jimmy.

No. 18
Sometimes the answer is taking a walk.

No. 19
Why do bats suddenly fly down, every time you're around.

No. 20

No. 21

No. 22
Don't get violent around me.

No. 23
I've always wanted to be on Iron Chef.

No. 24
My mom always told me, 'If you do that arch long enough, your spine will stay that way!'

No. 25
Are you amused yet, human?

No. 26

No. 27
Scientifically speaking, toads are a subset of frogs.

No. 28
HAHAHAHA! Yeah! I know!

No. 29
Oh, you collect cards, too? Real classy, Ying.

No. 30
They always said, "Get off the computer! Or you'll never make friends!"

No. 31
I'm only the ruler for the extent of a conversation.

No. 32
I'll bet you think you're 'making my job interesting'!

No. 33
I hate diagonals.

No. 34
Don't even try that claritin clear shit with me.

No. 35
Swipe this card to unlock the door to your room!

No. 36
I'm doing a great job.

No. 37

No. 38
Who carved all of us anyways?

No. 39
I hope you enjoyed your stay.

No. 40
Seening as you've gotten to this point, you must be quite Intrasting.

No. 41
I'm just here to lead you astray.

No. 42
You like like a pyramid to us, too!

No. 43
It's the same damn play, night after night, and the pay sucks.

No. 44
Leave me alone! My last name isn't Sachs!

No. 45
At least I'm not a stick.

No. 46
What do you mean money doesn't grown on trees? Eheheheh!

No. 47
I'm nothing but an illusion.

No. 48