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Original Thread: I only accept my color of pants in bright yellow. Let's Play Ape Escape 3

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We are terrible at pop culture references.

Monkey is?
Ape Escape 3 is a second sequel to the first game to utilize Sony's dualshock controller feature. It takes influences from the first two games and shoves them into a slightly more childish form. But hey, everyone loves mon(k)eys, so why not make some more money? Sony is the developer and publisher of these games.

Unfortunately, the game sold quite poorly due to the PSP port of Ape Escape 1 which is described by many reviewers as "still being fun, but loses utility" (due to the PSP not having a second analog stick). Ape Escape 3 was released 9 months later, to an audience that was disappointed by the port.

Why isn't this monkey LPing the previous two games?
Ape Escape 3 does reference and take place after the events of Ape Escape 1 and 2, but the concept stays the same. Catch some monkeys that are trying to take over the world and have some fun. You don't want to go into these games looking for a very coherent plot. You come to these games looking for fun.
I'm not LPing the first game, because it's been done quite a lot before. I'm not LPing the second game because I've done it before, but I will probably redo it at some point for SA and hopefully not as badly as my first LP of it was.
So, watch the games in any order. It really doesn't matter considering the plot really isn't the main focus of these games anyways.

Monkey does?
The Big Bad (Specter) escapes and gets a monkey helmet for the third time. Monkey helmets give monkeys increased brain power and the ability to do human-like tasks. He then plans world domination by broadcasting stupid television shows all over the world and turning the populace into vegetables that do nothing but watch television. A bit too much like real life, if you ask me.

Monkey who?

Kei and Yumi

Kei is the male main character of the game and Yumi is the female main character. Kei likes baseball and is a typical little boy. Yumi is a fairly popular pop idol. They are supposedly twins since they are in the same grade (4th). They are nine or ten years old.

Aki is the caretaker of Yumi and Kei. She has connections with the Professor and Natalie from the first two Ape Escape games.

The loveable old man who created monkey helmets, which allow monkeys to do human-like tasks. His laboratory usually gets demolished by the ape escapes. He is briefly shown in the opening cutscene and is practically a vegetable after watching Specter's broadcasts.

Natalie is the Professor's assistant and usually does any of the Professor's work when he is away. She is briefly shown in a couple cutscenes and is the one who "takes care of" the monkeys we catch.

Spike is the protagonist of the first game. He is briefly shown in the opening cutscene and is practically a vegetable after watching Specter's broadcasts.

Jimmy is the protagonist of Ape Escape 2. He is briefly shown in the opening cutscene and is practically a vegetable after watching Specter's broadcasts.


The usual main antagonist of the series. Specter is a white-haired monkey that gains super intelligence from the monkey helmets and often tries to take over the world in rather... ridiculous ways. He is the leader of the monkey outbreaks and can speak in human tongue.

Dr. Tomoki

A human with a blonde afro and an IQ of 1300. Need I say more? Oh, he is also allied on the side of the Simians, for story reasons.

Freaky Monkey Five
A group of five higher ranked monkeys that serve as bosses in Ape Escape 2 and 3.
White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Red Monkey. They can all speak in human tongue.

The Monkeys
The generic monkeys that obtain power and intelligence from their monkey helmets. They are very particular about pants color and will go to great lengths to get pants that reflect their combat capabilities.

The Monkey Plan, Relevant Information, and Introductions
There will be cut commentary and uncut commentary versions for this LP. Meaning one will have commentary over the cutscenes and the other won't.

This will be a 100% run on game file. Meaning I will catch all the monkeys, get a gold medal on all the time trials, and collect everything in the actual game. I won't be showing a run of Survival mode, as it is the normal game minus the cutscenes and level select, so there is no point in showing it off, but I will be showing off the "reward" of doing it. I will be showing off all the cutscenes and costumes of the other playable character (Yumi) as well as doing the Time Trial runs with her. Most of the cutscenes of Yumi are the same so, I only show the different dialogue in the cutscenes, so there may be some speeding up during duplicate lines by the bosses.

I will show off the mini-games, but I will not complete them (not required for 100%) besides the Mesal Gear Solid mini-game. This is because there is no relevant or interesting content that adds to the actual game. They do not unlock anything in the actual game either. Also, they are rather difficult due to bad controls or me sucking. I can't tell which at the moment. Probably both.
In the Mesal Gear Solid mini-game, I will not be collecting all the dog tags from the prisoners which shows you a code that you can enter into the game to unlock two skits and a cutscene. However, you do not need to actually collect all the dog tags to use the code, so these skits and cutscene will be shown regardless.

I will also have a co-commentator helping me. His username is Drolkeegeht (TheGeekLord) on Youtube. This is his first time co-commentating, but he seems to do quite well, even though he sometimes talks in references not many people will understand. Sorry, no guest commentators.

Enough reading about us, it's time to catch some monkeys.

Part #1: A Fantastic Knight of Dragon RobotsUncut Commentary Cut Commentary
Part #1.5: Overview of the Shopping MallNo Dual Commentary  
Part #2: Go Wild and Go West, Kid.Uncut Commentary Cut Commentary
Part #3: It's a Miracle I'm a Ninja.Uncut Commentary Cut Commentary
Part #4: Let Me Seduce That Genie By Dancing...?Uncut Commentary Cut Commentary
Part #5: Kung Fart Fighting DragonsUncut Commentary Cut Commentary
Part #6: I've Got A Cyber Ace Up My AfroUncut Commentary Cut Commentary
Part #7 Clearly The Best Plan Ever ConcoctedUncut Commentary Cut Commentary
Part #8 The Not-at-All Obvious Return of Monkey PinkUncut Commentary Cut Commentary
Part #9 PS3 Glitches and How They Affect the LPUncut Commentary Cut Commentary
Part #10 The Glass Cage ProjectUncut Commentary Cut Commentary
Part #11 Mini-GamesUncut Commentary Cut Commentary

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