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Original Thread: Old School Dungeon Crawling - Let's Play Anvil of Dawn



Anvil of Dawn is an old school dungeon crawler created back in 1995 by DreamForge Intertainment. It features a dark, twisted world where a Warlord wreaks havoc upon the good folk of Tempest by using an unkown dark power. As one of five heroes we must find a way to stop him and his armies as we cast deadly spells, engage in fierce combat, and of course solve puzzles and find loot! This is a game that I feel has aged fairly well despite being about 20 years old at the time of this posting. The graphics are still nice, it has the all critical automap, and the story / characters are pretty interesting. It's also fully voice acted. If you think you might be interested in the game you can pick it up over at

About the Playthrough
There are five characters to choose from, though as far as I know the choice doesn't make a significant difference since you can set up any character pretty much however you want. That said, I did a little searching and it doesn't seem like there are any LP's of this game that feature one of the two possible female protagonists. Since the game is fully voice acted, I thought it would be cool to do a playthrough as one of them so we'll be going with Nalu (I renamed her to Envy because I felt like being cheesy), who is a strong fighter by default, but poor with spells. I change my starting stats around a little bit to make her a bit more of a jack of all trades so we can try some different combat styles as we make our way through the game and hopefully still be fairly effective.

This playthrough will be mostly blind but not totally. What that means is I've seen other LP's of the game so I have some idea of the general story, but I don't recall the details. I'll also be using a guide for two purposes. The first is to make sure I go through the areas in the correct order so we hopefully don't have to do too much back tracking, and the second is if I get really stuck so we can keep the LP moving forward.


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