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Part 8: Chapter 8: Loss

Chapter 8: Loss

Loading Excerpt- Personal Log, C. Bartel
We searched through the Ironplate desert for hours without managing to find a way up. Cocona wasn't looking too well, so we took a break.


Hey, Cocona... are you alright?
...Yeah, I'm okay.
Let's take 5.
Again!? How many times have we rested now?
Sorry, but Cocona's not feeling well.
Anyway, how long are you gonna tag along with us?
...Huh? Me?
No matter how long you're with us, I won't let you into the Grand Bell.
You're so paranoid, geez.
I bet that stubbornness is the reason you're still not married.

Amarie, don't way that!
Mr. Leglius, I want Amarie to stay.
She really helped me out at Enna Palace.
Pu! Pupulu pu!
...Do as you like.
But I'm warning you, do anything strange and I'll finish you then and there.
Cocona!? What's wrong?

And that's when... That's when...

This looks like-
No way! This isn't happening!
Everyone... Be gone...
Tell me this is a joke! Cocona!
Get down!
Cocona! Stop!
Get away from her! She's no longer Cocona! She's...
Don't say it...
I.P.D. infected!

How could this have happened? How could things have gone so wrong?

No... I won't let anyone kill her!
Grh... C-Cocona...

That's when things got even worse. The Grand Bell Knights showed up to contain the outbreak.

Knight: And Croix? What's going on here?
...Cocona broke out. What's her I.P.D. level?
Knight: According to Lakra's report, she's estimated to be Level 7!

Feinne's Notes: Level 7 is really goddamn high. We'd likely Game Over in a single Defense Phase to a Level 7 in combat right now.

Level 7!?
Knight: ......
Leave this to us...
Croix, back away...
...I won't let you.
Croix!? What are you trying to...
I'm sorry, Captain... But, I can't do it. I won't let you take Cocona...
Listen to me! Calm down and think about it...
I don't want to fight you.

They were going to take Cocona over my broken, bleeding body.

If you don't stand down, we will be forced to go through you.
Knight: ...Sorry, Croix.
An I.P.D. roaming free can spread the infection!
Trying to protect it will only make things worse!
Croix... we've seen this too many times!
Families trying to protect I.P.D.s, getting killed by them from behind!
I'm willing to risk that.
I will... rescue Cocona!
Grh... He's serious! You leave us no choice...

And they did. I never stood a chance. They beat me into the ground.

If we fight any more, Croix really will die!
Knight: I.P.D. infected body contained. Mission complete!
Good job. How's Croix?
Knight: He woke up during medical treatment, but didn't seem to be aggressive.
I see...
Alright, everyone aboard. Let's return to the Grand Bell Hall.

How pathetic am I? I've condemned more I.P.D.s than I can count to whatever fate awaits those we capture, yet when it's my family impacted I'm too weak to do anything.


Knight: We don't have a choice, ma'am.
You should know...
How dangerous and I.P.D. infected Reyvateil is.
Auntie: I understand! But... but this child is my precious daughter!
Knight: We know how you feel, but she alone destroyed 3 towers, killing 5 people.
It just can't be helped...
Auntie: ......
Knight: Take her away.
Auntie: Sasha!

...A dream?
Croix, cheer up. It's not like you to be sad for so long.
I'm going to go get some fresh air, okay?
You're still acting like this? Come on, pull yourself together already.
I guess you're really the cowardly type, huh?
There's this guy I like. He's nothing like you.
His village burned, and he lost the woman he loved... But he used that energy to join the Grand Bell.
I believe men show their true nature when Brown Moses hits the fan.
I don't need you to tell me things!
I just though you'd wanna hear my opinion.
If you have time to mope, why don't you think about what you can do right now?

She was right of course. Cocona wouldn't want me to sit around feeling sorry for myself...


I've been looking everywhere for you.
Looks like he really likes you.
Maybe you should keep him. I'm sure he'll be happier that way.
What!? B-but... I can't...
No, it's fine. We're gonna travel together anyway.
And plus, he doesn't need any food, so it's not like I'm pushing him on you!
Uhm... but... is that alright with you, Soope?
I'd be happy with that. I think you'll be really nice to me!
Hehehe, alright. Then, it's nice to have you!

Pu... Pu...
Anyway, what were you doing here?
Oh, I was just looking... At the Grand Bell.
I see. Well, that is where Croix lives.
Well, that too, but...
I can see how you would want to see where your boyfriend lives.
Huh? What's wrong?
...What do you think of me and Croix? Like, does it look like we're dating?
Uhm... it looks normal...
I see... That's fine. I feel a little happier now! Hehehe...

The Grand Bell was still under attack by the Sacred Army.

How pitiful was I?
...Kaysha, Alicia.
Knight: Captain Leglius!
I'm relieved you're safe. Especially after hearing you'd gone missing...
I'm glad you guys are here. I was afraid I couldn't trust the Grand Bell itself.
Honestly, it's a relief. But I was told they weren't able to send any airships from Grand Bell.
Knight: Containment of Level 7 Contamination or higher is prioritized over all else.
You're right...
Knight: We were worried for you safety too, Captain.
I'm relieved to see that you're okay.
Ironically, this was only possible due to Cocona's I.P.D. outbreak...
Knight: Captain... I've never seen such a young child break out with I.P.D. before.
Yeah... I feel sorry for Croix too...
By the way, is the Grand Bell Hall alright?

The Divine Messenger!? Sounds tough.
As soon as we get back to the Grand Bell, we'll guard Chancellor Alfman. You two will support me.
Especially since I don't think we can expect Croix to join the battle this time. Prepare yourselves.
I... will support you.
Croix! ...Are you alright? Hesitation decides life or death. If you're not completely over it yet...
I'm over it. I will do what I can right now.
...Alright. As soon as we reach the Grand Bell, we will charge into the palace. Prepare yourself.

We landed just outside the Grand Bell Hall.


Our goal is to secure the safety of Chancellor Alfman, and to await further orders.
Act swiftly. Use your strengths to clear out anyone who stands in your way.
Knight: Yes, sir!
Yes, sir!
Now, let's go!

The Divine Messenger... I have a bad feeling about this.

Loading Tower Record- Operational Logs, S.
Reporting on operation at Grand Bell Hall. Attempted execution of leadership of Neo Grand Bell. Prior to completion of objective was forced to engage enemy reinforcements. Seems to have been the same kid who was guarding the Maiden of Aqua, though she was nowhere to be seen.

Boss Battle: Divine Messenger and Sacred Knight x2
So now we know the blue wolf we'd fought before was some kind of Divine Messenger, and we're fighting him again alongside two knights. He's got a lot more health and uses his Rolling Wolves attack with frequency, the timing of which I've always sucked at. You've just got Luca this time, so all of the attacks are going at whoever's guarding her. Ideally you've done some Dives with Luca and have the Level 3 upgrade to her Chilling Song or Easy Chorus. Get a good sized one of those ready (probably 12-15k%) and swat them from the field. Have your character with no Reyvateil heal with items if your character who's taking the brunt of attacks starts getting low.

It's troublesome that the Grand Bell has people this skilled. Could prove a real nuisance, especially given how painfully ignorant they are.

Some mysteries are more interesting when left unresolved.
The Goddess' Weapon of Genocide shouldn't try to act so cool.
Her weapon!?
Hmph, that's not very nice, you know.
Sure, I'm here as her messenger, but I've never done genocide.
You're more of the weapon of mass destruction type, don't you think?
18 years ago, when you assassinated the maiden... There's no forgiveness for that.
What!? So it was true!?
It happens rather often in politics. There's no point in bringing up the past.
...You don't even know how much danger that incident caused this world.
You speak as if you know anything, filthy mongrel!
What did you say!?

There's just no limit to how foolish humans can be. To nearly extinguish the line of the Goddess Maiden for such pointless, trivial reasons is madness beyond comprehension. And to wish the death of the Goddess... Stupidity this dangerous cannot be tolerated.

She won't let us create land, make this world any better. She doesn't even try to help her people!
I cannot accept the actions of this "Goddess".
If she can call herself a Goddess, then I can't be punished for calling myself almighty as well.
You don't know anything. ...Such blasphemy.
This isn't the end. Now, for the real thing.
Interesting. I dare you. I'm looking forward to it.

I was forced to engage in a tactical withdrawal. For all their big talk they aren't currently that substantial of a threat yet. I'll need to keep an eye on that thing though, if they try to take it I'll be ready for them. I just hope I don't have to escalate this further. She's been acting sort of odd recently and I'm worried about the collateral damage. In the name of Frelia. Signing off.

Eradicate all who disrupt the unification of the world!
Hold on!
There's no need to head there. Do not fight those who intend to retreat.
Knight: But...
It is my job to order the knights.
I am thankful you took over command while I was gone.
However, I'd like to resume command.
...Hmph. ...Do whatever you want.
Seeing as how the enemy retreated, we will declare victory. All knights will gather at the plaza.
Knight: Yes, sir!


I acknowledge your swift actions as a great accomplishment.
Thanks to you, the condition of our Holy Maiden has stabilized. There's no need to worry.
And, at least now we can perform the maiden's birth ceremony, that had been at risk.
...Birth ceremony?
One more thing. I would like to honor Captain Leglius and the other knights at the ceremony.
The stand off was a great achievement for us of the Grand Bell.
The current world is in chaos.
The Sacred Army is using the Goddess' power to confuse the government.
However, all we be solved when we defeat the Goddess and give birth to our very own land.
Either way, you must be tired from your long mission. Rest until the birth ceremony.

The appearance of Prince Targana also bothers me... But the "Goddess' Power" is more important now.
Ever since that dog came about, the Sacred Army's been on a rampage...
We must get rid of it no matter what it takes...

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
We managed to drive off the Sacred Army, but I wasn't exactly in the mood to celebrate.

...I don't know many details about that incident.
More importantly, Croix, you should rest until the ceremony. I'm sure you're tired.
You've been trying hard for too long. Rest while you can.
And give your fiancé some attention while you're at it.
What!? That was like a sneak attack...
Hey, Croix... Um, can I go over to your house?
You know, since I was planning to go there anyway, I wanted to see where you live... Hehe.
Sure, I guess. But it's small and dirty... Is that alright?
Of course! That's no problem! I'm so excited! ...Yay!
What are you gonna do, Captain?


Just then a maid appeared. It seemed Lady Cloche wanted to talk to us. I'm just glad whatever was wrong was nothing serious.

Maid: She would like for both of you to visit her room.
Huh... Lady Cloche?
I don't mind. Go.
Yes, sir.
What are you planning to do now?
Umm, for now, I think I'll wander around the city.
Just don't wander inside the Grand Bell Hall.
I won't...
I don't know what you think of me, but there's really nothing to worry about.

I guess this will be the last time we really see Lady Cloche like this. I guess it's selfish but I'm sort of sad.

Good day. I'm sorry I had to summon you.
I had to say a few words of gratitude. Thank you.
No, we...
I-it's okay! We didn't do anything amazing!
But, I'm kinda happy.
You really are a silly child.
Oh? ...Am I?
If my memory is correct, I thought we were in a big fight before I fainted...
Huh? ...Oh! You're right! We were fighting!
What can I be scolded for?
Oh, by the way... I just heard this earlier but, is it almost your birthday?

That's amazing!
Um! Mine's the same day! It's Moon of Cello 3rd light, Viola 7th rain!
You don't say.
Well... isn't that amazing? It's the same day.
I suppose that's bound to happen sometimes. I mean, yes it is a coincidence.
Well, I guess...
Either way, it was a short time, but thank you for your company.
Many things happened, but I would consider it a fun time.
Oh, yeah?

I see. So this is goodbye then...
Forgive me for all of my rudeness.
Your safe return to the Grand Bell will be my honor from now on to fuel my training.
...Yes. Right... Know that it is very honorable and train hard every day.
Yes, ma'am!
Let's get going. I feel bad for staying so long.
Lady Cloche, it was a short time, but it was really fun being with you!
Excuse us.

I'm sure Lady Cloche is happy now. She's back where she belongs, not stuck out on the road with us.

*sigh * Who could it be now?
Yes, come in.
How are you doing, Cloche?
...Yes. Thanks to you, I've recovered, quite a bit.
That's good. Then I'll have you return to your official duties soon.
First, we must call out for support in each region to promote a large-scale I.P.D. purification plan.
...What's wrong?
I... I can't stand it anymore! Even the I.P.D. incidents are-
You should understand! That's why you're here, isn't it?
But... these things... I just can't bear it anymore...
Even for Metafalica... This isn't what I wished for...
This again... I've heard it way too many times.
Then, propose a better alternative solution to me. I'll take that any day.
If you can't do that, don't even dare speak to me about those glossy dreams!
Ahh... I-I'm sorry...

Then, the green Metafalica you're aiming for will be born.
Get ready. The knights are already waiting.
How long... How long do I have to do this...?
Someone... Help me...

Anyway, we're going back to my place. I could use some rest.

What, you're still here? Huh? The Captain, too...?
...Supervising this woman.
Hey Croix, can I stay over at your house, too?
Huh? I don't mind, but...
Yesss! It's decided then! Let's go right now!
Uh, okay...
Captain, excuse us.
Yeah, rest well.
This is hard...

Alright! Let's go eat a lot of good food!
But let's go home first.

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