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Part 1: Chapter 1: Reinitialize

Chapter 1: Reinitialize

Welcome to the Sol Marta automated information terminal system. How may I direct your inquiries?

>>Show me how the green land came to be.

Tower records incomplete. Loading primary source documents. Load complete.

>>Begin playback.

Loading excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, L. Trulyworth, C. Pastaila.
We're often asked how all of this started. People always assume there was some grand meeting or something. But really, the events that led to Metafalica began on the worst day of my life. The day I lost my family...


Give back Leyka!

Have you no pity!?
Obstacles must be removed. It's the most rational way of thinking.
...Take Luca and run away.
Luca, we have to run!
Daddy! Please don't die!
Now... Give back Leyka!

It's a very high quality one. I've never seen such a pure infection.
We must closely examine this... for the future of the world.
What are you going to do with my daughter!?
Don't worry, we won't kill her or anything.
We just need to see her "reaction."
I won't let you do anything to Leyka!

Mother and I ran far away, but nobody came after us. They didn't want us.

This should be... far enough... *huff * *huff *
Leyka... Daddy...
Leyka... I couldn't protect you...
I'm sorry, Leyka... I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.
You did a really good job today.
You're a wonderful big sister...
Don't worry... Daddy will bring Leyka back.
Yes, of course.
Luca, Daddy is really strong.

...Are you sleepy?
...Just a little.. but.
But... I'm gonna wait... for Leyka... and Daddy... to come...
Alright... Then let's sing a song with Mommy while we wait, okay?

They never came back. From that day forward it was just Mother and I, alone. And all thanks to the Grand Bell and their 'noble' efforts to purge the I.P.D.s.

>>Pause playback. Query I.P.D.

I.P.D., short for Infel Pira Dependency, was an affliction caused by damage to the ancient device Infel Pira sustained during an attack on the Goddess. Affected Reyvateils would find their Song Magic going increasingly out of their control. This was viewed as a curse on the people by the Goddess by the people at the time.

>>Resume playback.

Supporters of "the Green Paradise, Metafalica"... A harsh world where earthen land has ceased to exist.
"Metafalica" has attempted to change from legend to reality several times.
However, each time it has been prevented-
By the "Goddess (administrator)".
The Goddess unleashed a fearful "curse" upon these lands.
That "curse" ate away at the "Reyvateils," people who can control magic with Songs.
The people stopped rebelling, and Metafalica returned to legend.
400 years later...
The people of this world began calling their own land the "Cursed Lands."
A.D. 3772
And now, history is about to change-

Loading excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, L. Trulyworth, C. Pastaila.
For now we move on to the modern age. Things really started for me not long after a speech I gave in support of the Grand Bell's decision to defy the Goddess...

The age of serving the Goddess is over. Our time of fealty has ended!
400 years ago, She denied us paradise, Metafalica, and suppressed us all.
And ever since, the Goddess has held complete dominance over us.
I ask you! What happiness comes from such a world!? What paradise is that!?
We, the Neo Grand Bell, declare our secession from the Goddess' world!
We demand an independent Metafalss, able to stand on its own.
Dear beloved citizens, here is our determination and our commitment to you.
We declare war on the Goddess!
Secede from Her rule!
Unlike those clergy dogs, we promise you action and responsibility!
Join us. Let us attain Metafalica, the green land!
Metafalica, the green land!

We didn't have any idea what we were getting into then. It would be this speech, or more accurately our enemies' reaction to it, that brought Croix into the story.

Loading excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel.
Purified an I.P.D. infection earlier. Never seems to get any easier.


Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures: Combat in Ar Tonelico II

Ar Tonelico II features a new and greatly improved battle system, which it will present to us over the course of several tutorial battles. In this, we learn the basics of combat. Right now we control only Croix, fighting an I.P.D. Combat alternates between our attacks and the enemies'. Let's look at the combat screen.

You can continue to act until the meter in the bottom right has run out. Attacks are carried out by combining a direction button and either the square button (upper character) or circle button (lower character). Which attack a character uses depends on the direction pressed. For right now you just need to know that the attacks do different amounts of damage and use up different amounts of time. When the meter runs out, it's the enemy's turn. For right now there's nothing we can do but endure the I.P.D.'s attacks. After a few turns of combat we defeat her.

Her family was there. Always makes things tough.

Knight: We don't have a choice, ma'am.
You should know how dangerous an I.P.D. infected Reyvateil is.
Auntie: I understand! But... but this child is my precious daughter!
Knight: We know how you feel, but she alone destroyed 3 towers, killing 5 people.
It just can't be helped...
Auntie: ......
Knight: Take her away.
Auntie: Sasha!
You're horrible! Monsters! Heartless!
Dogs of the Grand Bell!

I can't say that I blame people for being unhappy that we've taken their loved one away. But once an I.P.D. has gone out of control, there's just nothing to be done.

Reyvateil: Sir Croix, I'm glad you're safe!
...Ah... I-I'm sorry! Your arm is injured, sir.
It's nothing.
Reyvateil: Nothing gets better by pushing yourself too hard. And plus...
This is our job.
Reyvateil: I can't completely heal it, but... Does it feel any better?
...Yeah, thanks...
Hey... You're a Reyvateil, right?
Aren't you afraid of the I.P.D. infection?
Reyvateil: ...Huh?
Don't you know? I've been immunized against I.P.D.
But more importantly...

It's not like I...
Knight: Croix, there you are!
Don't just go back alone! You're so heartless.
We finished the mission.
Knight: ...Oh, I see. Were you up to something with this girl...!?
Reyvateil: N-n-n-n-no no no! M-me and Sir Croix aren't like...
It's nothing.
Knight: ......
Reyvateil: ...Y-yes, that's right... We're nothing...
Knight: You really are no fun.
Oh well.
Good work on this mission, Croix.
Seriously, there's been way too many action orders lately. It's killing me...
It could've been worse. At least we're on Croix's squad.
Why is that?

Stop it...
Knight: Even Captain Leglius says so. People like you only come around once a decade.
Knight: So in other words, even if we slack off, Sir Croix will do all the work...
So we get to sit back and relax, ah yeah.
Reyvateil: What!? You're horrible! You guys are so rude to Sir Croix!
Knight: Ah ha, so you're on Croix's side, hmm?
Reyvateil: ...What!? N-n-n-n-o it's not like that...
Knight: Don't bother with him. He's already got one of his own, ya know.
Reyvateil: Huh? Oh, isn't that the girl you're always with?
Crap! Cocona's waiting for me!
Sorry, I gotta go. I'll leave the report to you.

Knight: There's another one. A real one.

On the mission I lost track of time, we need to prepare for Luca's arrival. I headed back to town to meet with Cocona.


You're not getting off so easy! You're really late!
It was a really serious one this time...
Oh, fine. Well, good job, as always.
I'm so sad I couldn't join the fight today.
...Cro? Are you okay?
Huh? Yeah... I'm fine.
It leaves...
It leaves a bad taste afterwards, huh? Purifying an I.P.D. infection...
...Yeah. You're right.

...No, I...
I joined the Grand Bell Knights because I liked the ideals of Metafalica.
In reality, it's only I.P.D. purifying missions, but...
Sucks, huh?
Well, at least we're doing something for the people. Besides...
If I wasn't doing this job, I never woulda met you.
Hehehe... Yeah, I guess.
Come on, let's keep shopping. Hurry before the shops close!

You're the one who said we needed good food since Luca's coming tomorrow!
Well, yeah I did, but... Isn't this too much?
...You don't know anything about hosting!
Hurry up! Let's go to the next shop already. The sun's gonna set!
...Huh? There's another place we need to go?
Oh, come on. I told you we need to go to the weapon shop at Tsuruya.
They finished making my new armor, so I have to go pick it up.
Oh, that's right. Sorry.
But... I really don't like that weapon shop.
Oh? I thought you always have so much fun.
You know that's not true.
Whatever. Let's hurry up and go to Tsuruya!

We went to Cynthia's weapon shop to pick up Cocona's new armor. This naturally led to us having to talk to Cynthia, the perfect way to make a bad day worse.

You seem happy today. Don't tell me you made something else strange.
Wow, Coo. You're amazing!
I guess with our close bond and all, you know everything about me, huh?
You can't leave yet... I don't allow window shopping!
Anyway, how can I help you today?
I'm here to pick up the armor I ordered.
Oh, that's right! Your order! Hold on a sec!
Here it is!
System Message: Obtained Girls Clothes!
Whee! Thank you!
But, are you sure that armor is good enough?

N-no, it's okay! I'm perfectly fine with this! Make something for Cro!
Don't point her at me!
Aww! You're such a good little sister, Coco!
It's so nice that you're taking an interest in your brother's love life.
All I see is a horrible sister who's sacrificing her big brother's life...
Whaa! What's that supposed to mean!? Coo, you better watch your language!
That sounded like I only make bad stuff that'll get you killed.
...Am I wrong?
...That hurts.
Fine then... if you want to take it this far, I can't back down now!
Please do...
I'm gonna make a really strong weapon by the next time you come!
You just wait and see!
There's something very wrong here. But I don't know where to start...

I'm getting tired of her comedy.
But if Luca sees you with her, won't she get jealous?
...I doubt it.
Oh? Really?
Luca's not the type to get mad at things like that.
...What's wrong?
Hey, so, what kind of person is she?
Not this again.
Well, the more I ask, the more questions I have.
She's a nice... good girl.
Oh my god! That so doesn't answer my question!

...But then it'll be too late. That's why I'm asking now.
Anyway, so is this all the shopping for today?
Yup! Now let's go home!

Unfortunately there wasn't any rest for us, there was another mission waiting when we got home.


It's your own fault.
...Huh? My telecell...
Another I.P.D. clean-up? It seems like they never stop.
Hello, this is Croix.

I know you must be tired, but I need you for another sortie.
What!? Cro already worked hard today!
I know he's an ace, but you're running him like a slave driver.
Sorry, but we can't go easy on this one.
There's a large-scale I.P.D. outbreak. The location is...
Grand Bell Royal Halls- Rakshek Resort.
What!? But isn't...
That's right. Our maiden Lady Cloche is resting there on vacation.
The first squad is already on their way. You are to join the second team.
That is all.
Oh! Hold on, Captain!
What is it?
Can Cocona...
May I take Cocona with me?

I can come, too!?
This isn't play time.
I know that!
"Your life is on the line here," ...right?
It seems especially dangerous this time. Make sure you're ready.
But, it sounds like Luca's voyage tomorrow just might get delayed...

So we're heading out to rescue Lady Cloche. I just hope we get there in time...