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Part 105: Jacqli 2

Synthesis Talks: Jacqli 2

Oh, that's cute. Making a bunny with cream.
I was thinking about a friend of mine.
You have a bunny friend?
I have a bunny-loving friend.
...That's quite a normal friend you have.
Well, I was surprised when I found out she liked them too.
What kind of friends are you?
We were enemies just before that.
You really have strange friends.

Phew, done.
What do you mean, done!
Why is the roll part of it a rail!?
When you turn it on, the bunny moves toward the center along the rail.
When it reaches the center, boom.
I call it the Bunny Roll. Don't be fooled by its appearance.
It's a time bomb.
Stop wasting food!
You turn on the switch and watch the enemy eat it.
It's timed, so it'll blow up when it's reached the stomach, right?
If you thought it out that far, there's no problem.
Yes there is...

When I think take-out, I think burgers.
Oh, that's a good point you're aiming for.
Of course. You can eat it while you walk too.
Are you like, a burger lover or something?
No way. I've never even had one.
...I feel the pressure of anxiety.
Don't worry. I know that it's supposed to be stuff in between bread.

Hehe, perfect. The Soda in Burger is complete.
...It's wrong. Something's just wrong about it!
What's so wrong?
Eating a burger with a soda is good, I accept.
But putting soda in a burger, is just wrong.
If you had to hold a burger and a soda, both hands will be full.
So I combined it into one. It's hard to deal with an attack without both hands.
Just toss them.
Don't waste food.
This way, you only need one hand. It works, right?
I'm more curious as to how you put liquid soda in between the bun...

So I just realized. There's ways to use fruits other than just eating it.
For example?
Like, it's used in cosmetic supplies.
I see. That is a right way to use it too.
I've decided. I'm going to make an item that's not just for eating.
So you're going to make beauty supplies?
We don't need that right now. Just watch.

Wow... I didn't expect you to make a bath toy here.
People put fruits in baths sometimes too.
I've only done it a few times though.
Oh, really. Then I suggest you try this out.
It's bath powder I made from fruits that I picked out carefully.
It'll make your skin smooth, and relieve you of fatigue, pain and stress.
...You like baths?
I experienced this hot springs thing once, and I've been into it since.
This is the first time I saw your girly side.
What!? D-don't say stupid things like that!
So, what is this named?
Why not just simply, fruit bath powder?
It's too normal, it's not cute.
Hmm, let's see... Fruity Palette! Yup, that sounds cute.
But Jacqli, a bathing maniac... I'm surprised.
I'm not a maniac!

I guess sexy means underwear.
O-oh no. Are you going to pour apple sauce all over and say it's underwear!?
Why would I do that!? It'll get so sticky!
There are more problems than that.
Then, see-through?
Weak. Just because it's see-through doesn't mean it's sexy.
Just stay quiet and watch. I'll make something you'll be surprised at.
Can I beg you not to make it? I doubt anyone here would listen to me.

W-wow... This is far beyond the level of sexy.
I told you so. See-though isn't the only sexy there is.
Is this chocolate bread underwear?
To be exact, it's bread with chocolate stripes as underwear.
I'll just call it Stripe Bread Undy.
I can already imagine what other people will say.
And this is sexy?
Of course! Why do you have this, "I don't get it" expression on your face!?
...Why am I being yelled at?
Striped undies are guys' favorites!
...It is?
You're a dry man Croix.
Just ignore him. You don't have any complaints about it do you?
Isn't the name too straightforward?
It's good that way.
Men are simple, so the more straightforward, the easier it is to bait them.
...You girls are horrible.

What are you going to do by actually making this?
What do you mean... How am I supposed to answer that?
I'm warning you. This was the most dangerous of the 4 things.
But in your story, they smashed it and made it explode, right?
It's fiction.
Oh, you're no fun.
Seriously, the other shop people are understandable but you doing this...?
Hmm~... You don't get it?
Get what?
...I'll tell you later.

That's it.
Oh come on, be more happy.
I really don't get what you people are thinking.
In all the shops, they were so happy to give us the recipe.
Seriously, what are you people thinking...
Oh poor things. They're all your fans.
They all went this far because they really liked your story.
But it's for play, right?
They're not people who'd make Recipe Cards just for play, are they?
You think there's people who'd actually make this seriously?
Well at least I was serious.
So come on, treat your fans with care.

I'll tell you now. I think it's a waste of time to be making this.
Whoa, how care you say that out of nowhere.
Because, who'd actually swing around a bamboo spear made of iron?
You can make something so much stronger than that.
I know you would be able to make something better yourself.
Hmm... Well, you are right about that.
Let's just talk about this after you're done.

...Iron Bamboo Spear, all done.
Ooh!? Yes yes yes, this is it, it's this!
When I first read it in the book, it was so stupid I laughed so hard.
But see, after I got used to it, I kinda started to get interested in it.
But it's weak. More so than anyone can imagine.
Yeah, probably...
But we made it knowing all that, so it doesn't matter.
It's fun to do syntheses like this too, no?

Feinne's Notes:
It's funny they make fun of the Iron Bamboo Spear because it's the second strongest weapon in the game.

Well, Jacqli. You're quiet today.
I'm not in the mood.
...Even if I actually make this, I doubt it can be useful in any way.
Oh, you know what it's going to make?
Yes, of course I know.
That I'll make a knife that'll be useless as a knife.
...And you're still going to make it?

...It's done.
Yes, that's it! It's perfect!
The big size, shape, the pointless holes, obviously useless for cooking.
And the hardness that can endure any shock or blast!
It's the Kukri Knife from that book!
...Did you really have to make it after you read it?
But it's pretty popular to do this lately.
Like dressing up as people from books and manga, and making things they have.
...I don't believe it. But what are you doing to do with such a useless item?
It's not that it's useful or useless.
There's a meaning to just having these things.

Feinne's Notes:
And if we combine all of the cosplay items (including one of Cloche's that I hope to do next time) we get Croix's best and most embarrassing weapon.

...You think it can be combined right?
This process is easier than making a weapon.
...And plus, I can't break the items that the other people made~.
...I worry more about something else, though.
That's rare for Cynthia to worry about a synthesis.
Well... I wonder if you can actually hold it, you know...
I mean, it'll probably be Coo that's going to equip it, right?
It'll be pretty bulky. So I hope you're ready.
...I see. That kind of worry.
...Oh. There's one thing I worry about too.
Hm, what about?
...After these combine, what will it be called?
I see no one's decided...

Wh-what kind of taste do you people have! You want me to equip this!?
Yup. Coo, fighting in this outfit... I bet it'll be super awesome...
I know you're making fun of me... You have to be, you are huh. Bullies.
Amazing... It really is a perfect replica.
They were only words, and now it's taken a physical shape...
Is that what we should be emotionally moved by... Hey...
...You don't understand 'cause you didn't read the book.
If you did, I think you'd be bowing and begging us to let you use it.
100% impossible. And you really thing anyone can fight in this...?
Right now, that is the biggest worry in my life.
...There's no need to worry about its strength.
That's made as close as possible to the book too, right?
Of course!
...Well, it can't really cut through everything like it did in the book.
So, what will you name it?
I don't care anymore. Hurry and give it a name.

Jambajumble Grande. It is a big jumble. Doesn't it sound fitting?
...That's fine, I think?
I mean, it was a bamboo spear before this.
...It's okay?
This sort of whatever feeling is fun too.
After all, right now, the real world is in more of a mess than anything.
We can be a little "whatever" in a story.
...But I'm the one who has to use it...
It's not so bad having fans after all.
You're not listening...