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Part 100: Cloche One

Shop Talk: Cloche One

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
>> Context Search: Sasha

It's hard to explain how Sasha ended up as one of my best friends.

DIY! Knitting:

I'm happy you enjoy it.
I like knitting too.
But it's my first time, so I might not be able to make anything that great.
Everyone starts simple. The first thing I made was a scarf too.
I see. I guess all I have to do for a scarf is to make it long.
As long as you don't put in any designs. Want to do it that way?
Sure. It's just reckless to start high level.

Th-that's amazing...
It is! Wow, Sister Clo. Are you sure this was your first time knitting?
Yes, it was... Did I go a little too overboard?
No no! I'm amazed you made something this big from the very start!
I got really into it once I started.
Oh... It must be fun when you actually do it.
Do you want to try it too, Brother Cro?
N-nah... I'll pass on it.
Oh, and the name. What do you want to call it?
It'll be Handknit Poncho.
It's simple and straight-forward, since it's my first attempt.

Recipe- Bathing Fun:

Oh, that's nice. What is it like this time?
It's useable in the bathtub.
What do you think of when you think, bath?
Let's see... Bath salts?
Arr, no.
When you think bath, it has to be toys!
And so, this is a recipe for toys you can play with in the bath.
You play with toys in the bath tub?
Yes, of course!
Everyone from kids to adults turn back to a kid when they take a bath.
Do you play, Brother Cro?
I don't play, but I do have a rubber duckie.
O-oh I see... There's toys that you play with in the bath tub...
That sounds fun. Maybe I'll play with one tonight.
Then please, try making this.
But be careful not to stay too long in the bath.

I still say they should be more clear in these recipes as to what the final outcome is supposed to be.

Bathing Fun:

What!? A bath toy has got to be "that"!
Yeah. When I think bath it has to be "that".
I've never taken a toy with me into a bathtub.
...I-is that really, true?
A bath isn't a play to go play around, is it?
Well actually, there's just one exception.
Well I'll find out soon enough then.
I just have to follow the recipe, right?

...I don't remember making a recipe for a bomb.
If I remember correctly, the recipe was for a toy to play in the bath with.
W-well it's too bad!
I've never played with one, nor have I seen it!
But I followed the recipe so it should be kind of close to it, isn't it?
See, it's a bomb, but it's a robot.
Dynamic Bomb, start up! See, you can play with it.
B-but playing with explosives isn't so...
It's not like a bomb toy that splashes water or something?
This is enough explosive to easily shatter the tub.
Playing with a bomb is a suicidal act.
Then you could've told me what I was supposed to be making from the start!

On Customer Service:

Oh, Sister Clo! I'm sorry I didn't realize you were here.
Don't worry. Rather, you look busy. Do you want any help?
Oh no, I can't let a customer do that!
It's a shopkeep's job to work hard for a customer's great shopping experience.
Shopkeep? Now that you mention, you're always alone here.
Do you actually take care of this shop alone?
Oh, um...
...It used to be two of us, but right now, it's only me.
Isn't it hard, all alone?
Not really.
I'm the best at taking care of this shop!
And when I see the happy faces of customers, it doesn't feel hard at all.
Oh... Well do your best.
Of course. I'm always doing my bestest best!

On Names:

Sasha, are you okay?
S-Sister Clo? H-hello.
H-hold on for just a minute please. I need to put this on the shelf...
Here, hand it over. It's pretty heavy.
...Alright, is that okay?
Oh, yes! Thank you so much, Brother Cro!
Hmm, Sister Clo and Brother Cro are kind of confusing.
Croix, go change you name, now.
You can't just ask an impossible request like that.
But, I like Brother Cro's name.
Oh, of course it's not just his name and I like him too.
Thanks, Sasha.
Oh, lucky you, Croix.
But Sasha, if you're gonna like someone, you should pick a more reliable guy.
You're slightly mean to me today.

I might want to marry someone like Brother Cro.
Yeah? That's an honor.
You almost died, one shotted when you Dived into me.
Huh? Brother Cro, you're weaker than Sister Clo?
Uh, well that's...
Oh? You did, right?
...Well, yes you got me.
Sasha, you need to pick who you want to marry more carefully, okay?
...Well, fine.

On Recipe- Witchcraft Manual

What's going on? Did you make a new recipe again?
You're very right! I made a new one.
I heard that horror story stuff is popular, so I got some ideas from that.
But I didn't know much about it, so it was kinda hard.
I'm sure a lot of people like that kind of stuff, so it should sell well.
But I don't really like horror stuff.
I won't be able to go to the bathroom at night...
But I endure it for the shop.
You're a good girl.
So, can I take a look at what you put so much effort into making?
Yes. Um... Here it is.
A Witchcraft Manual, huh. It does sound like it'd be a good hit.
But what we do is normal synthesis, right?
It's made so that you can add your own grudge to change the final product.
I thought that might make it more fun after you made it.
...Isn't that close to real witchcraft?

On the book- Pira Theory:

Anomalous datastream associated with file. Load? >> y

I don't know what I despair at more. The thought that my brilliance could potentially be lost to the ages, or that what remains of it could fall into the hands of the unworthy. I mean how could a child possibly understand the meaning of my greatest triumph?

Sister Clo! Welcome!
...Huh? That's a difficult looking book you have.
Oh, this? It's a book called the Pira Theory.
Though, I'm not sure if its' difficult since we can't read the words.
Can I take a look? I want to see what kind of words are on it.
Sure. See, this.
Wow... It's full of letters I've never seen before.
So it's hard to tell whether it's important since we can't read it.
Hmm~... Oh, this is the first book.
Hm, what do you mean?
See this page? I think this letter represents the number for 1.
...Now that you mention it, it does look like it.
But, that's still the same as not being able to read it.
It looks interesting. When you're done, can I borrow it too?
I'll give it to you. It's pointless for us to keep it.
It's really heavy, so at least it might be useful as a paperweight.
It's supposed to be valuable as a rare item. But a paperweight...?

A PAPERWEIGHT? The comprehensive description of the greatest work of an entire Age and she thinks it's only good as a paperweight? Okay, that answers my question. THAT is the worst possible thing that could happen.

Data stream ends.

>> Context Search: Pharmacy

I think I caught Spica taking pictures of us all one night. I was afraid to ask why.

Basic Powder:

You're right. It kind of smells like soap.
I actually wanted it to smell like roses, but...
This way, you enjoy the smell so it's drinkable even if you hate medicine.
But I don't think anyone would drink a soapy smell.

Hm, you seem unsatisfied.
I was making medicine. Why did it turn into bath powder?
Oh? Who was it that added the smell of soap?
Either way, you should be thankful that it turned out to be a useable item.
...Well, that's true.
So, can I name it Soapy Bath Powder?
Declined. That boring name doesn't even bit.
With its appearance in mind... What about the name, Herbal Jewel?
It's a modest name, so it sounds attractive as a produce, don't you think?
...Why does it sound like a laundry detergent to me?
No comment about the modesty and attractive part of it?

Black Pill:

Doesn't it? I mixed in a few herbs.
The ingredients themselves smell so bad. I wouldn't be able to drink that.
I see. This way, it'd be easier to drink.
And it's not just adults, but children have to take medicine, too.
You're right. Ahh, it really smells good.
...Yes, the smell at least, is very good.

Oh wow, just the smell makes me feel relaxed...
It's an aroma that makes you feel nice inside.
It's an herb tea imaged off the Cello moon.
This way, adults and children alike can drink it without hesitation.
So, let's see... I think I'll name it the Cellerian Herb.
I see you took the Cello moon image into the name too.
...So, Croix. Why don't you try taking a sip.
Sure, thanks...
It stings! It's bitter! My eyes, my eyes!
...O-oh? I just realized. This tea is purple!
I see the taste is still the same bitter medicine.

Basic Compound:

Isn't Algol that stuff that vaporized quickly?
That's right. You have to be careful, or else it'll all evaporate.
This sounds like a serious synthesis.
Have you ever used Algol before?
No, but I'll be fine. You can just watch me from the side.

It's done, I guess.
Oh... What kind of effect does it have?
I'm not sure. But I know it's not good for you...
Well let me take a look. Hmm, what effect will I find...
...Oh, this is kinda dangerous.
Is it poison?
Well first of all, it's now more vaporable than Algol.
And this liquid contains mass amounts of virus that will cause a fever.
So it's an item we use to throw at the enemy.
The moment it hits, the container will break and the liquid will spill.
And in an instant, it'll evaporate and enter the enemy's body.
And once they're weakened with the disease, you can beat them down quick.
I see... Then, since it's a liquid that can vaporize faster than Algol...
I'll name it Super Gas Algol.
Should it not be named so we know it's poisonous?

>>Context Search: Weapons

I understand that Cynthia's the best weaponsmith in Pastalia.

On the CynCro Brand:

Coo Coo! I did it! It's finally done!
Whoa hey, what's going on? Calm down and explain.
Based on the love between us, I made a recipe!
...A recipe of love? Is that even a weapon?
Why would a weaponsmith like me make a bathtub.
If it's just a normal weapon, why is it a recipe of love then?
I was polishing a sword and thinking of you, then the recipe popped up.
...Why were you thinking of me then?
So therefore, I thought of a name that's perfect as a recipe of love.
...Wait. I kinda know where this is going. Can you change it please?
No more comments! I hereby present to you, love recipe, CynCro Brand!
...I kinda knew you might do it eventually.
CrynCro... So nice.
I like how it's our name, but it sounds like the word "synchronized"!
It's almost like naming your own kid, ahhh!
...Don't make your kid a weapon.
It's a kid?
No, it's not.

The crystal of love, Love Weapon! Ooh, I so want to make it now!
...It better not look terribly embarrassing.

CynCro Brand I:

What's with the song?
This weapon won't show its real power unless you pack it with lots of love.
Oh really? Then should I sing it too?
Ooh? You're going to sing too, Lady Cloche?
Of course, I won't sing.
You're no fun miss maiden.
Oh, you need to sharpen the end a little more or it'll turn into a stick.
...That aside, the color is turning rather weird, no?
Don't worry.
You can't complain during the synthesis process.
It'll turn out amazing when it's done.
I see. Well I guess you are still in the middle of making it.

Yay, it's done!
CynCro Brand's first item ever!
...You lied, Cynthia.
Uh, lied what?
About the color. What's with this showy parasol...
...No, a spear!?
The appearance is like a parasol to make it cute.
Can you like... Think about how I have to use this?
I am thinking.
It's so much stronger than those weapons being sold out there!
I was talking about the appearance, but I see you didn't have that in mind.
Anyway Coo, this is our first love-weapon.
Let's make the name sound like it too.
I'll ask just in case, but how?
Are you blushing because you're facing our weapon of a love-child...?
In that case, I guess I would be the midwife?
Crap, I completely forgot about Lady Cloche.

Aww, I wanted to be the one to name our child...
My head's starting to hurt...

High Power Weapon:

What's important in weapon making is creating it so that it looks right.
Just by making it look right, the sort of effect naturally comes out.
So I just need to make it seem high-powered.
High power. I guess that's like mechanical?
Oh, I kind of get what it should be like now.
Just from the design of a weapon, a user will believe that it is true.
And if the user believes, then even if it has no power, it naturally turns out that way.
That's impossible.
I've experimented with the Knights many times. It's a proven fact.
The power to believe is the power that makes a weapon stronger.
Lady Cloche, should I pretend like I didn't hear?
No one's complained yet, so don't worry about it.

I made it so it feels high powered.
Yup yup! Truly looking high powered!
...Does it?
There's a navi so that it can come back to the user no matter where it flies.
Boomerang Saga is its name.
Ooh, saga, legend... You're right. The name fits so well!
...I feel like the navi part will break easily.

CynCro Brand II:

CynCro Brand items need both our love to create, you know.
...Do you understand what Cynthia's saying?
How would I understand.
I mean, why do I have to get involved in creating these CynCro Brands?
A third set of eyes is important. You know, there's the matchmaker, the midwife...
Can you stop saying things like that because it causes misunderstandings.
Then we'll just make it not a misunderstanding.
...Lady Cloche, will you help me?
I should be the one asking for help, having to suffer listening to you two.

Yay, it's done!
...It's cool, and normal.
It is. Even the color is normal.
Now you're sounding mean!
Of course there's nothing weird with CynCro Brand.
This is a strong weapon that can destroy even a lump of iron easily!
I-it's that powerful!?
If it was made according to the recipe. Well, it looks normal, it's fine.
A real, great success.
A lance that can even destroy iron...
I'll name it, Iron Crusher.
Ooh, straight, dead-on name! I like it!
I'm glad I helped in making it a perfection.
Hehe. I won't let anyone make a shoddy weapon in my shop anyway.
As I say, I do trust you. Only for weapons.
Yup yup, that's right.
No comment on the "only for weapons"?