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Part 104: Jacqli 1

Synthesis Talks: Jacqli 1

So, who gets to play class president?
I said we're not going to do any role playing.
I'm just kidding.
Well, I see you're already working on the synthesis. Are you okay?
Of course. Who do you think I am?
A Jacqli who was walking around naked until just a while ago?
...Isn't there anything else you can say?
Nope, there isn't.
Should I doubt your relationship, or what?
Like we're actually mother and child?
I don't ever remember having a mother like you.
But age-wise, shouldn't you be the mother?
Can we like, not talk about these weird things during synthesis?
What are you going to do if this conversation influences my creation?
If you follow the recipe, that shouldn't happen.
...Well, I guess. I am following the recipe.

...I assume that's the influence.
Yes. I see it too. ...It's so weird.
That's why I said to stop saying weird stuff!
But I didn't expect you to make such a weird bath powder because of it...
The powder is 7 colors... Rainbow colored, I should say?
Yes, it's very pretty.
But, in a bath...
Yes, it'll mix into a terrible mess.
It's all you two's fault! Stop interfering with my syntheses.
Oh, but you said you followed the recipe.
Then, maybe this is what you were supposed to end up with anyway.
Weren't you the one who gave us the recipe?
Anyway, I'll give it a good name so that it can at least look normal.
Uh, I don't think that's-...
Hot Spring ~Forte~! That should do for anything.
...I don't know what to say anymore.

I just thought of this, but isn't my magic better than medicine?
Oh, how mean. You shouldn't underestimate medicine.
You can even have them instantly recover you form the brink of death.
...That is pretty amazing.
I think it's amazingly terrifying.
But, medicine is bitter. I'm sure a powerful one like that would be really bitter.
I see. Then I'll make sure to make it very bitter.
At least to a drinkable degree, please.

...It's bitter alright.
Yes, it is. But it's a good kind of bitter.
As expected from Jacqli. You made a tasty, bitter, drinkable medicine.
...I know you're making fun of me, aren't you.
Ooh, scary. Don't get mad at me. Here, drink this and calm down.
...Even though it's just green tea.
Don't call my creation "just" green tea!
Then try drinking it yourself. It's not that spectacular, is it?
B-Be quiet! As long as it's good, it doesn't matter!

A medicine from an ancient book. I'm excited to know what it'll be like.
I bet it can revive any sick or dying person with a single dose.
After all, it can make it onto an ancient text.
Croix? Is something wrong?
Oh, well, it feels like these things always end up as some sort of joke...
You must be stupid. Of course my creation won't turn out to be a joke.
But, you know...
Then if I make something good, I'll make you bow down to me. Got it?
Where do you get this unreasonable confidence?
You made her serious. I'm not responsible for this.

!? Wait Jacqli! You don't have to bow down to me!
I made it exactly as it said though...
Just because it's in an ancient book doesn't mean it'll be amazing.
It's only an ancient book because it was written a long time ago.
I mean, it might just be someone's diary. Or some doodle.
There's nothing strange about it being a recipe on how to make tea.
Didn't they think to leave something more meaningful? Stupid ancient people!
It might be that we happened to find it coincidentally.
Maybe they meant to throw it away, but after time, they treated it like a precious artifact.
And if so, well... You'll just have to give up.
...Why don't you decode it for us first.

I wonder what you're gonna make this time.
You're the one who made the recipe. How can you not know?
I have a general idea, but in the end, it all depends on the person making it.
And knowing how it'll be you synthesizing...
I have this excitement about the outcome.
That's not a compliment, I'm sure.
Oh, have you ever made anything that should receive a compliment?
Grh... Just you watch. This time, it'll be something amazing.
I hope it'll be fitting along with the recipe name, Legendary Elixir.

So it turns out like this anyway.
Why!? I made it exactly as the recipe said! Why did I end up with tea!?
Oh, don't make fun of tea. It's good for you.
that's not the problem. I was synthesizing medicine!
But it turned out like... Ahrgh, so annoying!
Th-there there... It's not that bad.
It's made of medicinal ingredients so it still has the effects, right?
Yes, of course. It's just the appearance is this.
You mean, it turned out to be tea because my taste is bad?
Tea isn't bad taste.
There's herbal teas out there, like the oriental remedies.
Maybe if you give it that sort of name, you might be able to appreciate it.
...An oriental medicine name. Then what about...
...Locuac Tea.
Oh, that sounds oriental!
Doesn't it? Anyone who hears that would think oriental remedy.
Uh? Are you two serious?

I think I'll try making bath powder this time.
Oh, I didn't know you liked baths.
There was one time I went dizzy from being in a hot springs too long.
But since then, I started practicing so it won't happen again, and I guess I started liking it.
Practicing to bathe...
Wait, what's a hot spring?
It's an outdoor bath.
As expected of Jacqli! I see why you were walking around naked outside!
A hot springs is not like that!
...I don't want to go.

I finished.
Unlike those sickly sweet bath powders, this one calms you down.
And I've named it the Elegant Dragon.
I think you should make this a medicinal tea.
It's bath powder, not tea.
You can say that, but this is exactly what I'd expect from medicinal herb tea.
I said, it's bath powder! It's not a drink, you put it in the bath!
...Well, it still has the effects, so that's fine too.
It does...?

Will these ingredients create anything decent?
I don't know. Well, I do feel that Cynthia can make anything out of anything.
Ooh, does that mean I'm trusted?
I do trust you.
Aww, you say things that make me so happy.
I worry too.
Don't end with that!
Come on, I make a lot of stuff that you can use!
We can use it, but why do we have to hesitate to use them, quite often?
Gahhh, you made me mad!
Fine then. I'll hypnotize you with my love so that you'll stop being picky!
...Will this be a weapon with mind control effects?
Don't worry, I have an idea.
Though, it might be a bit too shocking for perverted little Coo.
Stop saying things that'll cause misunderstandings.

Craaaaapp! I overdid it!
...You're going to equip this?
That'd be bad. If I wore this, it'd just be simply flat out bad!
Really? I think it'd match you perfectly.
Arrrr, but it's supposed to be CynCro Brand...
How could I make CynCro Brand stuff that Coo can't wear...
You should've noticed while you were making it...
Swim suit, PE clothes, glasses, and a head band.
What's wrong?
Where's the tail? We went this far, and it doesn't have a tail? What a waste!
That's not the point!
Err, I went too far...
All because I wanted to hypnotize Coo...
That's quite disturbing, but you can still use this right?
Yeah, of course. It's stronger than your average set of armor.
That's just scary. Anyway, why the PE clothes on top of the swimsuit?
You pull down the swimsuit to your hips, and then wear the shirt on top.
That way, you see some midriff when you lift your arms, even in a swimsuit.

I'm sure you won't get it just with my explanation, but men will fall for it.
I'll call it Submissive Armor. That way, everyone will understand.
See, we used the school uniform swimsuit style.
Th-that's dangerous... It's a real weapon now.
It is?
...You're so useless.

So, we're about to make a really strong bomb, right?
Yup, that's right. Are you excited about it too?
Not that... It's just, it reminded me of something.
You have bad memories with bombs or something?
Yes, I do. There was one time they threw this really strong bomb at me.
I almost died, as well as the guy who used it.
...That's quite an experience you've got.
I see. You're pretty tough, huh Jacqli.
...Not a very happy compliment to get.
You might even get a job where you measure bomb power by comparing it on your own body.
Why would I want a job like that!

Ar toluneco.
The name of this bomb.
It's actually a little different, but I can't steal the name, so...
I changed it a bit. Now it's called Ar toluneco.
Is this what you were talking about earlier...
Yes. It's close enough to the bomb that was thrown at me. I think.
...Some people are pretty mean huh.
Well, just be careful when handling it.
Don't even think about playing hot potato with it.
Yeah, that'd be dangerous.
I don't think people use bombs to play that game.