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Ape Escape

by TheJayOfSpade

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Original Thread: We Caught a Zoo: Let's Play Ape Escape



Banner art by Kiernan Sjursen-Lien, Transition art by AbstractCactus, Episode/Thumbnail art by Sproutsnout

Ever since man and monkey walked out of the primordial ooze hand in hand exactly one million years ago, both have been gunning for the number one spot. Man's always had the upper hand but monkeys have four hands, so it's hard to say who is really on top. Today however is a major turning point. Monkeys have not only figured out pants, but they have also taken possession of a time machine. With this tool the apes are now free to run amok with history! It's up to me TheJayOfSpade to stop them. Armed only with a net, eight other gadgets, a legally required Playstation DualShock controller, and my monkey loving co-commentators (ChorpSaway and Future Friend). I have to make things right and prove who's the Chimp Champ.

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