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Part 7: Chapter 7: EXEC_SOL=FAGE/.

Chapter 7: EXEC_SOL=FAGE/.

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
We reached Enna without incident. You can tell it's one of the oldest cities in Metafalss.

Yeah, well it is the oldest town in the area.
And unlike Pastalia, this town has never been destroyed by quakes.
This place breathes the history of Metafalss.

We had to pass through the town to reach the Palace ruins. We had a bit of an odd run-in on the way there with a pharmacist calling herself Spica.

Uh, well... Umm...
Hmhmhm... I can make anything from physical remedies to love potions.
I-I see... Well, with this much equipment, I can see how that's possible.
But this is amazing. You look young but you have this pharmacy with expensive equipment.
Oh, what an old way to flirt.
Huh? Flirt?
You're making a flow in conversation and trying to set up another date, right?
No, that's not right. It's a misunderstanding.
Well, then we need a common topic to talk about, don't we?
So I'll give you this Recipe Card. Just think of it as a token of acquaintance.
I'll leave the fact that you ignored what I said. So, what can I make from this?
A simple medicine for now.
So simple, no matter who makes it, it'll turn out somehow.

I'm looking forward to our date.
Uh no, let's not talk about that anymore.

We didn't have everything we'd need to make that medicine, and Spica's wares mostly consisted of ruinously expensive Dualithnode crystals and some weird candy with a cat pattern. We excused ourselves and headed for the Palace ruins.

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
The truth is a funny thing. We all say we want it but when it actually comes it's hard to face.


I wonder what this picture is...
It's a painting of the Goddess' relationship with the world.
This world was created by the Goddess. It can't exist without Her.
I see..
Pi! Nupupu nupupu!
...Huh? What's wrong?
This... writing? I think I've seen it before.
...Hymn language? This is Hymnos! I can read it!
What!? Are you serious?
Yup. Hymnos can be read by any Reyvateil.
When you awaken as a Reyvateil, you can read it naturally.
That's convenient. So, what's it say?
Let's see!

A key learning of our journey is not to read strange Hymnos phrases aloud.

This reads- "Was yea ra chs Hymnos mea en fwal fwal", which means about "I would be very happy to turn myself into a song and spread my wings."

Huh!? ...W-what is this!?
Luca... Are you alright? What happened?
Y-yeah... I'm fine.
I finally get to meet you!
What!? No way! Soope can talk!
Huh!? What are you talking about? Sounds like his usual pupu-ing to me.
Then, it's just me... I guess I can understand what he's saying now.
Hi! Let me introduce myself! I'm Infelsphere Platomine.
Amarie can't remember my real name, so she just calls me Soope for short.
I see... Nice to meet you too, then!

While we were talking someone had snuck up behind us.

Who's there!?
Arshe, the Holy Maiden of the time, was killed during the chaos.
Her daughter, Cloche, went missing.
...Arshe!? Cloche!?
Five years later...
Cloche returned to the Grand Bell Hall with the knight who was caring for her.
However, they had already swapped Holy Maidens!
Though there's not enough evidence to prove it.

Then came the bomb.

My name is Chester. Please, remember me.
Today will be a day to carve into history.
The current Grand Bell is a sham. They declared war on the Goddess.
As this mural shows, She keeps this world alive.
Her death means the death of this world. This is just... insane.
I want to restore the government and bring true peace to this world.
But to normalize the Grand Bell Hall, we need your great powers.
My... powers...

Just then, Croix and the others arrived. It seemed Captain Leglius and Chester were no strangers.

It's been a while, hasn't it?
You were rather ambitious the other day, trying to kill Lady Cloche.
We know you were behind the coup.
Surrender to us and you'll see trial.
Long time no see, Sir Leglius. Ah, the Maiden of Disaster is with you.
How rude... Such behavior is unbecoming of a former member of the Grand Bell!
Tell me, Sir Leglius, who do you think is the real sinner here... you or me?
I know all about the inhumane acts that you and the Grand Bell have done.
If I were to reveal them to the public, what do you think they would say?
I think they would ask if you really have the Goddess on your side.
I've heard the rumors, too. However, one thing I know is true...
Everything I've done has been in the name of the Goddess.
Lady, please lend us your powers.

I was so confused. It was so much so fast, I didn't know what to say or do.

Hey! I don't know what your problem is, but leave Luca out of it.
She's shocked enough as it is. You're only gonna confuse her more.
...What's your name?
Croix Bartel.
Please excuse my rudeness. I did not fully understand the lady's feelings.
I shall come visit her another day.
Luca, are you okay?
I'm glad you're alright. Come on, let's go home.
Thank you...

We left the area, it wasn't really safe for Croix, Leglius, and Cloche. We didn't notice at the time that Amarie wasn't with us.

If we get her on our side, the Sacred Army can't be stopped!
You're right.
Huh? A-aren't you happy?
Gaining the true Holy Maiden and overthrowing the Grand Bell are only the means.
...Whattaya mean?
Our goal is to implement the treaty between the Imperial House and the Goddess.
That's the true revolution. Our plans have only just begun.
Hmm, a treaty with Her... Huh? ...Oh well.
I don't get all the political stuff but, I'll bring her to you, okay!?
...Don't. Rather, I'd prefer you not to take so many risks.
What!? I want to be helpful, too.

Don't even joke about such things...
Aw? Why not...? You don't like me...?
...I'm sorry, Amarie.
Hmph! Could it be that you're still in love with Sonia?
Come on! How long are you going to pine over someone who's passed away!?
...I-I'm sorry.
Fine, forget it! You can wait for her for the rest of your life!
I'm sorry, Amarie... I don't want to involve you in this...
Sonia was...

I didn't know what that Hymnos had done to me exactly, but I sure was exhausted.

She's out like a light. Looks like she was really tired.
I'm glad there's nothing wrong with her.
You worry about her way too much. I think she's actually pretty strong.
...You're probably right, but I can't help myself.
I'm gonna go check on her.
Well then, care to spit it out yet, Miss Amarie?
...Spit what out?
You're hiding something. Taking Luca to the Enna Palace Ruins...
She was gonna sneak off and go there anyway. I just came along to protect her.
...Hmph. I'll leave it at that... for today.

Just get some rest.

I was using Soope as a pillow, and had a strange sort of dream.

What... is this place? A dream?
Hey Soope, where are we? I woke up here all alone.
I don't know. I just kind of appeared here all of a sudden.
It does seem kind of familiar though. Hmm, this is a mystery.
...So, you don't know either.
Well, at least I'm able to understand you now!
Yeah, it's great! I was going borderline emo there for a while.
Huh? But you don't have long enough bangs to be emo...
I was referring to nobody being able to understand me.

...I don't know.
Well, do you have other friends?
...I don't know.
Hmm, how did you meet Amarie?
Umm... I can't remember not being with her.
You really don't know much, do you?
I'm sorry. But trust me, I'm way better at multiple choice tests.
Right... Ahh... I feel kinda sleepy. This place is pretty comfortable...
Haha, yeah, you're right.
It's like... I was depressed about my mom and the whole Maiden thing...
But being here, it feels like none of that matters now...
Oh well... before we go exploring, let's... take a... nap...
Luca, Luca...

When I woke up Lady Cloche was watching over me. Turns out she and Croix had been taking turns while I was asleep.

...H-huh? Lady... Cloche?
Whew. You've been asleep for a very long time.
I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean to make you worry...
It's alright. Croix and I have been taking turns watching over you.
What isn't alright is how you ran off, leaving just a single letter behind!
We had to come to Enna to find you...
...I'm sorry.
Last night... I overheard my mom saying she wasn't really my mother, and...
I thought I might find some clues about my real mom at the ruins...
So I just had to come... Hehehe.
I...I see. I'm sorry. Perhaps if you had written that in the letter...
It's alright. I feel kind of better now.
Now that I know the truth, my entire childhood makes sense.
We were poor, and I wasn't really her daughter... But she had to feed me.
Oh, but, I'm really sorry for causing you so much trouble. Are you upset?
No, it's not that I'm upset, per se...
Okay. Good... Hehehe.

I... wanted to repay my debt for helping me yesterday...
Oh... of course. Hehehe.
By the way...
Yes! What is it?
That conversation... With Chester, earlier...
No... never mind.

The tension of her unasked question hung in the air as we left the room. The others were waiting for us downstairs in the inn.

Yup, I'm fine now. I'm sorry I made you worry...
No, it's alright, as long as you're okay.
Thank you. You're so nice!
...I love you.
Well, not that you're all better, let's get going!
...Oh? Is that the sweet scent of jealousy I smell?

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
As we left Enna, we heard a major commotion. There was some kind of rally being held in the market square.

Chester was up on the stage, but it was the other person with him I was interested in. After all these years, why here? Why now?

Huh? ...Cro, you know him?
The current government is utter blasphemy.
A war against the Goddess is suicide. Whether we win or lose, we will all die.
For victory in this war will destroy the world!
That's Targana. I haven't seen him in so long...
We trained to fence under the same master.
So, I guess he really was the crown prince... Huh.
We don't have time for this. The axis train is about to leave. Let's go.
Uh, yes sir...

We hopped on the train back to Mint Block, hoping we'd escaped without incident.

...Yeah, it has.
But it's kinda surprising to find out your friend was the crown prince.
I wouldn't really call him a friend. We just trained together.
We were always at about the same skill level as each other.
And no one else our age could keep up with us.
So naturally, we hung out a lot together when we weren't training.
But all of a sudden, he stopped coming to practice...
I always thought he was just acting high and mighty... Huh, who woulda thunk...
...Luca? Luca! What's wrong?
...Huh!? Oh, no, it's nothing.
Are you sure?
I-I'm fine! I was just thinking about stuff.
...If you say so.

At the stop to Rakshek, Luca decided to get off. She said she had business to take care of.

Um, I... I'm going to get off at Rakshek.
Huh? What's going on? If there's something you need to do, I'll go with you.
No! It's alright! It's just...
I want to be alone for a while. That's all...
Alright. But in return, promise me something.
You have to come home... Just promise me that.
Okay, I will. I promise.

So we headed back to Mint Block again without Luca. At least she's safe this time.

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
Luca staying behind in Rakshek sort of defeated the purpose of our journey, but we rushed back to her house anyway to give Reisha the good news.


We found her. She said she had a therapy session, so she got off at Rakshek.
Oh, but she promised to come home, so she'll be alright.
I see. I'm glad...

While everyone else was away, Reisha and I had a talk. I simply had to see for myself if what Luca had said in Enna was true.

When we were at the Enna Ruins, she told me about her real mother.
She said you were forced to raise her, and that's why you were cold to her.
Is that true? Don't you see how cruel that is to Luca?
...Of course! It's not true.
In this harsh day and age, who in their right mind would want to take on an extra load?
I just...
I just love her too much. I don't want to let her go. I want her to stay forever.
...But that's my own selfish wish. Such a dream could never last.
Why do you say that?
Long ago, Luca had a little sister. Her name was Lekya.
But Leyka... had an I.P.D. outbreak and was taken from us by the Grand Bell.
My husband tried to protect her, so they killed him, too...

Even though it was before my time, I felt somehow responsible for her sadness. It was silly, but I couldn't help it.

No, I'm sorry! I didn't intend to sound like I blame you for anything.
It's only natural to be taken for security reasons when an I.P.D. breaks out.
Lekya killed Croix's parents, as well...
That is a tragedy...
I just want everything to be like when I still had a family. Times were tough, but I was happy...


...Oh, really? Hehehe, that's good news!? I'll try my best next time, too!
Mrs. Lahr: Luca, is something wrong?
Huh!? What do you mean?
Mrs. Lahr: You don't seem that energetic. Did you fight with your boyfriend!?
...No, it's not like that. Croix is... as always...
Mrs. Lahr: Ah, so lovey dovey, how cute! Have you two made any progress?
...That's so embarrassing! I can't answer that.
Uncle: Then, what's wrong?
Well... nothing really.
Mrs. Lahr: Are you sure? I've never seen you so sad before.
Uncle: What!? I can't have this!
I'll do anything for you! Just say it and it's done!

Uncle: Y-you're so mean!
Mrs. Lahr: Hahaha!
Nana: Hahaha!
Uncle: But really, don't hesitate to tell me, okay?
Nana: And we're always on your side, alright Luca?
Thank you... You're all so... kind.

Reisha finished her song.

...Is the Song I used to sing to Luca every night, when she was little.
It's nice. It's very kind... and warm.
You're such a good child. Please, look after Luca from now on, too.
Oh, I'm sorry. How rude of me to call Our Lady of Holy Maidens a "child".
No, that's not it. How can I explain this...?
That is not what bothers me.

How does Ms. Reisha...!?
What were you doing?
Uh, would you believe nothing?

Luca did eventually come home.

Welcome back...
Why didn't you tell me I wasn't your real child?
Why did you raise me if you didn't want me!?
Forget it. I'm going to move out so you don't have to care anymore.
I'll go talk to her.
Me, too!
No, you stay here!
...Y-yes, ma'am.

I felt like I had to explain to Luca what her mother had told me.

...There's nothing more to say.
She said she didn't tell you because you were too important to her...
She loves you so much, she couldn't help it.
Hehehe... Please... That's impossible.
She raised you up till now. She even sang you lullabies, didn't she?
How many years ago was that? It's been so long, I don't even remember...
Nighty night, sleepy tight... The moon in the night sky...
Stop it!
Stop it already! Leave me alone! This has nothing to do with you!
I just want the best for you and Ms. Reisha...
What do you know about us?
We're from completely different ranks and status.
Someone who's only lived the most luxurious life could never understand me.

No matter what I was given, being alone can never bring me happiness.
But, you have relatives. You should want to be as close to them as possible.
What would you know about it?
You get whatever you want. Everybody tries to please you...
You can't possibly understand what it's like to be poor.
I mean, I bet you've never even felt troubled.
Don't be stupid!
Don't act like you're the only one who has problems! I've never felt troubled?
I'm troubled every day, every minute, every second!
I can't even talk to anyone about it. I'm solely responsible for every action I take...
Can you even understand this pain!?
I doubt it, seeing as you're running away from a simple fight with your mother...

Don't compare it with whether or not your selfish laws will pass!
You have no right to criticize me with your degree of ignorance!
And you have no right to butt into my family problems!
Don't act all high and mighty when you're the one digging into my troubles!

And that's when I passed out. Really hardly surprising, given how long I'd been away.

...Lady Cloche!?
Lady Cloche!? Lady Cloche!

Loadin Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Truly worth
Lady Cloche's collapse forced us to take some action. Leglius decided to contact the Grand Bell.

Could it be some other illness?
It's probably...
Oh, nothing.
This may be risky, but I'm going to try to contact the Grand Bell Hall.
We can't help her, and I won't risk her life to save ours.
Wait here.
Luca, what happened? ...Did you do something?
I didn't do anything. ...Why does everyone take her side?
I'm not taking sides.
...Sorry, that was mean. I know you're just doing your job.

Leglius called the Grand Bell, but was just full of bad news.

The Sacred Army attacked the Grand Bell. It's been a tough fight.
Both the Grand Bell and Rakshek airports are under their control.
Our only choice is to march across the Ironplate Desert.
The Ironplate Desert!? But that's-
You're right. It's just above the Great Wheel, between us and Pastalia.
And without access to airships, we'll have to walk.
But, walking across the desert...
You're worried about getting lost, right? Well that is a problem.
We must travel through a maze of random stairs. It won't be easy.
But if we wait here, Lady Cloche's life will be in severe danger.
...Fine, we'll do this your way.

One thing was clear to me at that moment. I had to go back with them to Pastalia. All I'd hoped for was finally within my grasp.

...Cocona? Are you alright?
Yup... I'm just a little tired. But, I'll be fine!
Are you sure? If you're not feeling well, you can stay here.
Oh no, I'm going with you. Don't worry, I'm alright.
...Yes, Luca?
Please take me with you!
This march isn't gonna be an easy hike.
Then you'll need as much help as you can get!
You're gonna need the help of a Reyvateil!
I...I want to help you, Croix.
If Lady Cloche was healthy, it would be a different story.

I can't guarantee your safety. If you accept that, welcome aboard.
Yes! Thank you very much!
No, Luca, you can't! You're grounded!
What!? Why do you always say that?
Because I'm worried about you.
Stop worrying about me and let me do what I want!
You did this when I became a Dive Therapist, too. You thought it was dangerous.
But there's nothing dangerous about it! Look, I'm still healthy!
Leyka might just be an old memory to you, but to me, she's still my sister!
I can't let this chance slip away...
...Luca? What are you talking about?

I think about those days a lot anymore. I ask myself if I could have done anything differently, but I know in my heart that I'd still take the same path today, even knowing the price.

And Croix will protect me, so I'll be fine...
Ms. Reisha, thank you for your hospitality. I'll bring her back. I promise.
Luca... please come home safely...

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