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Part 5: Chapter 5: Mother

Chapter 5: Mother

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth.
There was a thick forest between the General Store and Mint Block. This was another new experience for me.

Yeah, I guess there aren't many deep forests in Pastalia.
*huff * *huff *
Lady Cloche, are you sure you're alright?
...Do not worry about me! I'm... perfectly fine!
Besides, we are to meet Leglius at the Coal Lodge in this forest, right?
Then let's go to the Coal Lodge now.
But, our meeting is on the night of the full Cello moon.
That's not for a few days. Let's go to Luca's house first.

Wow... I'm so lucky today!
Tadaa! Look! I found a Dualithnode Crystal!
A Dualithnode... Crystal?
Yup! They're pretty rare. I can sell this and make a lot of money!
Excuse me... You!
What are you thinking!? Selling a holy Dualithnode Crystal!?
Uh... um, but, money is really important, and for now, I... um...
It doesn't matter! As long as I'm around, I won't allow such immoral deeds!
Oh, okay...
Um, sorry to butt in, but... what is a Dualithnode Crystal?

...Okay. Fine, be that way.
Let's just go.


Croix kept trying to inquire what the Dualithnode Crystal was for. I don't think I need to explain why that was an awkward subject.

Lady Cloche, can I ask a question?
You may.
...Do you promise not to get angry?
I cannot promise until I know what you are going to ask me. So, what is it?
The Dualithnode Crystal is, in short...
I said you don't have to know about that!
You said you wouldn't ask me about that anymore. Why are you still asking?
Or do you enjoy sexually harassing me?
Sexual... harassment? How does that work in this case?
Be quiet! If you ask again, I won't forgive you!

Mint Block wasn't just Luca's hometown, but also Croix's.


Already? That's when you started serving the Grand Bell Hall...
Yeah, time goes by fast. By the way...
Are you able to talk normal yet? With Miss Reisha, that is?
...Why do you ask?
Come on, let's just go. We're almost there.

Luca and her mother, Reisha, didn't seem to get along. Not having a family, I really didn't have any frame of reference to think about their relationship.

Oh... Luca? Have you even started packing yet?
...Croix!? And, uh... your friends?
Wait, Luca!? At least explain this to me!

Welcome back, Croix. I'm surprised. This is all so sudden.
I thought Luca was supposed to go over to your place tomorrow...
Yes, but I received an emergency mission and... We decided to stay in the Rim.
Oh, is that so? Well, either way, welcome home. I'm still very happy.
Hello to all of you, too. I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting to have company.
No, please don't be. I'm grateful that you're allowing us to stay here.
...... Umm...
I must be seeing things, but...

...What? She was gonna figure it out sooner or later anyway.
...... Uhh...
*ahem * I'm very sorry that my house is so... shabby.
No, that's not true. I'm sorry to trouble you, And, thank you very much.
Thank you!
You're cute. Are you Her Holy's sidekick?
Nope. I live with Croix!
Oh my... Is that so?
Oh, uh... I think I'll go check on Luca.
Hahaha. He just made it sound as bad as possible.

Oh, is that so? Well, you are still very young.
Anyway, I have to prepare for dinner. It's a humble meal, but please stay.
Ms. Reisha, if you don't mind, I would like to help.

I asked Luca what she and Croix had talked about much later. It all seemed silly then, of course.

...She hates me.
...So it can't be helped.
I'm happy now. Because you're by my side...
Croix... I like you.

Luca and I had a talk on some important subjects after dinner.


Hehehe, you get used to it after a while.
I was more surprised that you wanted to help us.
It's the least I could do to repay your courtesy. You needn't be surprised.
You're just so... awesome!
Oh? Why thank you.
Sure, it turned out to be more work for us, but it's the thought that counts.
Oh... b-but that level of burnedness was exquisite!
I think it might've even made it more delicious!
...It's okay, please stop it. By the way...

What!? Who?
...Um... with who?
...What? ...Whaaat!? Are you serious!?
But... doing it with the Holy Maiden... I just can't believe it.
Uh, um, is it... Are you sure it's okay?
We don't have much choice.
We're wandering around in a dangerous area. We have to become stronger...
Are we doing it or not?
Umm... I don't know what it's like where you're from, but...
Around here, you have to be close friends to use Dualithnode Crystals.
...Why is that?

What difference does that make? This is to save our lives.
...I guess I understand.
Okay, I'll show you where the bathroom is.
Wait a minute!
The clothes... Please remove them for me.
...Uh, whose clothes?
Mine, of course. I don't know how to take off this outfit.
Are you serious!?

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:

Okay. Here's one of the most Japanese things in this game. Reyvateils don't level up with experience points in this game. Instead we use Dualstall. So how does this work? We start by populating the bath area with Dualithnode Crystals, which sort of float in the water and are intended to infuse it with power. Each crystal has a level (one at first, but higher later), which is how many levels the party Reyvateil level goes up when we use it the first time. Once we've populated the bath, we place the Reyvateils in the bath. This is important, because their relative positions can trigger scenes. Also, passing over the Dualithnode crystals will impart special benefits depending on the crystal. We can add objects to the bath that can lure them into certain areas and bath salts, which add an additional benefit to all of them. I'm not going to lie this is one of the strangest things in the game by a long margin. The video includes the game's tutorial on it, which might be a little more clear than I am.

I think Luca found the whole thing to be very awkward.

Uhmm... Lady Cloche, you're really pretty! I admire you so much!
...Did that really make us stronger?
...It should have.
Uh, um...
What is it?
Would you like to go to bed?
...Well, yes. We have a big day tomorrow.
I'm sorry my house is so small. We're gonna have to share rooms.
That's fine. It can't be helped. And I'm grateful enough you let us stay.
Well, I'm turning off the lights. Good night.
Good night.

The day we were to meet with Leglius came. I'd expected things were about to get much better.


...Lady Cloche? Are you alright!?
Uh oh! You look really pale!
...Huh!? N-no, I'm fine! You're just worrying too much...
If you say so. Alright then...
Ms. Reisha, we have to go now.
Thank you for your hospitality.
It's nothing. I'm honored to have hosted Our Lady of Holy Maidens.
In addition, you helped us prepare dinner. Thank you so much.
It felt as if you were my real daughter.
Oh, I'm sorry. That was quite rude of me.

If you didn't mind our home, please come again.
Thank you.
Luca, are you going, too?
But, it's dangerous. It's not like Croix is going out to play.
I know that! And...
...It's none of your business where I go.
Luca! Please don't go!
Why are you trying to stop me!? It's okay! Croix will protect me!
Luca, are you sure?
Yes. I'm sorry. Let's go!

I'd really thought things were close to getting back to normal...

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