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Part 6: Chapter 6: Friends and Foes

Chapter 6: Friends and Foes

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
Leglius was waiting at the Coal Lodge in Mikry Forest, as planned.

I'm glad you're safe.
You're late. I got tired of waiting.
Lady Cloche, I'm relieved to see you're safe as well.
Yes... You, too...
...Lady Cloche? What's wrong? You don't seem too well.
...No, I'm fine. So, what is the situation?
Not good. I've heard some bad rumors, too.
Let me guess, they were about the true heir to the Imperial Throne.
Exactly. As you know, the Pope was the previous ruler of this land.
Chancellor Alfman was just a magistrate back then.
It seems the conservative party, the Sacred Army, found their new leader.
Who would be the true heir to the Imperial Throne...
That's right. They say it's the Pope's grandchild.

That's what triggered the attack on Lady Cloche.
But that's not the end of it. There's more to these disturbing rumors.
Supposedly, the Sacred Army has the Goddess' Power on their side...
That's right, she who holds absolute authority over this world and...
The deity who we declared war against...
Yeah, that was a bad move.
It appears the Goddess heard your speech and has decided to take action.
Who cares why? Anyone who allies with the Goddess is an enemy who must be crushed.
Uh, um...

Lady Cloche and Luca had a fight again. They really don't get along very well.

B-but, that's just my opinion...
Your regime was born from under the suppressive force of the Goddess...
But if you do the same thing, the people will be unhappy again...
Quiet, you! Do not speak about politics that you can't possibly understand.
B-but... I was worried, so I thought I should say something...
You needn't worry! We have plans for anything that could possibly happen!
Whew... forgive me. It was stupid for me to butt into your conversation...
But, I still think the way you said that was mean.
Listen here! This is an emergency! I can't listen to everyone's opinions...
*gasp *

Lady Cloche collapsed!

C'mon! Please be alright!
This is-
Not good... It seems her life extending agent has expired.
Life extending... agent?
That's right.
She's a Reyvateil. She can't live that long without the agent.
We Reyvateils die unless we take the agent every 3 months.

It turned out it was my duty to apply the agent, which turned out to be awkward.

In an emergency, the guarding knight must take responsibility.
Have you ever administered a life extending agent before?
Did it sounds like I even knew it existed 2 minutes ago?
Here, insert this Diquility crystal into her Installer Port.
I don't think she can take a crystal this big!
The insertion process is always painful. Just try to be gentle with her.
Lady Cloche! You're awake now!?
I've been awake. I didn't think... you would end up doing this to me, too.
...You can choose someone else to do this if you want.
Your mission is to protect me. That would be dereliction of duty.
You have to give it to her. We'll give you some privacy.

I'm not sure how the whole thing actually worked. The Installer Port looked just like a tattoo, but the crystal slid in without seeming to break the skin.

!? Lady Cloche?
I-I'm serious... it better not hurt... I-I'm really delicate right there...
I'll do my best.
Okay, I'm putting it in...
St-stupid! Ow! It hurts... Ow ow! Do it slower...
I'm sorry!
If you make it hurt again, you're out of the knights!
Ain't that some gratitude...
Hurry up!


Nothing, I'm fine. I just felt so tired all of a sudden.
Well, it was a long trip.
Huh? What's wrong with you?
Oh, um, you were missing, so I got worried and came looking for you.
Oh... I'm sorry I made you worry.
I'm glad we found you! Hehehe.
I heard stories from Cro, but you really are nice...
Huh? Uh, thanks...
There you are. Don't wander off. There are monsters in the area.
Let's go back.
Oh, yes sir. Sorry.
Cocona, can you walk?
Yup, I'm okay...

Am I dreaming again? Have I seen this girl before?


Sacred Knight: Leglius! I didn't think the Knight Captain would be here of all places...
What a shame. I guess we have to defeat you all!
So... why are you after Lady Cloche anyway?
Sacred Knight: Because she will bring damnation upon this world.
Damnation...!? How rude!
Do you speak knowing I am Cloche Leythal Pastalia, descendant of the maidens?
Sacred Knight: You aren't the legitimate descendant of the maidens!
You are the Maiden of Damnation! We will purge you, here and now!!

So much fighting. Why is there always fighting?

Mini-Boss: Sacred Army Squad
We're up against 2x Sacred Knights and 2x Sacred Reyvateils. This is a very easy battle and one good burst of Song Magic should take them down. Just charge up and blast them off the field.

Why does it feel as though this girl is so familiar?

Damn it... Reinforcements!
Crap. This isn't Pastalia and the Grand Bell Hall. This is their home.
Sacred Knight: Shut up and surrender!
Never! I will protect Lady Cloche, no matter what happens!
Sacred Knight: Have it your way... Hey!
Reyvateil: Yes sir!
Yes sir!
Sacred Knight: Start singing and get this over with!
W-wait a minute!
There's too many of them!
Cut through them and run!
Alone, it might be possible. But it won't work for us this time...
Sacred Knight: Release!

Is this the end? Why am I afraid?

What... the!?




Won't anyone please... save... me...? So... tired...

Sacred Knight: Who cares!? Retreat!
Get ahold of yourself!
Eh-huh? I'm okay. I just feel a little dizzy.
What did you do? That was amazing...
I don't know. I thought we were going to die, so I got really scared...
We better get moving before reinforcements show up.
Then let's go back to Luca's house.


Hmhmhm, there you are. Finally...

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J
Our schedule had to be accelerated today.

At this rate, the world'll belong to the Goddess! Isn't that right, Jacqli?

More of Metafalss has fallen into the Sea of Death. It's quite impressive how quickly this place is dying. The Chancellor, as always, had his own ideas as to how we should proceed.

Parts of the Bell Area, West Dreamy Fields and Southeast Enna collapsed!
That aside, what is the situation with the Sacred Army? Are they gone now?
...But this is important! The Goddess is steadily destroying the world!
400 years ago, She destroyed Infel Pira, and hope for the entire world!
And now that we declared war, She wants to wipe the world clean!
We must hurry! We must destroy the Goddess as soon as possible, and...
Annihilate the Sacred Army.
...Their eradication must be made our top priority.
But, Chancellor!
Listen closely, Laude!

Do you know who your greatest enemy may be in war? Your own ally!
There are too many cases where an ally betrayal has caused the loss of a war.
The first thing we must do is unite the world!
Gather all minds as one, and challenge Her! That is our only way to victory!
That is why I have Cloche speak for us. Her devotion is contagious.
Look... The world is surely coming together...
The Grand Bell degraded the people, their morale and their growth.
We, the Neo Grand Bell, shall revitalize this rotten Metafalss.
Yes... For the glorious Metafalss, the true utopia of the world!

I just hope this stupid place doesn't crumble before I get what I came for. This had better not have been a waste of my time.

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
We were all sort of stunned after the showdown with the Sacred Army. They wanted to know what had happened to me, but I didn't have any clue myself. We were leaving the forest when we encountered an odd scene.


What's that? A monster?
Someone's fainted!

Are you okay!?
Hu... hun...
Hey, c'mon! I don't have all day.

Cocona gave the girl some of our emergency rations.

Are you alright now?
She ate all our emergency rations...
Why were you lying here?
Oh, I traveled for three days without food or water and then, I passed out...
Pula pula pu!
Hmm, what is your name?
Ah, I haven't introduced myself yet.
I'm Amarie! And...
This is Soope. He's not really useful, but he makes a great pillow...
Pu pu pu!
Oww! What are you doing!?

F-fine, fine! I'm sorry.
...He's... kinda cute.
Really cute! I've never seen an animal like this!
Hahaha! Isn't he? We've been traveling together for a while now.
Anyway, I'm glad you're okay. Just be sure to pack enough food next time.
Well then...
Hey, wait!
Ooh, can you take me with you? I'm really good at archery and stuff!
Weren't you traveling somewhere?
Oh, um, well...
Argh, fine! I confess!
I don't have anywhere to stay tonight... And I have no money... Haha...
Hey Croix, is it okay to let her stay at my place?
Well... I don't think we can legally stop you. It is your home, after all.
Hehehe, good!
So, do you want to stay at my place?

Thanks! Oh, um, Luca, was it? You're my new best friend!
Pu puli!
Huh? Hehehe... Please, stop exaggerating...
No way! You're my savior!
I'll do my best to help you out! 'Kay, Luca?
I remember when we used to have standards...

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
We just got joined by Leglius and Amarie. I'll quickly pro/con them here. Leglius has a lot of health and hits hard, but his attacks tend to be slow. He has a Good match with Cloche and Normal with Luca. His weapons are the circular blades on his fists, which he also throws as chakrams and swings on chains. Amarie is sort of fragile, but has unique Psych attacks that can buff the party, damage all enemies, and heal. She's got a Good match with Luca and a Bad one with Cloche. Her weapon is her lyre, which can convert into a bow or pair of short blades.

We went back home to figure out what our next move was. That was where my journey towards the truth began.

Welcome back! You're earl-
Hey! Luca!?
Captain? ...Ms. Reisha? You know each other?
...Yeah. But that was a long time ago...
I never thought I'd meet you here.
Hey Cro, let's go upstairs... We should let them talk alone.

...I've kept track of you success. I see you've become a Knight Captain.
I knew you were destined for greatness.
Reisha, that time...
No, it's alright. Don't say any more about it...
By the way, that girl... The new Lady Cloche...
She's a good girl. She helped with the chores.
...Is that so? That's surprising.
...From the looks of it, you don't seem all that involved with her.
Though, I'm sure that's how you prefer it.
I'm the leader of her knights. That's as far as our relationship goes.
...I see.
You haven't changed. Even then, you only came because he made you.
Is he...

But I'm glad this visit was just a coincidence.
I always thought the next time we met would be when you came to kill me.
I would never do that.
Are you sure?
What about if you were ordered to?
Luca... was it?
Yes. She takes care of herself, which helps me.
She's the child...
That's right... the girl we were entrusted with from Enna Palace.
She's grown.
...Thanks to you.

As if you didn't know.
What do you mean?
You're still looking for that child, aren't you?
Maybe not right now, but someone'll come sooner or later! Isn't that right?
What do you mean!? Calm down!
After living in hiding for so long, you had to ruin everything by coming here.
I can't do this anymore! If you're going to take her, then do it already!
I'm tired of having to worry about Luca.

There's really no way to explain what it's like to discover everything you'd known in your life was a lie. Upset is a poor description for how I felt.

Even though I accepted this... I didn't think it would last this long.
It's just, the longer she's with me... the more it hurts...
Wha... what do you mean? You didn't want me...?
Luca! What are you-
Wait, Luca. Calm down, and hear us out.
No wonder you were always so cold to me.
You hated me.
I suppose that's only normal. You're not my real mother! Hahaha!
Luca... stop laughing and go to your room.
We'll talk about this tomorrow, after we've both calmed down.
Don't bother! I don't want to hear any more excuses!
I've heard enough of them already!

There was no way I was going to stay there one more minute.

Oh... S-sorry! Hehehe...
...Are you upset?
Nuh uh!
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm going to leave tomorrow morning on the first train.
What!? Why?
You can stay here as long as you want, so relax, okay?
Seriously, what happened? I mean, if you don't mind, I'd love to listen.

I explained what had happened to Amarie.

Hehehe... I guess not.
Don't worry. These things happen a lot!
Nuh uh.
Anyway, I want to find out who I really am.
So that's why you're going to the Enna Palace Ruins?
That's right! You know what they say, "Go big or go home!"
If that's the case, then I'll go with you!
What!? B-but, I can't let you do that...
These days, it's dangerous for a girl to travel alone. Even I almost died.
But that was a special case...
You know, rumor has it there's a lot of monsters living in those ruins.

So, let's go together!
Okay, thanks! Let's go!

I left a letter for Mom and Croix. I had to go. I had to find out who I really was.

What's the matter?
Oh Croix! Actually, Luca...
The Enna Palace Ruins...!? By herself?
...That girl, Amarie went with her.
...I gotta go after her.
Have you forgotten your current mission!?
Our top priority is to protect Lady Cloche.
The situation's critical. Now's not the time to be selfish.
...Yes sir. I'm sorry...
Croix, Leglius, let's go find Luca.
...Lady Cloche?
Your life is at stake here. Our enemies are looking for you.
In addition, the Sacred Army's HQ is also in Enna!

They would be hard pressed to get past you guys.
Lady Cloche! That's...
Yes! Of course!
Captain, I was given hospitality in this house. And...
Though it was for a short time, Luca was an integral part of our group.
To abandon her now... as a Holy Maiden, as a person, I cannot do that.
...I understand that and I respect your ideas. However...
If it gets dangerous, I will put your safety ahead of your orders.
Yes. Though I don't mind...
I'm being protected by the Grand Bell Knight Captain and their promising ace.
You're not going to let anything happen, are you? Hmhmhm...

No, you must wait here.
That's not...!
If something happens to you, I don't know how I'll explain it to Luca.
And, I'm sure Luca is very confused right now. I doubt she'll respond well.
Either way, we'll take the responsibility of finding Luca. Just wait here.
...Alright. Please, Luca's in your hands.
Don't worry Ms. Reisha, I'm here, too.
...I know.

There's something I need to tell you.
The Enna Palace is where the previous Holy Maiden, Lady Arshe, lost her life.
I had hoped Lady Cloche would never go there. Do you know why?
If anything happens, get her outta there. Got it?
Understood, sir.

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