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Part 102: Jacqli and Spica Two

Jacqli Shop Talks: Part Two

Recipe: Legendary Elixir

Be amazed. This is said to be a legendary form of these medicines.
...It has a hint of shady written all over it.
When you hear just the name, yes it does.
But I guarantee its effect. So don't worry.
I see... But, are you sure we can just take this amazing recipe?
Well you do come by pretty often. I need to give some extra service to a loyal customer.
Do you think it might be too much service?
Just be grateful and take it.
If it's legendary, I can have high expectations for its effects, right?
It's up to whoever makes it, but I'm sure you can expect quite a bit.

Coming Everyday?

I don't mind if you come everyday, you know.
There's no way. You know that.
You think this guy's good enough to commute here everyday?
...That sounds mean.
It's only the truth. Or what, you're planning to come here everyday?
Everyday is impossible.

More Diving

It just seems like you two've gotten so close all of a sudden.
We're not close.
And it's not like I choose to let him Dive, either.
Hehe, still the same you.
Yes... But...
It's true, he's doing a good job with the Dives and creating my Songs.
And nothing's forced or anything either.
He's still a baby, but he's a good boy.
...Thanks for treating me like a kid.

Oh, is that so... I see~
But yeah, I understand how he is a good boy.
Come on, stop teasing me.
Anyway, let's get going.
Well then Spica, see you again.
Wha-, h-hey, don't pull on me.
Come any time~.

...You didn't realize?
Spica seemed really upset.
Huh...? It sure didn't look like it to me.

On The Past

Hm, that's rare. Why aren't you trying to make conversation with us?
Oh, hello.
I was just thinking about the past, and then I couldn't say anything...
...I'm surprised. That kind of thing happens to you too?
Well of course I look back on things. I'm a girl too.
You're not the age to call yourself a girl.
Oh, I didn't think you'd be the one to tell me that.
Well now that you mention it, I guess you're right.
But someone who wants to be the Queen of the Underworld, reminiscing about her past...
...Are you like, lonely?
That's impossible.
Rather, I never imagined for you to say that to me.
I-I said, it's not like I meant it in that sense when I wrote that!
...Can you please not talk about these things only you two know about?

Recipe: Neural Medicant

...We were waiting?
Why are you asking me?
Is it another scary drug?
This one is a recipe for medicine with poison cleansing effects.
So it's not like it's that fun or anything.
But that's pretty useful, so it'd be convenient to have.
Oh, well thank you for the compliment.
...You're hiding something aren't you?
Hide? Me?
Explaining what kind of medicine it'll be, first? That's just suspicious.
No it's not. Trust me, Jacqli.
Fine, I'll believe that it can cleanse poison.
So, what kind of side effects does it have?

But, there is something, right?
...It's a little difficult for me to say, but this one's a tad dangerous.
It's poison cleansing, but dangerous?
When you're making it, if you mess up the synthesis even the slightest bit...
Whoa, hey, why did you go quiet all of a sudden!?
...Even I can't tell you this.
That your nerves will go weird and you'll lose all five senses in your body.
Well that's clearly said.
I think I'll pass on a dangerous recipe like that.
I'll be there by your side when you do your syntheses so don't worry about it.
Don't take it!
You're so stupid. Just don't mess up, there's no need to be scared.
You say it so easily...

No Time To Waste?

Alright, let's go.
Well then, Spica. See you later.
What's wrong?
No, nothing...
Go on, you don't have any time to waste, right?
...Okay. Well, we'll come again.

So Strange

What are you talking about now?
Because, you wearing clothes is just, you know...
...That again?
You were the one who was constantly bothering me about wearing clothes.
That's why I'm wearing it, for your sake.
Shouldn't you wear clothes for the sake of wearing clothes?
Well, I still do feel like I'm kind of suffocating.
Why don't you take it off sometimes?
...Yeah, I guess.
Well, I'll do it after I go back over there.
There are places where you walk around naked?
She's not supposed to, but at least she doesn't do it in public.
I'll stay like this for a while though.
And you did make this for me, after all.
Oh, that's nice to hear. Then next time, I'll make it more on the verge of...
I refuse.

Recipe: Natural Remedy

...Another dangerous concoction?
No way. This one's a recipe for a remedy.
Why a sudden appearance of a normal recipe!?
It's terrifying... I bet you're up to something!
...You two are being really mean.
Maybe it'll end up making you feel all natural. With all that hair and...
I see how you think of me now.
Here, if you're really worried, then find out for yourself.
...It doesn't look weird.
It's a normal recipe, not even that interesting. I can't believe it...
It's normal but it'll become something amazing if you synthesize it.
I'm sure that won't change no matter who makes it.
You should've given something like this to us from the beginning...


Did you check to see you have everything you need?
I'm not a kid. Of course I know what I'm doing.
Well then, later.
Oh, okay.
Hm, what?
Oh, no, it's nothing... See you.

You two usually end up talking a lot, but... Is something wrong?
...Didn't Spica seem a little weird to you today?
Um... She had her usual smile on, I think?

Recipe: H-Wave Compound

I was thinking of a new recipe yesterday night before I went to sleep.
Oh, you're diligent.
But I lost to the drowsiness, you see.
It happens a lot when you're thinking.
And then, when I woke up, I had a recipe done.
I don't quite get it, but it looks like it can be synthesized.
Here, I'll give it to you.
...You sound like you just want to get rid of it.
Well there's no use in me having it.
It's not like I'll synthesize on my own.
You don't think it's a problem to force this unknown recipe onto us?
Maybe you'll make something useful.
...Why don't you check it yourself?
Even if it's explosive, I think you guys would be able to handle it.
...Well, true. I won't die from just an expression.
Do you know what it means to take care of yourself.

Bad Mood?

Yeah, well, see you...
What's with the attitude? I mean, I get it, you're in a bad mood right?
That again? Nothing's wrong with me...
It shows, a lot, in your attitude.
This is so unlike you... Nothing's wrong? That's just a blatant lie.
...Those are harsh words. I said, there's nothing.
I'm tired of hearing it. Just be honest and say it.
...Really, it's nothing. You're thinking too far.
Is that so?
I could see you've been acting strange lately.
I said, it's...
...Arh, geez. Why do you keep pestering me...?
Wh-what are you angry about?
...Do you see now?

This isn't like you.
But that just means you're sick, or something really bad happened. Am I right?
...You're really annoying me right now.
Well, fine. Then I'll be honest and tell you.
Jacqli, say goodbye to Croix right now, and come back to me.
Wha-hey hey. What kind of joke is that?
Y-yeah! That's going a little too far, don't you think?
Oh, you can refuse me?
You do know what I have against you, right?
I don't know what that is, but does she have some dirt on you or something?
Everyone has their own weaknesses.
It's probably nothing in your eyes, not even mine.
But some people care. Right, Jacqli?

...Do you need a reason?
You can't go against me. You know that, right?
...Alright, fine.
Then you also know what I'm going to answer, I assume?
I refuse.
There are things I still need to do.
...I'm slightly surprised. Or was I hearing things wrong?
I'll say it as many times as you want.
I refuse. You're a completely different person right now.
You won't tell me why I need to be with you.
You won't tell me what happened.
How am I supposed to stay with someone like that?
You can at least tell me your reason.
...Or is it something you can't tell me?
...It's not necessary.

...Who will you pick, me or Croix?
Of course, if you pick the latter... You know, right?
I don't plan to change my answer. I can't come back to you yet.
...Is that so.
I see you refuse to partner up with me.
There's something I have to do right now.
You understand that too, don't you?
But once I finish that, I won't have anything to do.
So when I'm done, I'll join up with you.
...I won't make you lonely by being all alone.
Me... lonely, you say?
Don't mock me! Don't treat me the same as you!
I'm not like you!

Huh? Wh-what? What are you talking about?
...Spica, you!
Fine, who cares! I don't care about you at all!
H-hey Jacqli! What's wrong!?
...What's going on? Spica, what in the world were you talking about?
...What the hell.

What happened? Why did you say that-
...Shut up.
What do you mean, shut up...
Be quiet for a bit, just shut up!

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