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Part 103: Jacqli and Spica Three

Shop Talks: Jacqli and Spica Again

Shut up!
...I-I know you're not in the best mood, but um... We can't just leave this.
I guess Spica was the one at fault, but things won't change by sitting here.
It's not like I understand fully what's going on, but it's not that she tried to make you angry on purpose.
So then, maybe you can go talk to her about why this happened or...
That's not necessary.
But I mean...
I know all that already...
...Hey, Croix. Do you know what loneliness feels like when your only friend leaves you?
...No I don't. I've never experienced that, nor do I ever want to...
You're mean...
But, I guess that's normal if I think about it...
...S-so, what are you going to do?
Well... I guess I'll pop in a visit to her later.
I have to complain for something or else I won't be satisfied either.


Oh, what are you so surprised about?
...I never thought you would come again.
Don't worry.
I know for sure I don't even want to see your face right now either.
But you came, which means, there's a reason.
...Came to settle the score with me?
Oh, well that's a good idea, Spica.
...But, I don't feel like that right now.
I see... Then, what did you come here for?
It's a good chance for me to talk to you on the same level.
...Thanks to you, blurting out my weakness in front of everyone.
...I see. So, what did you want to talk about?
But before that, there's something I need to say to you.
...I'm prepared. Say whatever you need to.
Just one word's enough...

Why are you apologizing?
I thought this is what I had to do.
Because I think... This happened because of me.
...What's that supposed to mean? Are you mocking me!?
It was me who gave you a reason to make you feel lonely, so...
...I kind of understand how you might feel.
The pain of being lonely.
I'll tell you now, but I know if you're lying.
You were lonely.
For a few hundred years, I was alone, locked up.
I know what it's like being lonely, and that's why I know you are.
...You were so lonely you gave yourself a weakness, right?
...That's right.

It's so pitiful, I can't even cry about it.
I worked so hard until now, trying to make this world mine, you know?
And yet, here I am, feeling lonely...
And for such a childish reason, I blurted out your weakness...
To toss away an important weakness to keep my human resource so easily!
...I just can't forgive myself for that.
I kind of vaguely know how you might feel.
...Was I just a human resource to you?
A necessary personnel for you to take control of the world. Was that all?
...Why don't you tell me before you ask?
...You're right.
Honestly, when I first met you...
...I thought you were so annoying.
Yes, I knew that.
...Not anymore.
...How so?
It's your turn now. What about you?
...Well, let's see.
At first, I thought...
You'd be the perfect bodyguard and errand girl at the same time.
...You're so mean.

I wonder why?
The more I got to know you, it's like...
...That thought kind of faded away.
After we left Sol Ciel, we were alone together for a long time.
We talked so much during that time...
...Yeah. It was actually quite fun.
Yes... I agree.
But, because of that, I learned that we're very alike, and so...
...So, that's why I think I let myself trust you.
When I became queen, I wanted you to stand beside me, on the same level.
...I seriously gave that thought.
......I see.
Lately, it feels like you're slowly drifting away from me.
Watching you travel with Croix, especially.
...Every time you come visit me, you guys are closer to each other...
I felt like you were showing off to me, and I felt lonely at first...
...But then, I got scared.
It looked like, the only person in this world who knew me deeply...
...The most precious person to me, was slowly leaving away from me.

And pointed straight out that I was lonely...
...You lost it and before you realized, you were ranting, huh.
I regret it... Seriously, it hurt me, a lot.
I think you need a little more training.
Hehe, maybe.
...Maybe I didn't have enough strength to leave for an outside world.
You speak strong for someone who decided to come with me yourself.
And so... I was thinking, of going back to Sol Ciel.
I'm thinking of looking for a partner who would stay with me forever.
I shouldn't have left that world without a partner to begin with.
But is there anyone who's strange enough to agree with your ambitions?
Let's see... How about Misha, or maybe Shurelia?
No way can Shurelia leave that world. She's the administrator there.
And if you told Misha, I bet you she'll stop you.
Oh yeah, you might be right about that...
And she won't have much of a weakness. I'll have to find someone else then.
But will you find anyone strange enough?
Who knows? Do you know anyone who might be weird enough to come with me?
Well... There's only one person I know.
Someone very strange, who would lend a hand for anything that you do.
Oh, really?
But I don't want anyone weak.
Don't worry there. They have enough power to fight Shurelia one on one.
Sounds reliable. So, who is this person?

I feel the same too.
I don't want to separate from you either.
...Are you serious?
I told everyone your secret you've been trying to hide for so long.
Make no mistake, I'm still very angry about that.
If it weren't you, I would have burned you with magic and left nothing.
...But, I want to stay with you.
You said you wanted to stay with me too, right?
So it works out that you blurted my secret.
Now you and I are equals. We can talk without holding anything back.
...So, I forgive you.
...You really are a strange one.
Oh? We're alike, don't you think?
Then, Jacqli.
Will you stay with me and help me rule the world?
If you request help of me as friends, and not some slave, then sure.
If so, then I'll do anything for you.
I want you to help me make my dream a reality.
...I ask this of you, as my friend.
I see...

Spica, you're my first human friend.
So I'll make sure to grant you your wish.
If anyone gets in the way, I'll beat them up, no matter who it is.
Oh, how reliable. Even if it's Shurelia?
That's the easiest.
I know way too many of her weaknesses that I can fill a book with them.
If anything happens, I'll spread that to the world.
Hm, what's wrong?
No, nothing.
...Well, it's getting late.
Do you want me to walk you?
It's okay.
I'm feeling a little embarrassed right now.
Oh, what a coincidence.
...Well then. See you again, Spica.
Yup... See you.

The Next Day

...Ignoring me?
Oh, you're here too? I was hoping for some fun time with Croix.
We have stuff to do now. There's no time for that.
When we're done, I'll tie him up and bring him here, so wait until then.
...Don't treat me like an object.
More importantly, when'd you two make up?
Uh, weren't you two in a fight?
...We were?
I don't remember any.
You made such a big fuss about it too...
Well, you know they say, the closer you are, the more you fight?
Anyway, I'll give this to you, Jacqli.

...What's with this embarrassing ribbon?
Don't be fooled by its looks. It's very useful.
...Sounds uselessly expensive too.
It's for free.
That's just suspicious. I'll give it back.
It's a friends discount, for free.
Oh, I see. Then I guess I'll take it...
...But it really is an embarrassing design.
I thought it'd be perfect for you.
If there's a boy you like, you have to get a little dressed up.
What!? Wh-why would I like any boys!?
Why would I take this...
...But you're putting it away.
Anyway, is it just my imagination that you two seem closer than before?
Thanks to being free of my weakness, we're even. That might be why.
Hehe, there's nothing I'm afraid of now.
*sigh*... How could I. That was such a bad mistake...
Regret it hard. That'll teach you a good lesson.
So in order to not forget my mistake, I made this book.
Oh? Sounds interesting. What, is the title of it, [Mistake]?
This is it. Here, you can have one too, Croix.
Uhm... What's this?

Author, Mir?
Hey, Spica!
What the hell are you trying to sell off there!?
And what's with the incredibly embarrassing title!?
Oh, but you're okay with it now, right?
...Are you planning to spread it to the world!?
"Aww, daddy. You're reading the newspaper in the bathroom again? Boo~"
...First time for me reading this kind of book.
Don't read it out loud! Just don't read it at all! Give it to me!
Hey... It was pretty interesting though...
Hehe... You don't want me to sell it, right?
Then you should come and visit my shop often.

The Saga of the Book, Part 1

What is it? You seem kind of happy today.
Well you see, I made a new recipe.
Oh, a new one? Is it CynCro Brand again?
I'd be happy if you were hoping for it, but sadly, it's actually not.
You see, there's this novel that's pretty popular on the streets right now.
I usually don't read, but a customer gave it to me so I read it.
And it was so super awesome!
Oh, that awesome huh?
It was so awesome that I made the weapon that one of the characters use.

...You seem pretty deep into it.
I'm telling you it was that good to read!
Is something wrong?
No... It's nothing.
So, what kind of weapon is it?
A bamboo spear made of iron.
Oh, but depending on who makes it, the result might be a little off.
...It's kind of attracting in a sense.
Ooh!? Jacqli's willing to try it out!
...It's just that it reminded me of something.

The Saga of the Book, Part 2

Is something going on?
Well actually, there's this popular book that's out right now.
And then by coincidence, a customer forgot to take his book, so I sto-
I mean, I was holding it for him. And I read it.
Then, I got so into it. I got hooked on one of the characters!
...I heard this somewhere before.
Because, one of the characters is a chef.
I fell in love with the thought of him beating the enemies with his talking knife partner.
He carries around knives, so he's a crazy man?
It's not that kind of story!
Anyway, so, I made it.
The recipe for the knife that the person used as a weapon.

Eattle Brand F? What's the F stand for?
Final. It's the last one.
...But, this Eattle Brand can't be eaten.
It's a weapon though. Go easy on me there.
Is something wrong, Jacqli?
No, it's nothing...

The Saga of the Book, Part 3

Oh, what is it?
Yes, I got a really fun book the other day!
Could it be the popular novel that's been selling in the area?
Oh, you know about it?
I went to the Pharmacist the other day to go buy some cough medicine.
Then, she told me I was the 10,000th customer, and gave me the book.
Oh, that's nice. A hard worker gets nice rewards.
And there's this one character in the story that's really cool!
And so, I made another recipe.

It's for the bracelet that she uses to transform.
I arranged it a bit so that you can use it as an accessory.
I see...
...I knew it.
Hm, what's wrong?
...Just something.
Croix, sorry but can we drop by Spica's place?
Huh? Well, sure...

The Saga of the Book, Showdown

Hey Spica! What were you thinking!?
...You're such a horrible person. Why would you yell at me for?
Don't play around! You made a book out of my story didn't you!?
What do you mean... What are you talking about?
Does this recipe card ring any bells?
Let's see?
...Oh, it actually turned into a recipe.
Stop talking to yourself and answer my question!
Yes, I sold it.
I've been selling it for quite some time now. What's wrong with that?
You said you won't sell it if I came around often!
Wait wait, don't blame me for that.
This is a different story from that promise.
And plus, I believe you gave me permission for this before.
When did I ever say that!?

Th-that was...
You said I could read it or toss it or whatever I wanted to do with it.
So I did whatever I wanted to do with it.
B-but that doesn't mean... Why would you make it a book and sell it...
If you don't want me to sell it, I can stop selling it now.
But it has pretty good sales, so I would think it's a waste.
...What do you want to do?
...Do as you like.
...Okay. I'm glad you said that. I just had an order for more copies.
...Are you done now?
Yes, we're done.
Come on, stop making that face already.
I'll give you this. Get over your bad mood.

...Isn't this!?
Hehe. I'm relieved to hear the other shops made the recipes as I hoped for.
Now you can make it, right?
What are you two talking about?
In the story that she wrote, there's 4 main characters.
And all four of them have a different weapon.
A spear, a knife, a transformer bracelet, and this bomb.
And of course, at the end, all the weapons come together to become one.
That last one, is the recipe I just gave you.
...No way.
You made the people at the synthesis shops read my book!?
Because it's so much work trying to make all four of them by myself.
So I pretended to be a customer, and then gave them away as gifts.
As I expected, they all made one part each. I'm glad.
...You're a terrible person.
Oh, is that a compliment?
But, as far as I can see on this recipe card, you can't combine them.
They're all arranged a little differently, so it won't unite as one.
And since it's synthesis, you might not end up with what you want anyway.
...I see.

...Well, wanna just make the last item for now?