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Part 4: Cube King Monologues

Cube King Monologues

Black Cube King - Music

Well, even though I'm the ruler of this part of space, I am not really ruling over anyone.
Those friends of mine - they're all rulers of their own parts of space. Ruling no one really, either - we're all alone in that respect. But we're not alone in that we talk to each other, and in other ways we are not alone, too. This is just one place in which I exist.
My friends and I - our parts of space have a lot of commonality to them in why they exist and how they're organized. Similar interests and desires, and the like. We like to talk a lot about how to rule, and so forth.
But the tragic thing is that we rarely, if ever, get to meet eachother in the physical form.
So you're not actually talking to their physical forms, but a representation of them in some holographic form.
I know, it's unfortunate. It's unfortunate because we share so much in common, but we can only help eachother as friends so much.
There's just a small thing lacking when you can't have a one-on-one physical conversation all the time.
But I'm not complaining. It's better than nothing at all! I can't imagine what it would be like otherwise. Something terrible.
It was nice talking at you, good luck with whatever you're up to.

Orange Cube King - Music

Why am I the ruler?...I'm not sure why, but my friends around here saw it fit to put me in this position, because of the immediate state of this space. Maybe this is the case because cubes are best at sitting still on flat surfaces. As for why someone needs to sit up here - that's beyond me!
The others - my friends over there - have merits of their own. It's not like they couldn't sit up here in the future, they just can't do it now. Sometimes, we switch off who is the ruler, but every time, we always have to reinterpret this region of space! Perhaps Mr. or Ms. Pyramid comes up here because we decide to make the throne shaped in a way that best fits them, by re-imagining this world, so to speak. Does that sound silly? It might be. But that's how it is. It happens quite fast. Minutes, hours - not necessarily a long reign.
Though, when I am ruler, it feels slightly strange...I somewhat feel isolated, wanting to be avoidant of others...
...but isolation is not the right word, though it covers parts of the feeling. I'm not isolated, and I don't dislike the others. We consider ourselves all friends, but you know, no one really comes up here except to say a few words. So I have to think about things or I might go crazy! Maybe that's part of the isolation.
Outside of those inane questions about *why* we're here occupying this space, I'm curious as to why we're even friends.
I like to think that whenever we're under the interpretations that I'm best to rule, that they give me comfort in being able to hold this position for as long as it takes to reach the next interpretation. You know, encouragement and the like, their physical presence, those are comforting.
I suppose that's enough to satisfy me, though it would be nice to have one or two of them try and understand how I feel about being a ruler. Not that I'm complaining about encouragement! But maybe then, we could have multiple rulers...what a thought! Maybe that implies that when I am not ruler, I must act the same way I sometimes wish they would...who knows if that can be done.
I've gone on too long. If you head off in the other directions, there's another similar region of space, though I think it smells a bit different.
It was nice to meet you.