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Ape Escape 2

by Dithiannim

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Original Thread: Let's go bananas for Ape Escape 2

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What is Ape Escape?
It's a game about catching monkeys.
Ape Escape 2 is a sequel to the first game that is famous for utilizing Sony's dualshock controller feature. It's a better playing game, but a bit more childish than Ape Escape 1. Sony is the developer and of these games, but Ubisoft published it over here in the USA.

Why are you not LPing the previous game or the sequel?
Ape Escape 2 references the first game quite a bit, but it's not required to see that game or really care about the plot since it's literally a god damn game about catching monkeys. The concept of the plot is to catch some monkeys that are trying to take over the world. That's it. Go have fun.
I am going to LP the first game and I've already LP'd Ape Escape 3. I want to go from the worst game in the series to the best game in the series.

So, watch the games in any order. It really doesn't matter considering the plot really isn't the main focus of these games anyways.

The plot?
The Big Bad (Specter) escapes and gets a Peak Point Helmet (monkey helmet) for the second time. Peak Point Helmets give monkeys increased brain power and the ability to do human-like tasks. He then plans world domination by threatening humans with monkey hijinks and a mysterious superweapon.

The characters?


Jimmy is the main protagonist 10 year old kid who takes care of a small robot monkey called Pipotchi. He's not nearly as interesting as Spike from Ape Escape 1, but he'll have to do. He isn't very smart, but he's a nice kid that will get the job done.

A small robot doll made by the Professor for Jimmy. He doesn't really do anything besides help Jimmy reach some ledges and showing you hints that are super obvious.

Natalie is a character from Ape Escape 1 and she is the assistant to the Professor as well as his granddaughter. She helps Jimmy out with gadgets and bickering.

The Professor
A loveable old man who is a friend to Roy Campbell from Metal Gear Solid. I'm not joking. Ape Escape 3.
He has been in all the games and his laboratory has been blown up in two of them, multiple times. He is the creator of the Peak Point Helmets.

The main protagonist of Ape Escape 1. He is cooler than Jimmy.


Specter is the antagonist of all the games and he is just a really intelligent monkey [citation needed for Ape Escape 3] that obtains a Peak Point Helmet. He controls and pretty badly organizes his monkey armies to take over Earth.

Freaky Monkey Five
Boss monkeys. Red, Blue, White, Yellow, and Pink. That's all. There is nothing interesting about them at all. They are Specter's generals or whatever.

The Monkeys

The Peak Point Helmet made these monkeys smarter(?) than before and they are really the true characters of the games to be honest.

The Monkey Plan, Relevant Information, and Introductions
There will be cut commentary and uncut commentary versions for this LP. Meaning one will have commentary over the cutscenes and the other won't.

This will be a 100% run on game file. Meaning I will catch all the monkeys, get a gold medal on all the time trials, and collect everything in the actual game. I will be doing Time Trials with the secret unlockable character to show him off. Collection videos will be posted at the end of the LP.

I will show off the mini-games, but I will not complete one of them, because it's stupid and it has the dumbest controls ever.

I will also have guest co-commentators cracking jokes while I make this an informative LP.

Put on some monkey pants and join us.

Part #1: Normal Monkeys Wear Yellow PantsUncut Cut
Part #2: What is that thing?Uncut Cut
Part #3: Destroying the Environment 101Uncut Cut
Part #4: Monkey ScienceUncut Cut
Part #5: ExtinctionUncut Cut
Part #6: The Ape Half-HourUncut Cut
Part #7: Live ApestrongUncut Cut
Part #8: A Barrel of PunkeysUncut Cut
Part #9: Ape Body MagnetizerYouTube  
Part #10: Sushi Credits RollYouTube  
Part #11: Bonus Content and Mini-gamesYouTube  
Part #16: SWAG vs. The DefendersYouTube  
Part #17: SWAG vs. Alpine ApesYouTube  
Time AttackYouTube  
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