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Part 4: Chapter 4: Create

Chapter 4: Create

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
We're still in Rakshek at the moment. At a local restaurant I met one of Luca's friends.

Oh, it's you Master!

Yeah, kinda.
Oh, is it about work? Then the seat in the back is open...
Not today. I just came for a little visit.
Aww. Just a window shopper huh...
...Luca. Do you think you can introduce her soon?
Oh, let me introduce you.
This is Skycat. She's a waitress at this shop.
Nice to meet you.
Seacat? That's a strange name.
Not Seacat, it's Skycat.
It's her nickname, as the face of the shop. Her real name is Lelina.
But don't call me that name here.
Oh, but Master, you're special, so you can call me Lelina all you want.
If I did, the customers would be confused.

I'm her childhood friend, I guess...
W-what, Master, come here!
He's not some gigolo, is he?
If he is, I can't really support you there as a good friend.
I-it's nothing like that!
I've told you about him a few times before, haven't I?
Oh, so could it be... You're Croix?
I've heard a few stories about you.
It's my first time ever hearing about Luca having a waitress disciple.
I'm a disciple and her bestest friend.
Why didn't you tell him about me?

Come on, why would I ever take away my best friend's boyfriend.
I-I said, it's not like that, and... Arrr!
Hehe, sorry Master.
But, you're so cute, I love playing around with you.
...She's this kind of girl.
She's a good girl then.
Oh, that's nice to hear.
Then, Croix. Would you like to be my lover?
Why does it turn out like that all of a sudden?
Because it seems you're not her boyfriend.
So it's okay, right Master?
...Do as you like.
Wha-hey hey hey!

Anyway, since you're here, take a break and relax for a bit.

We were still days from our meeting with Leglius, and hiding out in Rakshek just wasn't safe. We really needed to head out to Luca's place in the frontier, but Lady Cloche seemed dead set against it last time.

About that. We still have some days before we meet up with Captain Leglius.
We can hide in Rakshek until then...
Um... Is my house still... Not okay?
It's in Mint Block, in the countryside, so it'll be harder to find!
And Croix... it's been a long time, so I want to spend time with you...
Oh, b-but that's not that important!
*sigh * Fine. Do as you wish.
Lady Cloche?
Our primary goal is to hide, is it not? I can't keep arguing with you.
So it's fine, we'll go to her house.

I didn't do anything to be thanked for...
Then, come on! I want to see where Cro grew up!
This isn't about having fun, you know!?
Hehehe... This is so fun! Okay, let's go to the Souffle Axis Station!

But nothing ever goes smoothly. We ran into some people Luca knows from work, and they had some bad news for us.

Mrs. Lahr! Hello!
And hi to you, too, Nana!
Nana: Hello. Hehe, you're so energetic and cute, as always.
Hehehe, thank you!
Mrs. Lahr: Perfect timing. Give this to your mother. It's a present.
To Mom? Thank you! I'm sure she'll be happy!
Mrs. Lahr: Please, we're in her debt anyway.
Nana: Oh, by the way, how many therapy sessions do you have today?
I think it was 6 today. But I already finished them all. Hehehe!
Nana: That was fast!
Mrs. Lahr: I'm glad I can always rely on you to refer our new customers to.
Sorry, Luca, but who are they?
Oh! S-sorry!

Mrs. Lahr: Oh my, is he the one you're always talking about?
Oh, yes! He is...
Mrs. Lahr: Ah hah, pretty handsome.
Nana: Hi there. I'm Nana, and also a therapist. But my sessions are... different.
I'll do a lot more kinky stuff, you know? Hehe. Wanna go for a whirl?
Kinky, you say!? How shameful!
Calm down, calm down!
Nana: Hehe, I'm just kidding. I wouldn't do that to Luca's boyfriend.
Oh, and since you're a knight, stay away from the station for now.
Mrs. Lahr: Those blue Sacred Army guys took over the station and railways.
I wonder what's going on.
...This is not good.

Mrs. Lahr: Just looking out for my girls. Be careful.
I will.
Nana: Say Mrs. Lahr, didn't that girl in the back look like Our Lady of Holy Maidens?
Mrs. Lahr: You thought so, too? I didn't want to bring it up if no one else noticed!
Nana: But then again...
Mrs. Lahr: Our Lady would never walk around a dirty town like this...
Nana: Seriously! Hehehe... She's so like the type to ignore places like this.

With no train, there was only one way to get to Mint Block.

Um, yes. But it should be fine. It's not that far...
I sometimes have to walk home when I run out of money for the train.
...Oh? How many minutes would you say we have to walk?
Uhhm, about four hours!
F-four... hours!?
Oh... I'm sorry. A Lady like you should never have to walk so far.
*ahem * No, that's fine. Though, we should hurry.

Our troubles kept compounding. I got a report as we started on our way that a rogue I.P.D. had been detected nearby!


System: Emergency, emergency! Strong I.P.D. positive reaction detected in the Souffle Axis area!
All members in the area report to the scene immediately, and execute containment mission!
I repeat, strong I.P.D. positive reaction detected in Souffle Axis area...
I was right... Our priority is to protect Lady Cloche now, but...
I don't mind. I.P.D. containment is a very important role for a Grand Bell knight.
To abandon this is an action that is equal to treason! Now hurry and perform your mission!
...Understood. We'll capture her immediately and head to Mint Block. Cocona, support me.
Okie dokes. You so got the bad end of jobs.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:

So now we're introduced to I.P.D. containment. In the upper right corner of the screen the I.P.D. radar will show up. If there are I.P.D.s in the region, it will either be green, orange, or red. The color tells us how close we are to the nearest I.P.D. When it's red, there's an I.P.D. in an adjacent area of the region. When we attempt to enter that area, we'll get an analysis of our chances against the I.P.D. and some information about what we'll be up against. I.P.D.s vary in level from one to nine, and often have other monsters assisting them. It's possible to turn back and avoid the fight, and we'll want to do this sometimes because there are some early 'fuck you' I.P.D.s that are around level seven and will destroy us in a couple of turns. Defeating I.P.D.s doesn't give us experience or items, but we'll get something out of defeating them later on. We can get a count of how many I.P.D.s are in a region, and also readouts of where I.P.D.s of appropriate level for us to fight have been sighted. That's all there is to it right now. Track down as many I.P.D.s as you can and purify them.

The path to Mint Block was tough, and Lady Cloche still seemed a bit under the weather. We're going to stop at the General Store. I just hope she doesn't get mad.

Lady Cloche, are you alright? You don't... seem very well.
I-I'm perfectly fine! You are the one who should consider our pace.
If we rush from the start, we'll be too tired to reach our destination.
Um, this is the perfect pace for me.
We've walked quite a bit, so we should rest somewhere around here.
Is there even a suitable resting spot in this area?
Well, that's...
If you aren't too particular, there's always the General Store.
What!? But, that place is...
Oh, so there is a place. Then, let's go.
Uh, but um, it's...
Are we going or not!?

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth.
Of course in those days I hadn't ever experienced how regular people lived. Being locked away in a palace will do that to a person. I'd never really had anyone I could call a friend until our journey back to Pastalia.

I see...

Heh, yeah, it's been a while, huh?
Long time no see! You never visit anymore!
Hi Sasha. How are you?
Great! I've had a grand total of five customers today!
Really? I'm so happy for you. You must be selling a lot.
Yup! ...Huh? Who's that lady over there?
Oh, um, she's...
Hello. Are you the owner of this shop?
That's right. I'm Sasha. Who might you be?
Huh!? You really don't know who she is?
Oh, uh, sorry! ...Have we met somewhere before?
Or have you been to my store a few times?
I try really hard to never forget any of my customers' faces, but...

I couldn't remember the last time I'd gone somewhere and not been recognized. Not being treated as special... it was a rare privilege.

That explains it! Nice to meet you too, Miss Cloche.
You must be tired. I'll make you some good tea. Please relax over there!
Oh, umm... please don't look too much! It's so rundown, I'm embarrassed!
That wasn't why I was staring. I've never been in a shop like this.
Ahh... Th-that's because they aren't all raggedy like mine.
The other day, some kids came because they thought it was a haunted house...
Sounds rough...
They even thought I was a ghost...
Hehe, what a cute little ghost then. I actually really like this shop.
Yes. Besides the actual building, it's very cleanly kept.
Hehehe! That makes me so happy! Thank you!
But, I'm sorry. I wanted you to relax for a while, but I need to close shop.
Oh... really? That's too bad.
I'm in a hurry to run some errands, so I have to go soon.

Tomorrow is my grandma's birthday, so I gotta go to Rakshek to buy a cake!
So you're just going to close your shop early?
Sadly, I don't really have any other choice...
...Oh, I know! We'll go buy the cake for you.
What!? But, that's not...
Rakshek isn't the best place-
Don't worry. If Sasha needs help, I want to give it to her.
Besides, we're just going to go buy a cake.

I wasn't even sure then why I wanted to help her so badly, I just couldn't let her suffer so. It was time to head to Rakshek.

I will do my best to not be found by the Sacred Army as well.
You don't have to tell me.
Then let's get going.

Luckily, Luca had an idea where we could find something that would work.

Aww! Cro, how can you not know?
It's not like I lived here. Oh but, Luca, aren't you familiar with Rakshek?
Huh!? Um... sorry. I don't really buy cakes...
Oh, I know! I think they make cakes at Bonbertan!
Bonbertan? Where's that?
Oh Goddess! We just went there. It's the restaurant I used to work at.
Oh, that place! I-I didn't know that's what it was called...
Then let's hurry to this Bonbertan place!

When we reached the restaurant, we learned we could have the cake for free. Of course there was a catch...

Excuse me, you can help me. Do you have good cake at this shop?
Huh? Good cake?
U-um, you see! We're looking for good cake.
If I remember, this shop serves dessert too...
You said, good cake!? What perfect timing!
I just finished a recipe for a new cake. I'll make it for you right away.
What!? W-will it be okay!?
Of course. This is Bonbertan, fine dining restaurant.
Fine dining... Will the cake be super expensive?
Don't worry. If you bring the ingredients, I'll make it for free.
That's very reasonable... But will it really be okay?
My, how rude. I guarantee the taste and skill.
Well then, go get the ingredients here.

That's right. All the necessary ingredients are listed on this card.
When you gather them all, come talk to me again.

We found the items needed to make the cake. It seemed like everything was going well, until Skycat made a suggestion.

Okay okay, looks like we got the ingredients right. Now all we have to do is make the cake.
Oh I know! Master, why don't you make it with me? It's been a while.
Huh!? I-I don't think that's a good idea though. It's been so many years...
Then I'll teach you ever step of the way about synthesis. Don't you want me to teach you?
Player Input: Please teach me!
Hehehe, that's what I like to hear. Alright, then let me start explaining.
Synthesis is about using two different items to create something completely different.
For example, you know how you can take potatoes and meat and make curry?
It's just like that. All you need is ingredients, and you'll be able to make something or another.
That's pretty broad...
Eh, that's how cooking is.
How did you get your position in a high class restaurant...?
Don't worry about the details. Oh, Croix, you can help us too.
M-me too!?

Then, let's start. Hurry up and get prepared.
Are you serious...?

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:

Item synthesis is a key feature of basically all of Gust's games, and Ar Tonelico 2 is no exception. To synthesize we need materials and a recipe card. There are four stores we can synthesize at, and each has a different 'menu' of items we can create. What item is created depends on which Reyvateil is assisting the shopkeeper in creating the item. Not everyone can assist at every shop, for example Cloche can't cook and therefore can't help at Bonbertan. Sometimes very different items can be created from the same recipe. Synthesis is vital to our success in the game, as field upgrades to gear are sometimes hard to come by. It's important to visit the stores we can synthesize at often, as that's how we are supplied with most of our new recipes. There's also scenes with the characters which will lead to powerful accessories for Croix and each Reyvateil, so keep visiting until you don't get a scene when you enter every so often in the game.

I say this in full knowledge that she's going to read my chapters of this: Luca is not a good cook. It is important that the reader understand that every time she steps into a kitchen crimes against food come out.

Rollcake, right?
Well if you know, okay... But do you know what a rollcake is?
Yup. It's like, a twirl.
...But it looks quite flat to me.
You think so too, huh?
Don't worry. And plus, you're supporting me.
...Can you fix it?
I think we're way beyond that point...

...Your rollcake turned into a rice cracker.
I see it was too late.
I call it the Baked Crackercake. See, there's still a roll in there.
You mean a swirl mark?
It's a roll?
Well you did work hard to make it, so I'll forgive you.
Skycat, do you really intend to support us?

We took the disappointing 'cake' back to Sasha.

Oh my! Really!? Thank you very much!
If you have a problem with it, blame it on Luca!
You made it, didn't you!? I thought you were going to make a Roll Cake.
B-but I followed the recipe and this is how it turned out...
Don't worry! My grandma loves crackers, so it should be fine.
Thank you very much for making this for me.
What!? Sasha, you-you're really okay with this? It's not even a cake.
It's really not a problem! Sister Luca made it for me.

Sasha, you're such an amazingly good child...
What!? N-no, I'm not!
With a good girl like you at this store, I think I'll come by more often.
Of course. I really like this shop, and you, too.
Since when!?
Uhm... Miss Cloche.
What is it?
Uh-um... C-can I call you Sister Clo?
That's probably not a good idea!
I-I'm sorry! Since you're Sister Luca and Brother Cro's friend, I thought...

That was the first day in so many that I really felt happy...

...I-is it really okay?
What she said.
Croix, why are you so worried? I said it's okay, so it's okay!
Hehehe... I'm so happy I get to be friends with such a pretty sister.
Oh, nothing!
Oooh! To show you my thanks... It's not much, but please take this.
System Message: Recipe for Bomb Specs has been added.
This is... a recipe card!
Yup! It's been dangerous around here, so you might need it more than I do.
You can do syntheses at your store, too? I didn't know.
Hehehe. Actually, I just started doing it, so you couldn't have known.
But, it's um, lonely working here by myself, so... um...
...If it's okay... I was wondering if Sister Clo can synthesize with me...

Of course! I'll help you anytime!
R-really!? Thank you very much!
...Um, then, I still have a few things to do, so I'll be in the back!
There's ice cream over there so have some and rest a while. Buh-bye!

I was still feeling quite unwell, so a rest was just what I needed.

Yup! I'm living under one roof with Cro!
Lucky! It's like you're brother and sister!
Hahaha, that's right!
So, I was really curious but, your weapon is pretty amazing!
Your hair thingy turns into a baton. That's creative! Hehe.
Oh, you think so? I really like it, too. Cro thought it up for me.
Oh!? Croix, won't you make something up for me?
...But, you don't use weapons.
Hmph! Now I'm kinda jealous!
*ahem * You!
Ah, yes! What's the matter, Lady Cloche?
Can you be quiet for a little while? I can't get any rest like this.
Oh... sorry...

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