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Part 10: Chapter 10: Darkness Part 1

Chapter 10: Darkness

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
I've not been looking forward to telling this part of the story, to be honest. We entered the Grand Bell Hall for this celebration, which turned out to be more of a hassle than a party.


Maid: Lady Cloche is currently welcoming her guests.
You will both be joining the welcoming committee in the afternoon, so please rest until then.

Croix had other things to deal with, so Soope and I were left alone in a waiting room.

I see, so this is what an amazing room looks like!
Oh, sorry. I guess you wouldn't understand.
I never really lived in a house, so yeah...
Wow, I'm so envious of Lady Cloche right now.
Like today, so many people are coming to celebrate her birthday...
Hmm, I see. Oh, but today is your birthday, too, right?
Yup. But no one's celebrated it with me in years.
Happy Birthday!
Did I mess it up?
Thank you Soope, for trying to be nice.
But I'm fine. Lady Cloche is Lady Cloche, and I'm me.

Huh? What?
You stand out way too much! How many soldiers talked to you on the way here?
Umm, 1, 2, 3, 4...
...18 maybe?
It was 19! Everyone goes, "What is that weird animal?"
We need to think of a way to hide you!
I see. How should I hide?
Hmm, let's see... How about...
The floor!
I'll get stepped on...
Oh, right... Then...
The ceiling!

...You're so picky. Then what about...
A stuffed animal!
You can do better than that...
Ooh! I've got a really good idea!
My boobs!
Urff grhh! Urrr!

Pwah! I can't breathe! This is bad!
I like it!
You're so selfish... Then, how about this?
A bag!

Hmm, it's kind of boring, but it's easy and natural, so I guess it'll work.
Alright, so whenever I say, "Bag!" you do this, okay!?
Huh? Who could that be?
Come in.

Lady Cloche came to talk to me. I think she was trying to get away from all the people who were swarming the building.

Huh! Lady Cloche!?
Do you mind if I hide in here for a while?
Sure, come on in. What's going on?
I'm just tired. It's so much work... welcoming all these guests.
What!? But so many people came here to celebrate your birthday with you. I'm kind of jealous!
It's all lip service. No one really cares that it's my birthday.
I do! Happy Birthday!
Uh, um...
I really do care. Congratulations!
I swear!
Hehehe, okay. I believe you.
Thank you.

I was surprised to discover she remembered that it was my birthday.

Oh, yes it is!
I see... Then please take this. I'm sorry it's so small.
What!? For me!? A birthday present!? No way!
You've had to put up with me for so long. This is my way of saying thanks!
At least that's why I bought it, but giving it to you on your birthday is an added bonus!
Hehehe! Thank you very much! Can I open it now?
Go ahead.
It's so pretty... And it's moon-shaped!
Yes. It's the Cello Moon, symbol of fertility and benevolence. And...
Oh... and it's carved in the position of Cello's 3rd light... like tonight!
Oh... what a coincidence.
Anyway, it's your reward for everything you've done. We're all squared now, right?
Yes! Thank you very much!

Oh! You think so, too?
When I used him as a pillow the other day, he was so soft and fluffy. I kind of want one now.
I-I can't give him to you!
Hehehe, that's not what I meant.
But when he was my pillow, it felt like he took me to a strange new world.
I was standing at a strange gate... with a bell.
Oh, I saw that, too! Do you think Soope is showing us a dream?
What? I didn't do anything.
Ooh, I need to get going soon.

Yes! If there's going to be a lot of people, I'm gonna be so nervous.
Heh. You get used to it. Ask someone to give you a nice dress.
A beautiful dress that'll make you feel like a princess. I'll tell the maid.
Hehehe, thank you!
See you then.
Well, I should get going soon, too...
Huh? Oh, that might be the dress.

It wasn't the dress, though. My life was about to get much more complicated.

I'm back!
It's been a while, Lady Luca. I'm glad to see you're safe.


Me? Why, I'm as calm as a polecat in a calm machine.
...What's gotten into you? Get ahold of yourself.
I'm okay!
Listen, the audience is a bunch of Kukru Cakes. There's nothing to fear!
Understood. The audience is Kurly Cakes.
Great. Now just stand there and don't talk. Trust me.
But Luca's late.
Now that you mention it... She's probably just putting on make-up.

Needless to say I wasn't expecting to see the Sacred Army in Grand Bell Hall.

This is the guy I was telling you about.
I used to work at the I.P.D. Labs. Perhaps I can be of assistance.
What!? You mean...
But I will require your help with something in return. What do you say?
...What kind of help?
Nothing too difficult. Just...
I just need you to come out on stage when I give you the cue.
...The stage?
Yes. That's all.
So... do we have a deal?

It all seemed so clear then. How could it hurt?


In the midst of internal chaos, residency issues, and rumors about the end of the world, today is...

I-I know...
What's keeping Luca and Amarie?
Well, Luca has to be here at least...

Don't ask me!
It's been a while, Captain Leglius. Croix.
...No need to worry. Luca and Amarie will both be joining us shortly.
What are you up to?

Only those in the fascist government need be tested by the Goddess!
People, open your eyes! For 700 years, we've lived alongside the Goddess.
She gave us this land. Jaza the Wise also gave Her his heart.
And in due time, She will grant us more land.
The government would have you believe that their holy war is just and true...
As is their Maiden of Disaster!
How dare you!?
Don't be fooled by their talk of future delusions.
Who are you!? Show yourself!
People! I present to you the true Goddess Maiden!

Things were already getting out of control, but it was too late to back down now.

...Luca? What's the meaning of this!? Is this a joke!?
She is the legitimate 33rd Goddess Maiden, Cloche Leythal Pastalia.
I see how it is... Well played.
However... Cloche is pretty popular among the people, in case you couldn't tell.
Let's see you overturn that kind of support.
Hey, you... Answer me!
Now Luca, I mean Cloche, sing that tune...
And show these citizens the proof of your heritage.

I started singing Solfage again, and things got kind of misty. I'm not entirely clear what happened for a while after I started.

The reason the government cancelled this festival is not only because of their war against the Goddess...
Their Goddess Maiden can't convince the Goddess to descend.
...It's no wonder they've led this world down the path to destruction.
She's the same as the girl who was sealed away 400 years ago!
A sealed... maiden?
The Maiden of Disaster...
You do not fear the Goddess...
You do not even fear the end of the world, Maiden of Aqua...
There you are...

Whatever was happening, Alfman decided he'd seen quite enough.

You know what you're doing is full-scale treason.
Hmph. Treason against your corrupt government is my civic duty.
Our justice will prevail!
Corrupt government? I prefer the term, radically revolutionary!
Hey, wait... What were you thinking!?
I wasn't...
I just... did what I was told.
Do you really think that excuse will work!?
But, I don't even know what's going on!!!
Are you two alright!? This place isn't safe!
Let's get outta here!

As the fighting on the stage intensified Croix broke through to us and managed to sneak us out. We encountered some Grand Bell reinforcements as we attempted to find a way out.

Knight: We're here to guard you!
That's great! I leave Lady Cloche to you.
W-wait a minute! You guys!
Knight: We don't have much time! We must get you to safety!
Please hurry!
I'm perfectly fine! What's more important is clearing up the confusion!
Knight: No, but... we...
Don't "but" me! I said I'm fine! Didn't you hear me!?
Are you going to disobey my orders!?
Knight: N-no ma'am! I'm sorry!
Please excuse us!

We reached the lifts, which Chester had told me we could use to get to the I.P.D. Lab.

Let's go to the I.P.D. Labs! Amarie knows where it is!
Why are you bringing this up now?
Now's our chance! With all this confusion, I'm sure I can rescue Leyka!
We can rescue Cocona, too!
Come on! It's really close to that elevator!
Wait a minute!

Are you okay?
Now... explain to me... What is the meaning of this!?
It's my only chance...
For what?
If I did what they said, they'd tell me where the lab is...
What!? Who said they knew where the lab was...
Amarie!? Why would you say such a thing?
Well you see, I'm a member of a Grand Bell opposition force.

Needless to say Croix wasn't happy to hear she was a spy for the Sacred Army.

Don't yell at me. I'm not doing anything.
Besides, what's wrong with you? Yesterday, it was Luca, and today it's Lady Cloche?
I'm doing my duty!
We're here... Let's go!

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