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Part 106: Luca's Soulspace, Level 1

Luca Cosmosphere Level 1

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel.
Luca was feeling jealous of Lady Cloche, and asked me to dive with her while Cloche and Cocona were holed up in the inn.


: Thanks!
Gen: Nah, don't worry. I never wanna make your customers wait.
: Um, today...isn't therapy.
Gen: ...Huh?
: It's a normal Dive.
Gen: ...With who?
: With Croix...
Gen: Wha-whaaaaat!? Diving into Luca!?
: ......
I was beginning to have second thoughts about the whole thing.
: G-Gen! You don't have to be that surprised! You're making me embarrassed...
Gen: How can I not be surprised!?
Hey, you! If anything happens inside Luca, I won't go easy on you!
: ...This is scary. I think I'll pass this time...
: Nooo! Geez! Gen, don't scare him away!
Gen: Sorry... But see, when it's a charismatic Therapist like you, I can't help but feel envious. I'm sure a lot of your regular customers would think the same.
: Is it? Could it really be that envious? Cuz, I'm sure you know,'s tough.
Gen.png: Y-yeah... You're right... It is.
: W-wait a minute! I think I really will pass on it this time...
: No.
: Please give me a break...
: Hehehe. We'll stop with the scary talk for now!
I should have realized that "for now" means it will start up again later.
: Honestly, you're my first real Dive, so...I'm kinda scared myself. So please, go easy on me.
: Y-yeah, same here...

Loading Excerpt: Diary of [Warning! Recognition Header is corrupted].
: I've been asleep for so long. Strange images come and go. But this one is stronger than most...

: Oh, was it Goro? Thanks to you too. You helped me a lot.
: That's good! So? So? How was the other person's Cosmosphere??
: um, uh... How was it...?
: Oopsy, that was close. It's against the rule to ask about someone else's Cosmosphere.
: ...Huh?
: You better not answer it either, even if I ask you!
: Oh, uh...
: Anyway, you came to hang out right? Have fun!
: Okay.

: That's...because this village is just for you!
: Luca!
: Hehe! Welcome to my Cosmosphere! How do you like it?
: It's beautiful. I wish the real world was as beautiful as this.
: Hehe! I'm glad you like it. This world is yours! You can do whatever you want.
: R-really?
: Yep! Plus, you and I are the only ones here anyway. We won't get into trouble. We can do anything.
: Wow... Too bad I can't really think of anything off the top of my head.
: Such a boring guy!
: Hmm, me neither... Umm, well... Oh, I know! Let's play tag!
: Tag!?
: Yep! We can't play it in the real world since we're too old and people would just laugh at us. We can run around as much as we want without embarrassing ourselves!
: Yeah, but...
: Croix, you always act so serious all the time. You should jump around to ease your stress, you know?
: Well, that's not really what I meant. I just think it's strange to play tag with only two people.
: Oh! I see, well I can invite a fantastic guest to join us!

: What the...!?
: It's Smiley Girl! I created her!
Smiley Girl: Smiley Girl wants to play, too!
: That should solve everything, right?
: I guess...
: Alright! Smiley Girl's it!
Smiley Girl: Ahahahaha! Smiley Girl's it! I love it!

: What the hell is that!?
Smiley Girl: Oh, it's nothing!
: Don't worry, it's okay! You won't die from anything in this world. It's just to make things more exciting! Okay!? Run!
: Luca!
Smiley Girl: Mmmkay, counting to 10 and then I'll blow up, I mean catch you all! Oone! Twoo! Threee....
: Crap! I gotta run!

: oops, I shouldn't stop. I'm sure she can't catch up with me through this huge field. *huff* *huff* ...Damn, this place is so big, but I should be fine here...
Smiley Girl: I thought you felt that way, but sorry!
: ...!
Smiley Girl: I'm coming to get...
:! Argh! Wh, what the!? A wall...!?
Smiley Girl: ...Youuuuu!

: Whoa!
: Hehe, we got caught!
: Luca, how do you call this a tag!? It's cheating to use a weapon!
: No it's not. Didn't I tell you? You can do anything you want in this world.
: This is ridiculous...
: Just don't worry! She actually found me first, so you win Croix.
Smiley Girl: But Smiley Girl wins more!
: Ahaha! That's true! Thanks for hanging out with us, Smiley Girl!
Smiley GIrl had fun too! See ya later!
: How was it? Running gets rid of your stress, doesn't it?
: Really...? Not so much for me.
: DOesn't work for you, huh... That's too bad, because this is a pretty popular way that people choose.
: Popular?
: Oh, yeah, the customers love her, the Smiley Girl.
: R, really.
: Yep!
: S, so... anyway...
: What?
: I bumped into an invisible wall around here just earlier...
: ...Heh!? You must have felt Smiley Girl's launcher attack like a wall or something!
: Oh, really...
Magic [Hidden Enchant: Lv 1A] "Smiley Girl" acquired!

: This place is beautiful.
: Isn't it!? This is my favorite place! So Croix! Do you want to lie on my lap?
: On your lap!?
: Yeah! I haven't gotten to do anything for you lately. I want you to have fun at least in this world.
: A, alright. This is kind of embarrassing...
: Hehe, Croix, don't be nervious!

: How is it? How is it? Is it comfortable?
: Um, yeah...
: Oh yeah! Hey, hey, Croix! Do you know what snow is?
: No, I don't.
: Really! It's so beautiful! Let me show you what it is!
: Yeah, sure.
: Okay! Just aa sec... I need to concentrate... Imagine it... Hah! Tada! This is snow!
: Huh... this is cool... White stuff is falling from the sky...
: Look closely, and they all have different shapes! They look like crystals...
: You know a lot of things, huh.
: Hehe, I'm studying hard so I can make different kind of world.
: I see... because your job is in this world.
: yep! But... I was so glad that you remembered me.
: What are you saying? Of course I did.
: Well it's already been 4 years since you left to Pastalia. we never saw each other, either. I was scared that you might have forgotten about me... But you remembered called me up to Pastalia, like you promised...
: ......
: me and...
: ...Luca...
: Heh, hehe! I'm so happy!
: Sorry I made you do this for so long. Are your legs okay?
: Yep! They're fine. I'll do this for you anytime!
Magic [Chilling Song: Lv 2] "Snow Firefly" acquired!

: This place is so relaxing as usual.
: Isn't it? You can lie down and put your head on my lap again!

: Yeah... The reality feels unreal now. I wish I could stay here and do this forever...
: I wouldn't mind it... if you want to...
: ...What?
: I'm just joking! Your body will starve to death if you don't go back.
: Ah, right...
: You know, you're just in a state of dreaming right now.
: I'm surprised how you can acknowledge this world to the reality.
: Well I trained until I thought I was gonna die. I don't know how many times I almost threw up from it...
: ...Is that supposed to be good...!?
: Yeah, I'm fine now. I can relax with you here now that I put so much work into it. I'm actually glad that I did it. Hehe...
: ...

: ...Yeah, of course.
: Good! I'll do it for you again!

: Croix! Let's lie down again!

: Hey... Luca...
: what?
: I saw a Paradigm Shift in Lady Cloche's spiritual world the other day...
: ...What...?
: Doesn't it happen to you too?
: ...Um, I'm sure it will some day.
: I see...
: What's wrong? You just suddenly brought that up...
: Well...I heard in Lady Cloche's world that you can acquire stronger magic with Paradigm Shifts. You said you wanted me to Dive because you want to acquire more magic...
: ...
: Am I supposed to be just hanging out like this...? I need to do something for you to have a Paradigm Shift...
: Don't worry! You don't need to rush into it. It will happen when it will happen.
: Alright...
: Yep! For an example... A Paradigm Shift might happen if you get to experience the true healing.
: Does it work like that?
: Doesn't that mean that I was able to heal you to the bottom of your heart? It's an amazing thing!
: Girl, you're not making much sense.
: I see... You're right...
: Yep! So, just don't worry about it!

: No, don't be... I shouldn't have brought it up anyway.
: It just shows that you're really thinking about me. I'm glad.

: Is that! A Paradigm Shift!
: Hehehe, you did it! I'm sure your strong will made it happen!
I see... Anyway, I'm glad.
: ...Yeah!

: ...Me too!
: I wonder what's coming next. I want to ask you to go easy, but there is no point I guess.
: ...Heh, hehe, you're right!
: What's the matter?
: ...Heh!? N, nothing! Okay, well I'm going now!
: Alright.

: Whoa! I've never seen it before!
: What?
: The first Paradigm Shift!
: Really?
: Well, yeah, you don't usually do a Paradigm Shift during Dive Therapy.
: Oh... Yeah, you're right... ...Well wait, I'm not here for Dive Therapy.
: ...Oh, yeah. Well, what you were doing was nothing but standard Dive Therapy... I can't believe that provoked a Paradigm Shift... Hmm.
: ...What?
: Well, it happened so whatever! Anyway, see you in the next level!
: H, hey! ...This is going to go fine...?

: Luca, mind if I come in?
: Croix, you visit often these days!

: Well, Croix...
: What?
: Well... No, nothing.
: Hey, you can't do that! It'll make me too curious.
This is a great change from my other LP where everyone would let them drop the subject with a "no, nothing" even if it was fate-of-the-world stuff.
: Okay. Uh... Well...could any chance... Dive ...Please?
: Oh, yeah? I'd be honored to.
: Hehehe... Well, if you feel strange in me, tell me. I'll try to improve it for you.
: ...Is that something you can improve?
: Ah...well... ...Sorry, maybe I'm out of it right now.

: By the way, Croix, you made a paradigm shift happen in me, right?
: AH, yes.
: What's wrong? You look serious.
: I was just thinking... ...Do you feel anything in yourself has changed after the paradigm shift?
: Nnn? I'm not sure...
: ......
: That was just my first paradigm shift, so I can't feel any change yet.
: Yeah? I see...
: I...I mean... So, I want you to Dive in me a lot, so that I can feel changes inside myself.