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Part 101: Jacqli and Spica One

Jacqli Shop Talks: Part One

Jacqli and Spica

Oh welcome, Croix!
You came to see me again? I'm so happy.
Uh, no, it's not that...
Aww, how slightly sad. But in this situation, even if it's a lie, you shouldn't deny it.
Don't play with me.
...Hey, you.
Well, if you came, that means you have business here right?
So what would you like to do today?
Um, well, it's not that.

*sigh * Looks like you're with some chattery girl there.
Who are you?
Who- Don't act dumb! It's me!
Who could this "me" be...?
Ah, oh. It's you, Mi-
...Jacqli. It's been a while. I didn't know who you were for a second.
...I know you knew from the beginning.
It's true. I'm not used to seeing you with clothes on.
S-stupid! Don't say that, it sounds so wrong!
Oh, so I'm stupid. How sad.

Stop it, I'm sorry! Spica... M-miss, Spica...
...Hmhmhm. I don't want you "Miss"-ing me.
You girls know each other?
Oh, you didn't know?
Well now that I think about it, it's been years since I first met you.
...Yes it has.
It all began in Firefly Alley. I found you walking around naked and...
I said! Stop talking about that!
...I'm curious, but I'm scared to ask.

On Kitty Candy

Oh, oops... That was an old habit of mine.
Kitty Candy?
It's hard breaking a habit after doing it for so many years.
Then you should have just continued being a Kitty Candy shop.
Why did you open a Pharmacy anyway?
Because it doesn't give much profit.
...The world isn't that easy where you can live off selling candy.
...No dream, no hope.
Oh, it's not? I heard it was a rip-off business and gave quite some profit...
I was selling smiles along with candy, so it wasn't a rip-off.
That's a rip-off.
My, my. I guess it can't be helped...
Then, it seems I should specially teach you.
How much worth my smiles have.
W-wait a minute! Don't do anything stupid here!

...Fine, whatever!
Whoa!? What was that for...

On Diving

Uh, well...
Yes he did. Because it was necessary.
Oh, I see.
I thought the only person who'd be okay Diving into you would be Lyner.
I'd refuse that.
If I let that guy Dive, he'd probably mess up everything inside of me.
Is this Lyner a bad guy?
For sure he is.
Even when he Dived into Shurelia, I made enemies appear to make it fun.
I just wanted for them to have more fun.
But he goes and says he didn't like the ending to my story.
And at the end, he kicked me out of that world. He seriously sucked!
In other words, this is when Lyner Dived into a girl named Shurelia.
This girl decided to butt in to their world and disturb them.
But he found out, and kicked her out of the Binary Field. That's why you're mad, right?
Well, at least you understand.

Geez... They really are good for nothing people.
...He must have had it tough, this Lyner guy.

More Diving

...I heard you did some more Diving with Croix.
Has he gone pretty far into you now?
I'm just letting him in because it's necessary.
You should feel honored to be allowed to Dive into me.
Being a Diver is pretty hard too, you know.
...Because it's necessary, huh.
I know it's needed, but... Is that really the only reason?
What do you mean?
Let me guess. I think you actually like Croix a good amount.
Don't be stupid! That's just impossibly dumb!
Oh my, you never can be honest, can you.
It's the truth, geez...
Then, there's no problem if I become closer with Croix, right?

Fine. I'll stop with the pretty serious joking.
It seems Jacqli needs medicine to make her more honest.
...You realy do sell everything here huh.
I-I don't want any medicine like that!
Don't you want to try just a little bit?
Just one sip. Just to see what it feels like.
...Fine, just one sip.
But seriously, how do you make medicine like this?
"Medicine to be more honest" is just the product name.
Actually, it's just truth serum.
I don't want that!
Oh, but you said you'd drink just one sip.
Why would I drink it knowing it's truth serum!?
Stop selling such stupid things and do business right!

Hmm~, let's see... Ooh, maybe a book store would be nice.
Thanks to someone, I have lots of good stories to tell.
Hehe... Is that okay?
...I-I guess pharmacies that sell truth serum are needed too.

On Age

Would you like a new product that refreshes your body and mind?
Looks like you're still selling your dangerous medicines.
How do you make business like this?
Oh, well my Kitty Candy flavor medicine is quite popular for being liked by kids.
Oh do you? I see you sell some useful things.
Of course.
It's famous for curing colds to broken bones in one night.
Wow... I'm actually quite surprised.
Uh, that's just strange no matter how you think of it.
Even if it's strange or anything, don't you think it's better than not being effective at all?
Have any medicine that would raise script writing skills?
Too bad, that sold out just a minute ago.
I beg you, can't you please run a normal pharmacy?
Then, maybe I'll have you help me make some normal medicines.

Oh geez, do something about your thing for younger guys!
I mean, with your age, Croix is kinda, wrong.
...Jacqli. You shouldn't bring up conversation about age with girls.
I'm so shocked I think I'll spread that to the whole world...
Alright! I'm sorry!
Don't ever talk about age again, okay?
...Well, you are older than me after all.
Ow! What are you doing!? Geez...

Recipe: D-Wave Compound

I have a new recipe for you today, Croix.
Why did you correct yourself?
I thought that would sound better, image-wise. Was it not good?
I do thank you.
Any other emotions?
No one cares here. Can you hurry up and explain it?
Gee, so impatient.
I decided to take on a different intention in this recipe.
It's quite dangerous, and simply put, it's a recipe you'll be sure to end up with danger marks.
...Why do you say this with such a happy face?
Because it's been so long since I've been able to do this kind of risky thing.
Selling normal medicine can get pretty boring, business wise.
You were a candy seller before this.
I was also a buyer.

You came to a new land. Of course it won't work out that easily.
...Well, I guess it's no use complaining now. Here, this is the recipe.
Dangerous medicine, huh... What kind of effect could it have?
It's planned to become an explosive, so don't use it on yourself.
I see, it sure is dangerous then.
...Don't just agree. Why is a pharmacist making such dangerous recipes?
Because I'm a pharmacist, you see? Chemicals equal medicine, explosive, powder, etc. Get it?
...I can't think of anything to say.

A Bad Mood

Hm, what's wrong?
That should be my line. What's wrong with you?
...About what?
It looked like you were in a bad mood. Was it just my imagination?
I was trying to act normal so that no one could tell. I'm surprised you could.
I've known you for a long time. Of course I know.
...I see.
Now that you say it, it's been quite a long time since we first met.
So, what happened?
It's nothing serious. I just had a really bad customer come in earlier.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel bad.
How were you able to tell? I didn't notice at all.
Oh, but I've known you for a while now too, Croix. That makes me sad.

Girls are complicated. You feel like that sometimes too, don't you?
Anyway Croix, I need for you to get to know me better, so...
No, it's enough.
Oh come on, don't be embarrassed. That's really cute of you too though.
...This is frustrating.
S-so, what is with you every time...

Recipe: Organic Chemical

You mean, a difficult synthesis?
That doesn't sound bad.
Moving your body's good and all, but we got to use out heads sometimes too.
...Are you talking to me?
Oh, so you're aware?
Well, it's a recipe that uses simple chemistry.
...Organic chemistry.
This is really starting to sound like a school class now.
Oh, that sounds fun. Then I'll take on the role of class president when we're doing the synthesis.
...Think about your age.
Then, how about an older lover for you, Croix...
Are you seriously thinking of role playing while we synthesize!?
Of course it's a joke.
It sounded pretty serious.

Diving 3

...So it seems you still let Croix Dive into you these days, hmm?
I keep telling you, it's because it's necessary.
Necessary, huh... Were you that weak?
Even without Dives, you tried to destroy the world originally.
...You were trying to do something terrible, huh.
It's the past.
So, is there really a necessity to Dive now?
Well I do get new magic. It's not like I'm omnipotent in every way.
Oh, how rare of you to mention that.
Even if it is necessary, is there really a need to Dive so many times?
O-of course there is. Why else would I let him...
It's not because you like Croix?
N-no! I don't have any interest in this weak guy!
Well, I can't really argue if you're the one saying this but...
What!? Can't you a least say something back!?
There there.

How about you try drinking this medicine that will weaken your ego a bit?
W-why do you have that kind of medicine? ...But no, I don't need it.
Oh, are you sure?
Girls are more popular if they're a little on the weak side. At least a sip?
W-well, fine, one sip.
That's a girl, Jacqli! Go on, chug it!
...But, does this really have that effect?
I guarantee its effect.
After all, it's poison that works quite enough with one sip.
That's a different kind of weak!
Oh, but it's only poison. It shouldn't have that great of an effect on you.
That doesn't mean you should make me drink it!
You seriously sell such useless things here...
Useless... Then I guess I can't help it.

It's fine now!
Poison is needed too. Especially when fighting the enemy, it's useful!
Why are you desperate?
Don't worry about it!
Don't worry about it.


Is it? I don't think it's that bad.
Me not making much profit is good proof of it.
Can you hurry up and do something about this yet?
You say it like it's gonna be so easy.
Well, I mean, if we could have done it by force, it would be done already.
Can't you just beat up some bad looking dude and everything will be solved?
That's way too broad.
But, I see how that would be so much easier.
*sigh *... I guess I'll just have to wait it out longer.
I see you two to be more unsettling...

I Want A Bucket's Worth

I'm so glad, I was waiting for you.
So, what's wrong? Did you use your own medicine and now you're suffering from the side effects?
Even if it's a joke, that's just dangerous.
Not that... You know.
I need to hear those words...
...Oh, that.
I just want to eat a bucket's worth.
Huh, of what?
*sigh *
Thanks. I feel better now. Not being able to hear those words makes me feel so uncomfortable.
What are you talking about?

Mementos of Home

Did you get a shipment of new products or something?
I found something really nostalgic. See, look at this.
...What is this?
Oh, you don't know?
They're cards that I got from the Card Shop in Firefly Alley as a parting gift.
Oh, those.
But didn't you toss them out before we left because they took up too much space?
You tossed away a parting gift?
We knew it was just going to get in the way.
So, why is this here?
I guess one pack got mixed in. Do you want it?
It's useless. I don't want it.
...Hm? Who was this guy on this card anyway?
It's Bishop Radolf. From the church.
The guy who poked things with the spear.
...Oh, him.

Fight!? You fought with a Bishop!?
Oh look, I got Bishop Falss, too. He's the guy who was Bishop before Radolf.
He's the one who gave me human sacrifices, right?
Well, he was bet up pretty easily by Lyner.
...Your world has pretty messed up Bishops, huh?