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Part 5: Cheat Codes!

Cheat Codes

Press Down 21 times at the bottom of the menu.
Code attempts take 2 health, but you won't die with 0 health as long as you stay in the menu. You don't always lose health when inputting a code, but usually you will.
C is displayed as 1 in the menu and X is displayed as 2.
Since hitting X takes you back to the menu rather than staying in the cheat input, you have to press C or Right once to input the next button. So the full input for All Items is actually UUDDLRLRXCC. Likewise, for the noclip code, you must hit Right or C one more time at the end to actually activate the code (LRLRCXCCXCCXC).

UUDDLRLRXC = All Items Cheat and Health Refill (includes all ??? items as well as keys, broom upgrades, the box and jumping shoes)

LRLRCXCXCX = noclip (toggles)

URDLURDLUR = Super Glitched Visuals

These are all the cheats I know, but there may be more!